Warnings: Sex. Watch out.

Rated: NC-17

Spoilers: not really, beginning of the gameish.

Top Dog

By Lena ban Obsidian


"You know something, smart-ass? I don't like you!"

Tifa slept, oblivious, recovering from a nasty bullet wound. If things had gone according to plan...

Scratch that, if they'd had a plan, she wouldn't have been hurt. But they'd choked outside the ShinRa building, delayed too long and been attacked by one too many monsters for the night. She'd be fine come morning; Cloud could heal her the rest of the way with recharged materia and Barret could give her a potion if necessary.

For now she was sick and feverish and mostly unconscious. And they were worried.

And Barret was really, really pissed off.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault, all right? You could have finished the monster and then taken care of me, you just have no concept of strategy! And it was Tifa's choice, Barret!"

Cloud wasn't helping at all.

Cloud had been unconscious at the time, knocked out and badly by one of the veritable army of the little buggers who'd attacked. Tifa had been shielding him, Barret looking for a phoenix down in his meager supplies.

One of the robots had fired at them and Tifa had gone down. With Cloud barely conscious, Barret had found himself struggling to keep the monsters at bay for the sake of his two friends while Tifa collapsed and Cloud wearily attempted to heal himself and his fallen comrade.

Somehow they'd won. But at what cost?


Yeah, he was mad as hell.

The prissy little blond bastard had been nothing but trouble once he realized Tifa was in trouble. Clearly had a guilty conscience about *something*; he'd nearly panicked over her, trying to heal her and using up what little was left of his magic power for the night. He was running on empty, and crankier than usual.

"You wish," Cloud snarled.

...had a fucking quick mouth on him too.

Barret grabbed him by the front of his shirt, lifting him off the ground one handed, snarling. The sword-- to his luck-- had been laid aside for the moment, so Cloud came up defenseless, save his body. He tried to kick without thinking, seeming to come alive, all snarl and struggle, but started to go limp quick enough. Barret held him and refused to budge, glaring hot angry silent into those wide blue Mako eyes.

When Cloud finally realized he couldn't get away, he growled softly, trying not to look nervous. "All right, Barret, what the hell do you want?" He struggled a bit and sighed, glaring petulantly up at his comrade in arms. "I'm tired and I'm useless right now. I don't want to fight you."

Much, Barret thought, smirking faintly before he threw the ex-SOLDIER to the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of him, moving quick and pinning him there, straddling his waist. He waited out a second, weaker struggle there, until Cloud, gasping, glared over his shoulder, trying to hide a hint of fear, now.

"Barret," he gasped, groaning, pulling and going still with a frustrated sigh. "What do you want?"

"I'ma shut you up, pretty boy," he answered flatly, not missing a beat.

He shoved the chain-gun of his amputated right arm into the younger man's back, between his shoulder blades, and carefully stood. Tifa, still sleeping nearby, made a soft sound of discomfort and shifted in the shadows, getting more comfortable on the pallet they'd made for her in the Tent.

Cloud wisely chose to stay still.

It was an odd thing. Barret had never felt much of an overwhelming need for sex with either men or women. Just on rare occaisions.

Some women were too fine to pass up, or too wonderful to sully. Some men just made it tempting to be fucked, or sucked, or whatever he could get out of them. Cloud...had caught him in an odd mood when they'd first met, and he'd felt...well, odd about the ex-SOLDIER since.

He'd never indulged in anything more exciting than casual, erotic foreplay; gentle, consensual sex.

Cloud usually made him want to commit rape.

Tonight wasn't very different. As he stood, he inhaled the musky closeness of the nearby abandoned trains, the rust and wear of older, broken things. He could sympathize. His gun...well-oiled at the moment, and loaded to bursting...often smelled similarly. It made him feel oddly at home, in amongst Midgar's loneliest misfits and rejects, the forgotten and the ruined.

Cloud smelled distinct here, acrid and acid like Mako in a way that probably ought to mean something. No matter. Barret ignored that and undid the ex-SOLDIER's belt, pulled down his pants to his ankles in two rough movements. It still amazed him how small Cloud was, how pale. How had this little kid ever made it into SOLDIER? It boggled the mind to even consider it!

The muted gold of his chocobo-wild hair glittered in the dimness of the tent, shining in the thin sliver of light that filtered through the tent-flap.

Cloud was holding perfectly still yet, though his hands were clenched into fists and his head was down. His body trembled in a devilishly appealing way.

"Pissed off?" Barret drawled, amused. "Or are ya scared, tough guy?"

"I'm trying not to kill you," he snapped back. Barret answered by letting the safety click free on his arm and reveled in the way Cloud cringed beneath him, waiting for the bullet.

He opened his own fly and his pants the little they needed to be opened and used his good arm to scoop Cloud up until he was braced on his hands and knees, one big dark hand pressed up under the ex-SOLDIERS lean, pale belly. Cloud grunted and complied, sense of self-preservation stronger, for once, than his damnable pride.

Barret liked that. "You ever done it with a guy before, Cloud?" Barret asked genially, as if they were drinking tea or something.

The body beneath him tensed, then seemed to give up, going limp again. "...I don't know," Cloud answered tightly. "I can't remember."

Barret 'hmmned' thoughtfully. "Izzat so? Makes a man wonder," he purred, pulling Cloud's hips back towards his own, nudging those pale legs wider to make room for himself, positioning for entry. He certainly wasn't averse to the idea of sex at this moment; he was hot and hungry, and his cock dark and dirty against the quivering lip of Cloud's ass.

"D-does it?"

He smiled and pretended not to notice the nervous fingers curling into fists in the floor of the tent. "Mm-hmm," he groaned, pushing his hips forward slowly and pulling Cloud's back, the head of his cock finding passage and sliding in without much trouble at all.

Cloud arced back like a horse trying to buck and hissed, trying, Barret guessed, not to make a sound.

He pushed in deeper, slowly, not wanting to deal with too much blood (or any at all if he could help it) when all was said and done. Cloud shuddered and tried to yank himself forward, to twist away, to get free and far from Barret as fast as possible.

He grinned and shoved his right arm into the man's back, the nose of his gun driving Cloud down so hard that his arms gave out and he went face first to the floor, making a soft, squished little noise.

Kinda like a kitten crying. Normally, it'd probably make him think of Marlene, and he'd get as sappy as a woman. Right now...

From Cloud...

It appealed.

He slid his hand further down Cloud's belly and cupped the length of the smaller man's dick in his careful fingers, squeezing gently, pulling down, still, but transforming his motions into a slow little thrust.

He laughed. "You like that?"

Groaning breathlessly, desperately, Cloud tried to lift himself from the floor and failed, slumping down under the weight the gun, under his own weight. His breath echoed in the tent, rough and short, loud. They couldn't hear Tifa anymore; just Cloud breathing, and the wet sounds of sex as Barret continued pushing mercilessly deeper, burying his cock in the warmth of the smaller man's body.

It was good sex.

Cloud couldn't deny that; Cloud came first, as Barret paused halfway buried and rocked his hips, adjusting his position. The ex-SOLDIER's cum spilled messy and white over them both, staining Barret's hand, the tent floor, slicking Cloud's smooth stomach.

They were breaking out in light sweat, Cloud moaning a little more freely as Barret got deeper, made weaker to this by his own orgasm.

But he was certainly still cranky.

"F--" Barret punched forward a bit and groaned at the constriction of Cloud's ass around him. "Fuck...you..."

Barret laughed. "Oh yeah, huh?"

Cloud made a little frustrated, hurting sound between a sigh and a sob and twisted beneath him faintly. He shoved down with his arm and Cloud went still again, shuddering. "...bastard," he whispered, even as his dick started to wake again under Barret's patient hand.

And there was something appealing about Cloud like this, too.

As he finally found himself unable to go any further, balls pressed against the younger man's pale, pretty ass, he wrenched a low cry from Cloud's throat. Hands that had clenched into fists jerked, ripping some of the tent's fabric here and there. Cloud's head was down and his breathing loud and pleading in the confines of their little shelter, heavy in Barret's ears.

He'd taken his time; could let go here, if he wanted, and still be the winner.

He held on instead, hand still slicking up, down, along Cloud's throbbing cock, coaxing it along as he held his hips precisely where they'd stopped, waiting. It was Cloud's hips moving, up and down, in and out of the circle of Barret's accommodating hand.

That was victory. Cloud's body giving in to a second orgasm was victory.

Coming into Cloud's ass while he shuddered, limp as a ragdoll beneath Barret's gun and his body.

It was sweet.

When he was done drifting in the afterglow, he carefully disengaged, as gentle and determined as he'd been before. Cloud's body went tense at the motions, and then he slid down, knees like jelly, a puddle of pale body on the floor. Barret stood back and licked his hand clean, snagged one of the bandages they'd had out in case Tifa should need it and cleaned the rest of his minor mess.

The whole tent was silent now, and hotter, like a fogged window in a car.

It smelled overpoweringly like sex.

"You liked that," Barret accused playfully, amused, unashamed. There was no immediate response, and when it came, it took its time, as Cloud forced himself up, shaking, to his hands and knees again. He rolled over and nearly sat before wincing and thinking better of it, gazing up at Barret with an expression he couldn't read.

The eyes, though; glowing blue and...frightened.

A little betrayed.

What got him was that the eyes hadn't changed; he just understood what they meant, now that he really thought about it.

"...are." Cloud swallowed faintly, trying to ignore the weakness, the tiredness that had gotten him into this situation in the first place. "...are you going to help me...?" Clean up, he didn't finish, swallowing thickly, oddly subdued.

Barret shrugged, zipping up his pants and kneeling down to check Tifa-- still asleep and still not bleeding-- before gathering the other scraps of cloth they had and a jug of water he'd brought into the tent, carrying it over.

"Yeah, sure, 'f you can keep yo' damn mouth shut," he warned, not wanting to lose this...obedience that he'd squeezed out of Cloud. He liked Cloud this way. A lot.

The ex-SOLDIER opened his mouth to answer, a hint of the earlier energy flickering in his eyes and dying. They were too tired to argue, weren't they? And there was always tomorrow and every single day they were stuck together after that. Cloud nodded and subjected himself to Barret's touch, letting himself be cleaned, quietly assisting when asked.

As Barret disposed of the used bandages, Cloud pulled his clothes back into a semblance of order. He ran into trouble with his belt, hands shaking from weariness or...something too badly for his fingers to operate the buckle. Barret returned and buckled it without question, and they sat in silence, not quite ready to sleep the night out. They both looked at Tifa, making sure she was there and safe, equally neurotic about protecting the ones they held dear. They had more in common, Barret suspected, than either of them liked to admit.

"Know somethin', smartass?"

Cloud glanced up at him through his lashes, uncertain, untrusting. "....what?" He answered at length.

Almost-- almost apologizing, Barret clapped a hand to the other man's shoulder. "...I was wrong."

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