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The Great Watermelon Debate

By Link621


"Indigo," insisted WuFei before biting into his slice of watermelon. "Not even a shadow of doubt."

"Mine are closer to indigo," muttered Heero, spitting out a seed. "Indigo is blue... closer to cobalt or navy. I say they are violet." Heero picked out another seed with his teeth.

"Lavender, I'd say," Trowa disagreed. "The colors you guys mentioned are too dark." He looked over at Quatre as if for approval. The blonde shook his head.

"Lilac," said the blonde boy. "Like the flower. A soft violet suits him better, I think."

"Periwinkle," said Relena. She looked at her watermelon seriously.

"Yeah, Relena is right," agreed Dorothy. Hilde and Sally nodded.

"What's that?" Duo asked, a little frightened by the conversation.

"It is a color weak demon onna swear to existence. No man has ever agreed to the color. In their minds, it is a light purple-blue..." WuFei smiled to Duo. "But really I think what you have is much nicer, Duo."

Hilde bristled. "Periwinkle is a BEAUTIFUL color, but WuFei is right!" The girl shot a murderous glance at WuFei.

Heero scooted away from Trowa and put an arm around Duo. He pulled the braided boy away from Quatre and practically onto his lap. A little reassured, Duo leaned into Heero. Quatre shrugged and went to sit between Heero and Trowa. The girls shot murderous glances at the boys of their liking.

"So, lavender it is," Trowa said confidently.

"By 'lavender' you mean 'lilac', Trowa," Quatre whispered sweetly.

"Violet,"/ "Indigo," corrected Heero and WuFei simultaneously.

"Periwinkle," said all the girls.

"Damnit! My eyes are purple, okay? PURPLE! Let's just leave it at that!" Duo stood and stormed off. The others shrugged and went back to eating watermelon.


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