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Author's Notes: Slash. And WAFF. XD Bite me.

Without further ado, enjoy.

A Divine Taste

By rara avis


In the sunlight Remus saw Sirius: dreamy gazes, lounging on his back, spirits so high ohmemy. Sucking on a blade of grass. How does thou tasteth, O Divine One? Sweet and salty, perhaps? Oh, the things to wonder.

ďAinít all bad.Ē A voice Remus as recognizes: Sirius. And realizes heís been caught staring.

Oh dear.

A shuffle: cloth, grass, fingers (white-like in the sun), a push (just --- there) Ö The pleasant surprise of grass (sweet and salty, indeed!) in his mouth?

Eyes meet eyes, considering.

And Remus finds not one blade can stand comparison against Sirius Black --- a Divine Taste, indeed.

- end -



I was listening to ďSeasons of LoveĒ, if that helps to clue you in. >_<

And! Why do guys chew on blades of grass? Isnít is sticky? Arenít there microscopic bugs on there? How does it really taste? Please, someone. Enlighten me.

And I canít believe I wrote this, though. The sap! It scares me.

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