By Star


I never noticed, how the water folds you into itself, a comforting presence. Not to be escaped, eluded, ever. I don't think I want to, anymore.

The pain has all but disintegrated, my lungs aren't burning, the salt water doesn't sting anymore, perhaps the cuts have sealed, perhaps the ocean is healing me.

Then why are they still here, the memories, I can still see your face. I can see the eyes, which had always held a smile, blank and dead. Those eyes that spoke of hope, and peace, they hold no more smiles for me.

The water is a soft embrace around me, in the surface above me, shining so bright, I can see your face, holding one last smile.

Suddenly I'm sinking. I can feel the world drop away beneath me, carrying me farther and farther away from you. I want to, I need to, get out. Should I swim, or run, or even fly, I have to reach you.

This is my fault, my error, I never spoke the words that you so needed to hear. Now it's to late. I'm falling deeper and deeper into my own regret, my own self-hatred. How could I never say how I love you . . .


Author's Notes: This is Heero's point of view (could you tell?) That's all there is, sorry it's so pointless, any comments/questions go to stars_rflection @ No flames please.

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