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Contains violence and yaoi.

In which there is gratituitous porn between Kadaj and Cloud. Well, at least I'm honest. This exists for no reason other than... porn is fun :P.

Spoilers like woah. Probably. I wouldn't read it if I were saving myself for the DVD release.


By Emerald Embers


There would have been no reasoning with them as long as Loz and Yazoo were around. The long-haired boy was beyond reclamation, distant and cruel as his choice of weapon would suggest, while Loz was boarish and simple, and utterly devoted to their cause.

It seemed odd that the man easiest to approach was the man at the centre of their problems, but there were different types of insanity and his - while it seemed untreatable - was at least one you could still appeal to. Still, even after separating the leader from his pack, Kadaj had a sharp, vividly imagined but nonetheless distorted view of the world, and it was not easy to fight past. The way his mind worked was horrible to see; for all his killings and all his brutality Kadaj was undeniably a boy, and something had made him this way. Zack had spoken of Sephiroth's loss of stability after discovering Jenova and the experiments, the way that even though he had been cold before, you no longer knew what his moods meant. Cloud was uncertain what to make of the bizarre trust Kadaj currently seemed to share with him, given that the boy seemed to be in the same sort of unstable state. You couldn't shock him into sanity, as Cloud had been; Cloud had known there was something wrong with his view of the world, but Kadaj knew the truth of Jenova's purpose and still believed her to be the planet's true ruler. "You were a clone?"

"What gave me away? The hair or the eyes?" Kadaj laughed, perched on his motorcycle. Cloud noted the fuel gauge was still high; the silver-haired gang had apparently known they would need to flee with speed after capturing Jenova. "One of the most successful in the whole batch. Before they cancelled the project I was the second-most valuable clone." He smirked then, eyes stretched wider than they needed to be, drinking in every detail. "You've been a science project, brother. How much were you worth?"

Cloud avoided snapping, uncertain whether the question was to deliberately provoke him or a genuine matter of curiosity. Given the person he was dealing with, it was difficult to tell. "Less than you, I'd imagine. I was a failure, but you know that already."

"Of course. I'm a failed experiment too, just a very valuable failed experiment. Yazoo rejected less of Sephiroth's cells, but I ended up the most similar regardless. Isn't that strange?"

Cloud closed his eyes, remembering the first clones he had seen - huddled, black-covered creatures that more often than not seemed inhuman, covered up but with shapes that looked wrong protruding through the material of their capes. These three were tall and proud and undeniably human-looking, but their relative ages did not match with Sephiroth's first "death". If they were indeed clones of Sephiroth, not just other results of experiments with mako and jenova on children unborn and afterwards, then the cloning experiments would have been going on since Sephiroth's adolescence. It seemed too horrific to contemplate. "I suppose."

"You are boring," Kadaj pouted, getting off the bike before taking his sword from his back. Cloud touched a hand to his own sword's handle, preparing, then eased as Kadaj walked away towards a wall. He only tensed again when he realised why Kadaj had headed there. "Here kitty," The boy sing-songed at the scrawny cat picking its way across the unevenly damaged wall's top, voice alluring to the point where Cloud would have forgiven the cat for making the mistake of climbing down and rubbing itself against Kadaj's leg. But so long as he was armed, he wasn't going to let the boy inflict casual cruelty on something that had no part in their argument, and his sword blocked the path of Kadaj's duel-blade with a clang. The cat screamed in protest before leaping to safety, and Kadaj pouted again.

"Why this?" Cloud asked, angry. "You're a kid."

"You had trained for Soldier and failed at my age, brother. Don't make the mistake of giving me orders."

"It's free advice."

Kadaj raised his eyebrows before smiling wide, the grin having an edge to it Cloud liked less by the second as the silver-haired boy approached him. "I give orders myself. Do you know some people will do anything you ask them to?" Movements slowing but never losing their grace, shoulders shifting like the cat they had made flee as he closed in on Cloud, ignoring the blond-haired man's growing discomfort. "I can feel Sephiroth inside me. I feel what he could do to you. Make you whimper, and beg, and bend yourself to his will."

Cloud narrowed his eyes and pushed Kadaj back, turning away from the silver-haired boy. "You might think otherwise, but I know you're not Sephiroth. I'll never be anyone's puppet again."

Kadaj knew he had Cloud riled now, smiled as he stroked the hilt of his sword. "You've been on your knees before both of us. You're no match, brother."

Cloud grabbed Kadaj then, shoved him back against the wall so hard a cracking sound could be heard when the boy's head hit the bricks. "You might share genes with Sephiroth but you are not him. I killed him. You're a kid."

Kadaj gritted his teeth and placed his hands on Cloud's shoulders, ready to push the blond away before something in his eyes changed and he darted forward, missing Cloud's lips by inches when the blond pulled back. "You're so perfect, aren't you Cloud?" He asked in an unidentifiable tone, somewhere between sarcastic and curious, before reaching up and digging his fingers into Cloud's hair, pulling the blond forward into a kiss that would not falter, not when Cloud slammed him into the wall, not when Cloud bit his tongue so hard it felt like bleeding. It wasn't tender, not even exploring, it was harsh and persistant and possessive.

Why? He thought openly, wondering if Kadaj could hear his thoughts when in close proximity to him as Zack occasionally had, but all he received was more of this angry kissing, Kadaj's hands sliding down his chest with a stroke so firm it bordered on tearing. The kiss stopped at last for a moment, Kadaj breaking the tiny saliva string between their mouths with a quick sweep of his bruising tongue. Cloud didn't get a chance to speak, Kadaj's hands working swiftly at unbuckling his pants. "Fuck me," Kadaj ordered, tossing Cloud's belt to the floor before unzipping his own coat.

"I don't know you," Cloud replied, useless in the face of his undeniable arousal at the sight of black leather peeling back from pale white skin, marred only by bruises that had mostly been caused by their fighting.

"You know enough. Fuck me, big brother." Kadaj smiled for a split second when Cloud's hands began working on his trousers, inside buttons being ripped off in frustration, and his breath went out of his lungs when the blond man shoved him back up against the wall, grinding his half-erection against Kadaj's until he was fully hard.

"I shouldn't," Cloud gasped as he raided his pockets for lip balm, Kadaj kicking off his trousers and wrapping boot-clad legs around Cloud's waist. Years of carrying the buster sword in its various incarnations paid off for Cloud as he successfully held Kadaj's weight up against the wall, pressing the last of the small greasy stick up against the silver-haired boy's entrance.

"I want you to. Am I supposed to ask nicely?" The discarded stick clattered against the ground and Cloud's right arm joined his left in helping to hold Kadaj's weight as the silver-haired boy's hand guided him inside. They weren't using protection. It didn't matter. Neither had been exposed to something the other hadn't.

"You feel so good," Cloud gasped, chest tight with the strain of holding Kadaj and trying to breathe despite the suffocating pain of the geostigma-afflicted arm and the tight squeeze of the boy's insides.

"Of course I do. I'm your enemy." Kadaj's words didn't quite seem to match his reaction though, his legs weakening their grip slightly while his face tensed, and Cloud tensed up in return as he realised.

"You're a virgin."

"Was," Kadaj corrected, trying to move his hips against Cloud's but only making the slightest of motions. It hurt, and he felt stretched to bursting, but his erection still stayed hard rubbed against the small amount of Cloud's belly exposed beneath his top.

Cloud took hold of Kadaj's hips and carefully lifted them off his own enough that he could start moving in short slow thrusts to ease the boy's pain. "You could have told me."

Kadaj did not reply, moving to match Cloud's gradually deepening thrusts and thinking about how much better this felt than any of the times he had played around with Yazoo. Yazoo demanded to be dominated in bed, violated. Cloud was weak-hearted but there was a determination in his actions, a gentle dominance fought for through years of being a marionette for others, and as much as Kadaj detested it, there was no denying its sexual appeal. It felt like involuntary sensuality.

But it was not quite so easy for Kadaj to philosophise when he found himself being pressed back harder into the wall, Cloud's thrusts shallow again but brushing against something inside him that made his body ache fiercely for release, and one of the blond man's hands temporarily freed to take his own and close it around his erection. It didn't take much imagination to know what to do when Cloud's attention returned to keeping balance whie he moved inside Kadaj, and the silver-haired boy's eyes fluttered shut as he rapidly neared climax. It wasn't possible to stop himself from getting closer and closer to coming, even attempts to think of horrors he had witnessed becoming distorted and all the more arousing in his mind, and he gave in. Bucking fiercely against Cloud, free hand stroking his erection, Kadaj opened his eyes to stare at the blond man before his head snapped back against the wall and he came hard, unable to prevent his come from falling across Cloud's top and stomach on account of the angle he had been pushed into. The blond man didn't complain, withdrawing from Kadaj and lowering the boy carefully to the ground before stroking himself quickly until he came with a soft groan on the wall.


Kadaj was the first to break the post-coital silence, accepting the rag Cloud had used to clean himself with a grateful nod. "Why wouldn't you come inside me?" He asked, feeling strangely offended.

Cloud rested his head against the wall, watching Kadaj's fingers exploring each patch of skin before he cleaned it off. If his satiation hadn't been so recent, it would have been maddeningly arousing. "I'm used to it. The mako concentration in my blood normally makes people ill." He looked down at Kadaj, seeing something in the boy's eyes for a second he had once felt himself. The boy was lucky in that his experience of it didn't last long. "Maybe next time."

Kadaj laughed, handing the rag back to Cloud. "Next time Sephiroth will decide who's in charge."

"You never stop, do you?" Cloud asked, wondering how Kadaj could stand getting dressed so quickly.

"I don't have long," Kadaj snapped, wincing slightly as he walked over to the motorcycle and wincing more obviously, face contorting as he sat down on the motorcycle. "Mother is screaming for me."

Cloud watched Kadaj rev up the bike, waited for the boy to set off before gathering what remained of his strength and heading to his own motorcycle, trailing the boy in preparation for the final battle.


The End

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