Author's Note: hope to follow this with a sequel called Quan's departure. Hopefully a pic to go with this fic will be availible on my site by my mate inc.

Vivi's Awakening

By Purplerose




I open my eyes…I know they're eyes, how? I have no memory of learning they are eyes…they just are. There is a thing, looking down at me, it has a white face and a huge tongue protrudes from its mouth.




The thing jumps back, I sit up, it's on fire, running around and around on fire, I did that, how? Like this? The thing screams as it dodges another fireball, the fire came from my hand…how? I am a black mage. I have the answers but I don't know why.




It speaks "You no nice, I eat you." Fear again…

"Please don't." The words feel strange in my mouth, like I have never used it before. The creature stops its advance with a knife and a cooking pot, "Why you fire me? I save you." I was afraid.

"I was scared, I don't remember anything."

"You have name?"

"No, at least, I don't remember a name."

"Fine, I call you Vivi, I Quan. We friends, so long as no more fire. You hungry?"

"I don't know, what does it feel like?"




Quan is cooking; it smells nice. Emotions are strange, I want more that anything to consume the content of his cooking pot, and I don't remember this feeling. Apparently I'm hungry. Quan piles the steaming stew on two massive plates, as he places mine before me I realise the food is piled higher than me. Not sure quite what to do, so I look around the pile of food at Quan, he is putting the food in his mouth. Right, I open my mouth and fall forward into the mountain of food, it fills my mouth, I chew I swallow. When I emerge from the food, covered from head to foot, Quan is standing over me. "You may be small, Vivi, but I think we be good friends!"

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