Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Zidane and Kuja from Final Fantasy IX. It is rated NC-17. Basically, what I mean is that I'm turning Zidane gay (Kuja already was, sorry) and that those two are going to have hot juicy gay sex. If male homosexuality bothers you, or if you are under the age of 18, don't read this story. God will strike you blind, and hair will grow from your palms. :) This story takes place during Zidane and his group's imprisonment in the desert palace. It's pretty much a PWP, and a shameless excuse to have these two cuties screw each other's brains out. So sue me. While this story does not really have any rape scenes, the sexual acts could still be considered non-consensual. So if that bothers you, you know what to do. I would also like to say that I'm still in the middle of Disk Three as of this writing, and if I have something wrong in here, it's because I haven't beat the game yet.

Author's Notes: Written prior to finishing the third desk, so please forgive any inconsistencies.


By J. Marie


Zidane watched the beautiful white-haired man suspiciously. What Kuja wanted from him was unclear. He stood in the lush room Kuja was sitting in, wondering if the effeminate man would ever get to the point.

"So you want me to go to this anti-magic place and get some stupid piece of crap for you. And I get to choose three people to come along. Would you like some fries to go with that?" Zidane asked impatiently, practically spitting at the villain.

"Your impudence amuses me, Zidane. Actually there is one other thing you could do for me, while you're here. I must admit that I don't often get many prisoners as adorable as you," Kuja purred, a predatorial smile on his face.

Zidane swished his tail, wishing he could somehow kill this powerful man, every fiber in his body vibrating with loathing for this callous murderer. "What is it?" he asked.

"Head down that hallway, and you'll find out," Kuja grinned, pointing to another hallway that hadn't been there before.

"Promise you won't hurt my friends, and I'll do it," Zidane hissed, his tail swishing angrily.

"How noble! I promise not to hurt your friends while you walk down my hallway. But only if you do exactly as I say....." Kuja smiled, showing his perfectly white teeth.

"S'pose it's the best I'm gonna get from an asshole like you...." Zidane hissed and stalked down the hallway. Kuja's chuckle followed him, echoing against the blank white walls.

Zidane felt goosebumps crawl all over his body, and watched in wonder as Mist began to fill the blank hallway. He grabbed his weapon tightly, wondering where Kuja got the Mist from, since he and his friends had destroyed the Iifa Tree.

The hallway seemed endless, and Zidane felt a soft hand brush across his arm. The boy spun around, and found nothing but Mist. He felt another brush against his back, and spun around again, seeing nothing but Mist.

"Fucker!! Who's there?" Zidane cried, his tail wrapping around his leg in nervousness. He cried out as the invisible hand brushed his crotch, sending a shiver of pleasure down his spine.

Zidane arched, leaning against the wall, his tail stiff, as the invisible hand rubbed harder against his crotch, causing his pants to grow tight very quickly. It took a minute before he regained his senses and jerked away. He backed away and began walking quickly down the hall, cursing Kuja for putting him in this vulnerable position. He let the Mist soak into his being, the coolness of it calming his libido.

The youth stopped short, realizing the Mist was growing thicker. He could barely see. Zidane continued on, swallowing hard. Only the thought of Kuja hurting his friends drove him forward. The thought of them being in the pale man's clutches angered him. He thought of Garnet, of her beautiful voice, and pretty smile. This warmed him slightly, but angered him at the same time. Garnet didn't deserve to be Kuja's prisoner! Zidane began to stalk down the hallway, desperately wishing he could free her. Soon visions of heroically rescuing her from Kuja danced in his head.

Reality soon impeded on his fantasy, and he realized that there was a figure in the thick Mist, walking towards him. Zidane tensed, his dagger in fighting position. The figure disappeared just before it came into sight. Zidane was still tense, looking all around him, expecting an attack.

The attack came, but not in any way Zidane expected. Hands brushed across back, and soft lips pressed themselves against his ear. Zidane jumped and tried to stab the person, but the figure disappeared as quickly as it came. Zidane felt the invisible hands again, running across his chest, his back, his neck, even his tail. Zidane moaned, falling to his knees, as the hands discovered that his tail was an erogenous zone. He felt the soft lips again, pressed against his own, an invisible tongue slipping between his own lips.

"Stop, please......" Zidane moaned halfheartedly, the feather light touches driving him crazy. He closed his eyes, letting the invisible person explore his body. The kiss, if it could be called that, grew deeper, and Zidane swore he could even feel the wetness of another mouth. The hands dropped to his belt, quickly unbuckling them, and pulling open his pants, freeing his painful erection.

The Mist seemed to grow thicker, so thick that Zidane saw nothing but the rolling white air. It seemed the Mist itself was caressing him, kissing him. Zidane gasped, when the kiss was broken, and the warm, wet mouth met his cock. The tongue snaked out again, circling his tip. Zidane raised his hips slightly, moaning loudly. The tongue found his slit, exploring that with slow sensuality. Zidane mewled, not even caring now what was going on, going mad with ecstasy. The tongue continued exploring the boy's slit, tasting the tailed youth, even when he began to leak. Zidnae's tail was lashing in ecstasy and the boy himself mewling like a cat in heat.

The invisible mouth enveloped his length, causing Zidane to practically cry when it started suckling on him. Zidane dropped his dagger, which he had been holding so tight, his knuckles had turned white. He bent over at the pleasure, feeling his erection being sucked hard enough to put a vacuum to shame. Tears of pleasure rolled down his face, his hands meeting incredibly soft hair. Zidane clutched the hair, not able to even comprehend that this invisible person could not possibly be the Mist.

Zidane's tail went as stiff as his body when he came, exploding into the invisible mouth with a loud, warbling cry. The invisible creature was gone again, leaving Zidane sitting on the cold marble floor, his pants undone and his limp manhood out in view and his clothes a mess of cum and saliva. Zidane panted for a few minutes, trying to regain his sense. He shakily stood up, watching the rolling Mist intently. He buttoned his pants up, feeling humiliated. He had never experienced pleasure that driving, and most certainly not from someone he couldn't even see.

Zidane walked on, his legs weak, and his tail between his legs. He wanted to pretend whoever it was that had sucked him off was Garnet, but knew it wasn't true. The girl would never do something like that for him, at least not after years of marriage, he mused. Garnet was far too lady-like. He began to feel uncomfortable, the possibilities wearing thin. As thin as the Mist was now.

Zidane found himself in a beautiful bedroom. It was done in white marble, and a large circular bed with white silk sheets stood in the center. At twenty pillows graced the soft-looking bed. Everything was so white that it took Zidane a few minutes before he saw Kuja laying upon his bed.

Zidane swallowed. Kuja was truly the picture of perfect beauty. His hair was white, with the slightest hint of silver, hanging past his shoulders in feathery waves. His face was delicate and ethereal, his features chiseled so beautifully that no woman Zidane had ever seen could begin to match Kuja's beauty. His eyes were ice blue, as cold as Shiva. Kuja wore delicate make-up, pink eyeshadow, lavender lipstick, and nothing else. His pale, naked form showed only the slightest hint of muscle, his legs long and hairless. Kuja was semi-aroused, his impressive manhood his crowning glory. There was nothing about Kuja that wasn't perfect. Zidane tried to banish all sexual thoughts the moment they came, convincing himself that no man, least of all a murderer like Kuja, could interest him. Zidane was at least partially successful, and managed not to get another erection.

"I trust you enjoyed yourself?" Kuja asked airily, moving sensually in the bed, causing the silk to rustle.

Zidane swallowed before he spoke, making sure his voice was steady. "What do you mean...?' he asked slowly, trying not to put things together. He really didn't want to know.

"I mean that I work very hard to make sure that those I choose to blow enjoy themselves immensely. Don't play stupid. I still have the taste of your cum in my mouth," Kuja smirked, his whole bearing reminding Zidane of a snake.

The blood drained from Zidane's face. The only thing worse than getting a blowjob from another man had to be getting one from Kuja. He swallowed again, and found that his mouth was still dry. His tail lashed in anger, and his eyes narrowed. "If I'd know it was you sucking me off, Kuja, I doubt I could have even got hard in the first place," he countered, but not as strongly as he wished.

"I highly doubt that. You seemed rather pleased with the situation. At least from where I was kneeling," Kuja said with a snake-like smile, sipping from a wineglass. Zidane wondered in the back of his mind where Kuja had produced it from.

"You motherfucking son of a bitch!!! I'm not some faggot, like you!!! Leave me the fuck alone!!" Zidane screamed, his face turning red, but not just from anger. His tail lashed wildly, looking dangerous on its own.

"Harsh words for the man that holds the life of your friends in his hands. What was your little bitch's name? Garnet? Or should I say Dagger?" Kuja asked, completely unfettered by Zidane's outburst.

Zidane quieted down, realizing his friend's lives hung on the balance of his actions. "Don't you dare hurt her! Any of them!" Zidane threatened in a calmer tone, but was still loud.

"Then if you wish for their continued health and safety, I suggest you become more polite," Kuja said with a cold smile, sipping from his wineglass again. His voice never changed it's tone, or volume.

Zidane breathed deeply, aware that Kuja's cold gaze was roving his body. His shaggy blonde hair was pulled back in a sorry excuse of a ponytail. His face was child-like, with large blue eyes, and an almost elfin appearance. Zidane was petite, nearly a head shorter than Kuja. His clothes had the appearance of a foppish rake, complete with tights pants, a vest, a sleeveless shirt, and a lace ruffle tie. His body was wiry, corded with strong if slim muscles. His tail was as long as his legs, covered with fluffy light brown fur. Zidane was perhaps the most adorable young man Kuja had ever laid eyes on.

"What do you want, Kuja?" Zidane hissed, his large blue eyes narrowed.

"I think you can figure that out for yourself, Zidane. You want your friends to live? You want your precious Garnet to return to you? Then you'll do it," Kuja said calmly, his smile as predatory as ever.

Zidane swallowed, breathing rapidly. He sure as hell didn't want to have sex with another man, much less the greatest enemy he had ever faced. But he didn't really see any other choices. Not if he wanted his friends to live. That Kuja would kill them if Zidane refused, he was sure of.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he convinced himself that Kuja was a girl. He sure looked like one, Zidane told himself.

"Why don't you take off those cumbersome clothes? Dressed like that, one could hardly imagine that you were a breeder," Kuja said, his smile shark-like now. The amount of predatory smiles of various animals that Kuja could imitate never ceased to end.

Zidane grimaced and slowly undressed, trying not to think of what he was going to have to do. He put his belongings to the side, and stood before the bed, completely nude. He had his arms crossed in front of him, trying to cover the view of his groin. He glared up at Kuja, the picture of defiance.

"Don't look so angry, my pet. I'm really not into the pain scene..... At least not during sex. You really don't have anything to worry about. This can be very pleasant for you, if you let it," Kuja said, almost sweetly.

"Whatever," Zidane spat.

"Why don't you just come over here and sit next to me.... I promise not to bite," Kuja grinned.

Zidane snarled, and stepped over to the large bed, climbing up on the soft white silk sheets. The smoothness of the fabric rubbed against his bare flesh. Kuja didn't exactly move over when Zidane got on, leaving Zidane to sit at the very edge of the bed, trying not to touch Kuja.

Kuja leaned over, handing another glass of wine that he produced from nowhere to Zidane. "Wine, my pet?" he asked seductively, touching his thigh against Zidane's. Though it didn't seem possible, Zidane got even more tense and took the wine tersely, sniffing at it for poison. This earned a chuckle from Kuja.

"Suspicious aren't we? If I went to all this trouble just to get you in my bed, why would I poison you now?" Kuja chuckled, taking out Zidane's ponytail, letting the shaggy blonde hair fall loose across the boy's slim shoulders.

Zidane stiffened at this, but knew better than to resist. He sipped at the wine carefully, surprised at it's sweet taste. Kuja picked up a lock of Zidane's hair and began fondling it, staring at Zidane intently.

Zidane focused solely on the wine, ignoring Kuja when the pale man leaned over and nuzzled Zidane's hair, breathing in the honey scent of the boy's shampoo. The petite youth continued to drink the wine, trying not to notice when Kuja brushed back his hair and began to lick his ear. Kuja reached out and knocked the wineglass from Zidane's hands, bringing the slender hands to rest on his growing erection. Zidane squirmed, and struggled slightly, not wanting to touch Kuja at all.

"Remember what we discussed, my pet. Your good behavior equals the lives of your little friends," Kuja hissed, squeezing Zidane's wrists and then letting go. Zidane left his hands in place, feeling the hot throb of Kuja's erection.

"Good boy. You should know what to do from here. Pleasuring another man is very much the same as pleasuring yourself. Do to me what you do to yourself when you seek satisfaction... It's that simple," Kuja whispered, drawing Zidane closer to himself.

Zidane closed his eyes. He felt sick, but aroused at the same time. He began to stroke Kuja's length tentatively, wishing Kuja had had the decency to be a little uglier and less desirable. Kuja purred, returning to licking Zidane's ear, his own hand sliding down to stroke Zidane's erection. Zidane squirmed a little at the contact, feeling himself grow hot, and unconsciously began to stroke Kuja a little faster. He wished that somehow pleasure wouldn't feel the same when a man gave it to him. On the contrary, Zidane had to admit that no woman could ever give him a blowjob or a hand job as sweet as this. Kuja knew just where to touch, and how to do it. He was gripping Zidane's cock in a tight, but not unpleasant grip, pumping the boy hard, his thumb encircling the tip of Zidane's penis. Zidane found himself doing the same to Kuja, his other hand stroking Kuja's balls, finding himself enjoying listening to Kuja moan softly at the pleasure.

Kuja found Zidane's lips again, his soft lips hungrily enveloping the younger man's, bringing the youth's tongue into his own mouth and sucking on it gently. Zidane moaned into the kiss, feeling Kuja's other hand rolling his balls. All thoughts of hating Kuja, and disliking men flew from his mind, as he was lost in the pleasure of the moment. He moaned in disappointment when the hands went away and were pushing him against the pillows.

"Come now, my pet.... You didn't think I brought you here just for a handjob, did you?" Kuja purred, lifting Zidane's legs onto his shoulders so he could rub himself against Zidane's opening.

Zidane's tail lashed violently against the bed, and then wrapped itself around Kuja's thigh. "Awww..... fuck...." Zidane moaned, realizing that he was going to wind up as Kuja's bitch. He almost didn't care. Kuja was beautiful, at least in body. Even Garnet seemed plain beside him. And Zidane had to admit that he was currently having the best sex of his life. He just wanted it done and over with.

"My intention, of course, my pet..." Kuja purred, rubbing some sort of lubricant on Zidane's opening and his own throbbing erection. Zidane wondered where he got that from. Probably the same place he got the wine from, Zidane thought, smelling lavender from the lubricant.

Kuja slid himself slowly into Zidane's lubricated entry, causing the petite youth to squirm, and yelp in pain. "Relax, my pet. It won't hurt if you just relax....." Kuja whispered, enjoying the superb tightness of Zidane's virgin entry.

Zidane closed his eyes and tried to relax, wanting the pain to go away. He felt Kuja's hand wrap around his erection again, stroking him. Zidane shuddered at the mix of pleasure and pain, and let his muscles fall loose, relaxing around Kuja's organ. Kuja began to rock into him, slowly at first. Zidane moaned, feeling Kuja's stroking grow faster as the pale man's thrusts inside of him grew faster. Kuja smiled when he found Zidane's hot spot within him, and began to thrust right into it. Zidane mewled when Kuja reached his prostate, his body rocking against Kuja's, lost in pleasure again. Zidane allowed his tail to wrap around Kuja's balls, squeezing and rolling against them, causing Kuja to cry out. Kuja bent over Zidane, never having felt ecstasy as intense as this. The young thief was proving to be more pleasurable than Kuja had even dreamed.

The Zidane reached up and clutched Kuja, his legs sliding down to wrap around the effeminate man's waist. Zidane rested his head against Kuja's chest, all cognitive thought gone. Kuja gripped the boy tightly to him, pounding away as hard and as fast as he could into Zidane, stroking the boy furiously. They came almost at the same time, their orgasms like Leviathan's Tsunami, coming hard and rolling around in smaller waves until it finally ebbed off and left the two men in a tangle of limbs and sheets. They both lay panting against each other, both struggling to recover their senses.

Zidane managed to recover first. Kuja lay on top of him. He felt sticky, and was covered in lavender lubricant, sweat, and cum, and not all of it was his. He desperately wanted to bathe. He also desperately wanted to pretend he just didn't have the most incredible orgasm of his life thanks to Kuja.

Kuja pushed himself up with his arms, looking down at Zidane with amusement. He kissed the boy's lips, and sat up. "Very nice, Zidane. I'm impressed. You are quite the lover... Now was that so horrible?" Kuja asked, his voice almost taunting.

Zidane sat up and glared at Kuja, his original dislike for his enemy returning. "Fuck you, Kuja..." he spat.

"I believe I just did. When you are ready, you will find a bath off to the right. After that, follow the hallway back down and I will release three of your associates to aid you in the Forgotten Continent," Kuja said airily, getting up.

"Bastard..." Zidane hissed.

"Goodbye, lover..." Kuja chuckled, disappearing down the hall, which was free of Mist now, and not nearly as long as Zidane had surmised.

The memory of that Mist-filled night stayed with Zidane for the rest of his life. As much as he loathed Kuja for his actions, he was never able to completely hate him. As much as he liked Garnet, it became hard for him not to compare her to Kuja's beauty. Every sexual encounter he had after that night was dull and empty. Perhaps what kept him bitter about the whole event was the fact that Kuja made everything seem so plain in comparison.

If only it had been the Mist that had made love to him that night.

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