BitchFest @ the Crack of Dawn

By Inky


Harry rolled over in bed and blinked at the sharp light razoring in the window. "Draco.." he mumbled, flopping over. His outstretched palm slapped into the blond boy's bare chest, and Malfoy grunted.

"Potter.. if you keep waking up like that, I'm going to take you out back and beat you."

Harry paused, and opened his mouth just before Draco stood up, saying .. "Nevermind. I forgot that you'd like that." He stretched and sat back down again, eyeing the window a bit wistfully. "Such a shut-in, Potter. Jesus."

Harry sighed and rolled over just like Draco did, trying to emulate him, and abruptly fell out of the bed, smacking his face on the stone floor. "Ow!" he cried out, and Draco peered over, smirking.

"I want to go somewhere today," Draco instructed, shrugging on a shirt and glancing at the naked Harry, there on the floor. "Which means not later, but now. So get up."

Harry grumbled and stood up, casting about blankly for his glasses. Finally, he located them, and slid them onto his face. Mist occluded both lenses, so he took them off and begin to clean them with the hem of the shirt he'd just put on. Draco headed for the door. "Are you coming or what, Pot --- ohh.." Draco thought he had an orgasm at the sight of Harry standing waifishly in the delicate sunlight, cleaning his glasses, rubbing at the glass hard. "Don't DO that," he said, weakly.

"Do what?" Harry said, rubbing harder, trying to get a spot of crud off. "Man, these are filth -- whoa!" Draco had leaped on him, and both were now on the floor. Harry's glasses snapped in two and skittered along the stone.

The door opened with the customary shriek - sounding rather, Draco had often fantasised, like Potter's orgasm scream. He also often wondered if that wasn't just coincidence. Ron Weasley stepped in, blinking at the scene unfolding. ".. is that ALL you ever do, Malfoy?"

"Shut up, Weasley," Draco said and stood up, heading back to the bedside to clear his throat and fix his shirt. "Or something might get loose about you and those dragons of yours."

Ron's eyes narrowed and his fists clenched. "You won't say nothin about that unless you want the one-eyed dragon in your pants slain."

Draco made a simpering noise. "Oh, Ronnn.  I wish you WOULD.. but I don't have any scales, so I'm not attractive to you, right?"

Harry sat up, confused. "When did you come in here?" He asked Ron, fumbling around for his glasses. His hair was tousled, and he ran a hand through it, trying to figure out where the broken glasses had gone. "Did you see where my glasses went, Draco?"

"Which piece?" He smirked and sat down, eyeing Ron lazily. "You know, we should all have an or--"

"Found them!" Harry said, a bit too quickly.

Draco sighed and stood up. "Then let's go."

"They're broken!"  Harry cried out loud.

"Forget them," Draco said. "You won't need them where we're going anyway."

Ron leaned against the wall. "Where is that you're going, anyway, a bordello?"

Draco sighed and let his head fall back, seeking strength from up above. "Weasley.. you've spoiled the surprise. You have to be punished."

"Fuck off, Malfoy."

Harry stood up, wobbling, with both pieces of the glasses in his hands. Slowly, he took out his wand and spoke - "Conjugare!" The glasses mended and he slid them back on. That was when his gaze slid down Ron's front and ended up .. on the very area that Draco was so amorous about. It was particular at the moment. "... Ron Weasley, get out!" He cried aloud - "Get out right NOW!"

Ron was startled, and broke the stare he and Draco had been fighting with. "Wha - ?"


Draco shot Harry a look. "I'm warning you, Potter."

Harry waved his wand at the door spitefully, just as Ron was exiting - "Exito!" - And it slammed hard on Weasley's backside, a mix of Harry-scream and Ron-yelp. "GOD, Draco. If you .. do this one more time, I swear.. "

Draco stood up, hands on his hips. "I've had just about enough of your jealous whining, Potter."

"Yeah, well.. I'm sick of you looking at other guys!"

"What, you don't want a threesome?"

Harry paused. ".. No!"

"Potter, you're lying to me." Draco tapped his foot.

".. okay, so maybe. But NOT with Ron."

"... how about a Veela, then?" Draco retorted sarcastically.

"Oh, god. No." Harry shuddered. "That's sick, Malfoy."

"Oh, shut up," Draco said, irritably. "Let's go already."


"The bordello."

"The what?"

Draco was at the door. He turned around to glare, and the sunlight glinted almost metallically off of his hair. "A WHORE house, Potter."

Harry faltered. "I thought those were women--"

"They are, idiot. But the one WE'RE going to isn't."

"Oh." Harry paused and bit his lip. ".. Draco, I'm not so sure - "

"Save it, Potter. You're going and you know it." Draco walked out, leaving the door open behind him. Harry sat on the bed, alone, for a moment. Then..

"Draco, WAIT!"

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