Warnings This fic contains scenes of graphic sex of the m/m variety. It also contains obscene amounts of pink fluff.

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Unbreakable, Unbeatable, Untouchable

Chapter 6

By Dannii Malfoy


As Quatre sat immersed in his thoughts, Wufei stood at the entrance to the kitchen watching the blonde man intently. He liked Quatre. They had always got on. He liked his partner has well. He was quiet, and unlike Maxwell, could appreciate silence. That was something he admired about a person; the ability to treat silence as a friend. Something to be embraced not pushed away.

When Quatre finally looked up at him, he saw happy look in his eyes. He must be thinking about Trowa. That was the only time he ever saw the blonde Arabian look the way he was looking now, so cheerful and full of joy.

They really were perfect together, Quatre and Trowa. It took a while to get used to the fact that the two previously best friends had fallen for each other, but once he got over the shock, he came to appreciate the looks of longing and love that flashed between the two. They were good for each other, and Quatre even managed to bring Trowa out of his shell slightly, which was something Wufei had been trying to do since he met the boy.

He sighed, and flashing a last smile at his friend, left the room and headed for the balcony. It was the same balcony he knew Heero and Maxwell liked to use in nice weather, and dismissing the thought of what they most likely got out there, he liked it also.

They lived in the student quarter of the city, and there was always something to watch from the balcony. The weather just now was warm, so he grabbed a deckchair and a book and climbed out of the window. Once he had settled himself in a position that wasn't too near the edge, but where he could get a good view of whatever was happening down on the street, he opened his book.

It was an old copy of an Anne Rice novel. He didn't like fantasy all that much, but there was just... something... about her style of writing that drew him to it. It was so colourful and expressive and it made his heart swell as the intricate plots unfolded before him. He detested authors that wrote one book and based the rest of their work around that, just because it was popular. Even though the book he was reading now was part of a series, each book in that series was different. Each was beautiful in its own way, and each deserving of each bit of praise it received.

Silently, he laughed at his own thoughts. He could rant for hours about literature and its quirks, especially Anne Rice. His flatmates had been bored to tears more than once when he started on a spiel.

He put the book down after about an hour and rested his eyes. He put his head back and sighed, enjoying the peace that he hardy ever got the chance to experience in this household. There was always an argument going on, or someone was doing something loud. He had no idea how any of them managed to study with the constant noise going on, but manage they did.

He thought about the situation he was in right now with Maxwell and Heero. He loved Heero, but apparently Heero loved Maxwell. He had to think of his options. Did he love Heero enough to let him go? He wanted to, but he knew he had a selfish streak a mile wide and he just didn't know if letting Heero go was something he was capable of.

He was lonely. He knew that, but there didn't seem to be anything he could do about it. Everyone he lived with had somebody, and he was alone. He had always been alone. Not literally, obviously, but he felt like he had never found anyone he cared about enough to admit he loved them... until he met Heero.

There were just so many things about Heero that he admired. His personality appeared to be lacking on first inspection, but he found that if you looked closer that Heero was a beautiful person. He had a wicked sense of humour and was very caring. He had a strength that he had only ever seen in two other people; Quatre and Trowa. He was smart, and honest, and trustworthy... if he trusted you. He knew that once you were friends with Heero Yuy you were friends for life.

That was the reason he was feeling so damn bad just now. He had broken Heero's trust by attacking Maxwell. He knew that it was just his damn hormones making him feel this way about the chocolate haired wonder. The fact that his hormones had been very much neglected as of late didn't help either.

Yet, he still felt drawn to him. There was something about him that made Wufei feel... at peace. It was this sense of peace that Wufei craved and unfortunately it was Heero who he found it with. Heero was a good friend, and when Wufei was feeling low or just restless, Heero did his best to remedy the situation. Wufei had lost count of the number of times that he had taken all his troubles out on Heero. Heero always listened to what he had to say though, and sometimes... that was all that Wufei wanted. Someone to listen.

Even if Heero didn't understand or couldn't relate to what the Chinese man was saying, he listened and offered his opinion, which was often very practical and sensible. Heero's advice was good, and it was usually the only advice Wufei took, apart from Quatre's on occasion.

He wished he could have some of that fabulous advice now. Maybe he should talk to Heero about what was happening? He shook his head. It was too personal to talk about... at least not to Heero. He needed someone who was separate from the situation to talk to, but the question was, who?

The answer suddenly came to him through the window. Literally. Quatre was pulling a deckchair out to join him in his afternoon sunbathing. He smiled at his good luck. Quatre was perfect, and apart from Heero, his advice was the only other he took.

"Hey Blondie," he greeted. Quatre smiled at him.

"Hey Wu-bear."

Wufei scowled at the use of the nickname that Maxwell had invented, but finally just smirked as he figured that he'd deserved it.

"That's Mr Wu-bear to you."

Quatre giggled as he flopped down next to him. "You're impossible sometimes Wu-bear. I don't know how we put up with you."

Wufei shrugged. "I don't know either."

Quatre shook his head in amusement before resting his head back and closing his eyes. The silence between them was comfortable, and both boys had small smiles on their faces as they soaked up the sun. It was Quatre that spoke first.

"So... How are you holding up?"

Wufei raised an eyebrow. "I can't complain."

Quatre turned slightly, so he was facing him and continued.

"Really? So what's with all this tension between you Heero and Duo? Did something happen?"

Wufei bit his lip, wondering if asking for advice from Quatre was such a good idea after all. He really was at a dead end though, so he figured he had no choice. He sighed.

"Yes, something happened. Did you know that Heero and Maxwell are together?"

A look of sudden understanding came over the blonde's angelic face. "Oh..." was all he said.

Wufei's eyes widened slightly. "You knew? How come you knew and I didn't?"

Quatre blushed and looked down at his lap. He was grinning though, so Wufei wondered what he was blushing about. He didn't have to wait long for Quatre to tell him.

"Yeah, I knew. Me and Trowa got trapped in Duo's room one night and ended up stuck under their bed. It was... eventful... so say the least."

Wufei's mouth dropped open, the when he had overcome his shock, he laughed. He laughed and laughed, and all poor Quatre could do was blush and tell him to shut up. He didn't shut up though. It had been a long time since he had laughed like this, and the situation was too funny to stop.

He could just imagine it. Poor Quatre and Trowa stuck under Duo's bed while Heero and Duo were busy doing their thing on top of it. Surprisingly, the thought didn't make him feel jealous; he felt more feelings for the two who had had to experience it unwillingly. This feeling took him by surprise, and once he realised he was feeling like that, he stopped laughing immediately. A look of relief came over Quatres' face, and Wufei just frowned at him, confused at his own feelings.

Why was he feeling more compassionate towards Quatre and Trowa that he was towards Heero? Logic said that he shouldn't feel this way.

Shrugging, he stood up and made his way back into the house, his relaxation shatters by the disturbing thoughts. He offered no explanation to the blonde for his sudden mood swing, and he knew he would have to apologise later, but right now all he wanted was to go to his room and think. Maybe even sleep for a while.

This was easier said than done though. The moment his head hit the pillow he was bombarded with thoughts that he didn't want to think about right now. He sat up abruptly, and got into the lotus position from some much needed mind clearing meditation.

Forty minutes later he was still in the same position, and he never heard his door open. Quatre stuck his head in, and seeing what his friend was doing, left quickly. It was never a good idea to startle Wufei out of a meditative state.

He made his way back down the hall to the kitchen where he had been preparing something to eat. He decided to keep some for his Chinese friend since he was busy meditating. It wouldn't do for him to be going hungry now would it?

After he had eaten what he had made, he returned to his and Trowa's shared room and got his books out. He had a killer essay on Business and Profits in Relation to the Media to be handed in the day after tomorrow. Mr Kushrenada had already given him a 7 day extension and he planned to get it done as he had been holding it off up till now.

Soon, all that could be heard was his sighs of frustration at his chosen subject and the scratch of a pencil...


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