Voice Lost in Silence

By Masika




What was he?

He had never known...anything...worthwhile. Nothing. Ever.

And Zidane...

He had almost killed the one worthy, of...everything.




Nothing stopped him. Nothing. Ever.

Kuja sighed and tried to pull himself out of his thoughts. His brother was such an idiot, coming to get him. Didnít he know that he deserved to die? He wasnít like...Zidane. Pure hearted. Innocent.

And Zidaneís hands were clean.

He hadnít killed all those people.

Kuja had.

Never. Never again.

Kuja blinked weakly as Zidane landed beside him. He looked at him weakly.

"Youíre comrades managed to escape?"

"Yeah, thanks to you."

"Iím glad that they are alright. I finally know..."

"Know what, Kuja?"

"What it...means to live."

"Hmm. Yeah."

They sat in silence, each lost in thought.

"Well, we gotta get outta here," Zidane said, a worried expression on his face.

"Um. No, I donít think so. You leave, Zidane. Carry on your memories, and make Garnet happy. Do that, please."

"Hey, why are you talking like that, Kuja? ...Kuja? Kuja!"

Kuja sighed and leaned his head onto his shoulder. His breathing became shallow, and the last thing he was aware of was Zidane throwing himself desperately over Kujaís body to save him from the murderous vines of the Iifa tree.




"Damn, I wish Kuja had gotten himself a chick. At least he would have had someone to kick his ass when he did something like this. Destroy the Crystal! What a moron," Zidane muttered grumpily to himself as he hauled his brother out of the cage of vines.

Silver hair suddenly obscured his view, and Zidane tripped, landing with a thump on Kuja.

Zidane said a word that fitted the thief but would have appalled Kuja. He sighed with resolution, stood back up, and slung Kuja over his back again.

It was then he realized that Kujaís tail was visible.

"Hah. Finally admitted to who you were, you idiot? If you had accepted it long ago, I wouldnít have to carry your heavy ass all the way back to Alexandria. Vivi wouldnít be half dead from fighting off that...that thing you sent after us, and Eiko wouldnít be so damn tired."

Zidane wondered briefly why he was talking to Kuja. It was like talking to a wall. He sighed. At least he could confess everything he had bottled up inside to Kuja. About Garnet, and his inner chaos...he knew everything would be safe with Kuja.

After all, a dead personís voice is lost forever in silence.

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