Author's Notes: These two villains are poetry in motion, and I don't think there are enough fics out there with them as a pairing. I decided to write one, as they have some things in common (both of them had a "father" that used them and experimented on them), I thought they might make an interesting pairing.

Warning: This chapter contains violent sex that borders on rape.

Sympathy for the Damned

Part 14

By Xenobia


"Donít move, Kuja."

The genome closed his eyes as the long blade of the Masamune was laid against his neck. "You donít need that, you know," he murmured.

"Donít I? Do you expect me to believe that you wonít use your magic against me?"

Kuja almost laughed. Did this darker side of his companion really have no idea of the things that had been going on between them? "Try to remember, Sephiroth. You and I have had sex several times before, and Iíve never once fought you. I promise that youíll enjoy it much more if you arenít holding a sword to my throat."

Sephirothís free hand stroked a lazy trail down Kujaís soap-slick skin, starting at his ribs and stopping at his hip. The fingers caressed the smooth flesh in a circular pattern, exploring the hip and buttock, and Kuja pressed backwards into the touch.

Sephirothís breath caressed Kujaís cheek as he whispered, "I can almost believe you, little sorcerer. I think that something is needed to ensure your good behavior, however." Sephirothís hand left the genomeís hip, and the swordsman forced Kuja to bend backwards with him as he reached behind for something on the edge of the pool.

"What are you doing?" Kuja inquired nervously. Despite the peril of his situation, his body was reacting to the feel of Sephirothís naked body pressed against his. Or perhaps, it was because of the danger he was in. Kuja was certainly not against some kink during lovemaking, and he cursed himself for a masochist for getting even remotely aroused by this situation.

"Iím going to put a little collar around your neck," Sephiroth replied softly. "I have to ensure that you wonít try to escape, donít I?"

"Meaning, youíll strangle me to death if I fight you?" Kuja bit his lip and almost began to cast an offensive spell. He fought down the instinct of self-preservation, and a strange, morbid glee arose within him. He could think of worse ways to die. Oxygen deprivation supposedly intensified orgasms, and he would expire in the arms of Sephy. No more looking for a way out, no more despair. Then he remembered...he would only come back to life.

The thought of being killed over and over again wasnít very appealing. If he was going to die, he wanted it to be an end. He knew that Seph would eventually come to his senses and drag him back, even if the swordsman did toss him over the wall with the other corpses.

"What purpose would killing me serve, for you?" he tried to reason, hoping that murder wasnít part of Sephirothís plan.

There was a pause, and Kuja shivered when Sephiroth resumed his motions and set the sword aside. The warriorís long hand was encircling the genomeís neck to ensure his good behavior. "I wonít kill you now, if youíre good. Iím not into fucking corpses, you see. Hold still, now."

Why in the name of creation wasnít he fighting for his life? What was the matter with him? Kuja obeyed the tall manís order and stood motionless as Sephiroth lifted his damp hair and wrapped his discarded leather belt around his neck. He winced as the swordsman pulled the end through the buckle and tugged it tight, leaving the genomeís breathing slightly impeded. Kuja considered his own weakness, and the only explanation he could think of for his allowing such a life-threatening thing to happen to him was that he didnít truly believe Sephy would kill him. Even this more aggressive persona of his lover didnít seem to be interested in truly harming him. Dominating him, yes, but so far, Sephiroth hadnít struck him, cut him or forced him to the ground.

"Thereís lavender oil beside my clothing," Kuja whispered.

There was a dark laugh, and then Sephiroth pulled on the makeshift leash and forced Kuja to lean back against his chest. "You want me to use it, pet? What will you do for me, if I make this easy on you?"

"I wonít bite your cock off the next time I give you a blowjob," Kuja said acidly.

His breath was momentarily cut off as Sephiroth pulled hard on the collar. "Very funny, my little cat." Kuja would have cried out as the swordsmanís free hand smacked his right buttock hard enough to bruise it, if he had any breath. The belt loosened enough for the genome to draw a ragged breath, and Sephiroth licked his flushed cheek and murmured, "Iíd love to put my cock in your pretty little mouth right now, but youíre too wild. I have a feeling you might make good on your threat."

"Donít take me dry, Sephy," Kuja whispered softly, pleadingly. "Iíll do whatever you want, just donít tear me up like that. Youíre too big, and you could rupture something." He sighed and made his body relax against his tormentor. "If thereís any part of you that cares even a little, just do me that favor, okay?"

Sephirothís hand rested again on the genomeís hip, and Kuja felt it tremble. "I...need you," the swordsman said softly, painfully. There was conflict in his tone, a hint of an inner struggle.

"Youíve got me, Sephy. I wonít fight you. Just donít hurt me." He could hardly believe that he was begging his companion, rather than unleashing his magic. However, Sephiroth had the upper hand, here. Kuja knew that the swordsman would tighten the collar and choke him before he could get a spell off. He also knew with certainty that he couldnít bring himself to hurt his least, not so long as Sephy didnít try to hurt him too much. He could handle any amount of rough sex as long as there was enough lubrication.

Sephiroth dragged the genome to the other end of the pool, where the bottle of oil rested, and Kujaís knees went weak with relief. The taller man picked it up and held it before Kuja. "Open it and pour some into my hand."

Kuja obeyed quickly, now feeling more relaxed and ready to experiment with this more aggressive side of Sephy. The warriorís hard cock was pressing firmly against Kujaís spine, and the genome couldnít help but want it inside of him. "I am such a slut," Kuja muttered before he could stop himself.

He was so startled that he almost dropped the oil when Sephiroth laughed sharply. He flushed and berated himself for speaking out loud. He had grown so used to talking to himself during his loverís absences that his big mouth rarely discriminated against company. Sephiroth nuzzled the genomeís cheek, and Kuja could feel the tall manís smile against his skin. "Yes, you are a slut. Youíll make an excellent pet for me."

Kujaís tail slipped between Sephirothís legs and began to fondle his testicles, and the swordsman went still with surprise. "You do that a lot, donít you?" he breathed.

Kuja smiled. Good. Sephiroth seemed to be merging slowly inside, remembering things that they had done together. "Of course. You always love it, too." He poured a generous amount of oil onto the warriorís open, waiting palm, and he pressed back against him and rubbed up and down against his hard body.

Sephiroth seemed somewhat stunned by his display of playful eagerness. "Youíre enjoying this?"

"As long as you donít seriously hurt me, I always enjoy being fucked by you, my friend."

"You dirty little thing," Sephiroth said huskily, and then his hand moved around to Kujaís backside and began to rub the oil into the valley between his buttocks. He shivered in pleasure as Kujaís tail continued to tickle his sensitive balls. He bit the genomeís shoulder hard enough to leave marks, and Kuja gasped and tensed up. Sephiroth tugged lightly on the collar to remind him to be still, and the sorcerer settled down and moaned.

"Thatís better," Sephiroth purred, and then he pushed two of his fingers into Kujaís oiled entrance roughly, making his smaller companion gasp and tense up. He moved the digits in and out of the tight entrance, pushing hard each time he invaded Kujaís body. He smiled in satisfaction as he listened to the genomeís sharp gasps, and he was pleased that Kuja wasnít trying to pull away or fight him. Taking the trailing end of the belt in his teeth, Sephiroth freed his other hand and reached around the front of his captiveís hips.

"Sephy," Kuja whimpered when the strong hand gripped his erection.

Stimulation wasnít what Sephiroth had in mind, though. He squeezed the base of Kujaís cock, just hard enough to prevent ejaculation. He then reluctantly pulled Kujaís silver-furred tail away from his balls and lifted it to expose the waiting passage. Sephiroth positioned himself at the genomeís prepared entrance and drove into him slowly.

"Oh do you know about that?" Kuja gasped, referring to how his companion was squeezing the base of his penis. This was something that Sephiroth had never done to him before, and the swordsman had claimed to only have ever been with women, until meeting him.

Sephiroth mumbled, "Shut up," around the belt he had in his teeth, and he yanked his head back and strengthened his order by briefly cutting off Kujaís air. When the genome stilled and went quiet, he loosened it again.

Kuja bit his lip hard enough to draw blood as Sephiroth began to pump his hips at a hard, slow pace. The sharp thrusts felt like they were driving his stiff manhood all the way through Kujaís delicate body, and the pain was mixed with an aching pleasure. Sephiroth paused for a moment and cupped Kujaís hip with one hand to silently guide him. Understanding what his captor wanted, Kuja began to push back each time Sephiroth thrust, intensifying the penetration.

Sephiroth gave a low groan of pleasure and released Kujaís hip, trusting him to continue the motions he had demanded. He reached around and drew patterns on the genomeís heaving chest, then pinched one of his nipples cruelly. Kuja couldnít help but cry out, but Sephiroth chose not to punish him for it. He soothed the abused little bud with gentle strokes of his fingers, feeling content that Kuja knew who was in charge, now. In contrast to the hard, deep shoves he was exercising, he began to kiss the genomeís neck and shoulder almost tenderly, licking as he went along. "Good boy," he murmured approvingly.

Kuja felt a sudden burst of anger at himself for actually feeling gratified by Sephyís approval. He was thinking like a slave, and that annoyed him to no end. He couldnít hold on to his anger, however, because the aggressive thrusts of Sephirothís manhood felt so damned good and hurt at the same time, making the genome wonder if he was going completely mad.

"Sephy," Kuja panted, tensing all over as he started to reach a climax. "Oh, Sephy...oh gods...oh," he sobbed in frustration when the swordsmanís gripping fingers squeezed a little tighter around the root of his cock and kept him from coming.

Sephiroth stopped stroking the genomeís chest and brought his hand up again so that he could hold the collar. "Be quiet, pet," He said raggedly. "I wonít let you climax until you can do that."

Kuja whimpered, and Sephiroth laughed in perverted delight and thrust harder. "My pretty little want to come, donít you?" He bucked his hips sharply, hard enough to have pushed Kuja forward into the water, if he wasnít holding onto him.

There was a nasal moan as Kuja pressed his lips together hard and tried not to cry out. That last one hit his prostate, and his captured sex was spasming helplessly in its effort to ejaculate. Sephiroth suddenly gentled his thrusts and changed to a smooth, soft rhythm. "Good, Kuja...youíre making me very happy." He bit the tender skin of the genomeís shoulder again, adding more teeth marks. When Kuja shuddered but didnít cry out, Sephiroth smiled and stopped squeezing the base of his erection. He began to milk it gently, brushing his thumb over the weeping cap each time his hand reached the tip.

"If you make a sound, Iíll stop doing this and deny you the release you want," Sephiroth murmured breathlessly.

Kujaís eyes rolled dizzily as he fought for breath. The collar wasnít constricting around his throat, but he had trouble breathing without crying out. The pleasure was so intense that it was pain. He leaned back against his tormenter and wound his tail around Sephirothís waist, squeezing with it as he fought to keep silent. The swordsmanís lips were kissing the sore spots where he had bitten Kuja, and his tongue lapped soothingly against it. Tears spilled from Kujaís eyes as he came closer and closer to release.

Sephiroth kept thrusting gently, enjoying the game. Kujaís breath shuddered with his body as the genome climaxed, and Sephiroth allowed his captive to kiss him on the lips. He tasted the salty tears that had dripped down Kujaís face, and he licked them clean as the genome gasped and panted in release. Satisfied with the way Kuja had behaved, Sephiroth pushed deeply into him and filled him with his seed. He grunted softly as the wonderful spasms coaxed his semen out, and he rested his chin on his companionís shoulder.

When it was finished, he noticed that Kuja was having trouble standing. The genome was shaking all over, and he had reached up and hooked one arm behind Sephirothís neck for support. "Weak in the knees, little cat?" Sephiroth purred, pulling his sated member out of his companionís body. His fingers stroked the bruised, ravaged ring he had pulled out of, and Kuja gasped in pain. The swordsman looked at his fingers for a moment, and then he said; "Iím taking you inside, now."

Kuja didnít reply, he merely breathed heavily and leaned against the taller man. He couldnít find his voice at all, which was ironic since Sephy had basically given him permission to speak again. He didnít resist as Sephiroth turned him around and easily scooped him out of the water. Sighing against the hard, smooth chest his face was pressed into; Kuja embraced his lover and realized vaguely that they were in the air, flying towards the building.

He looked up at Sephiroth, wondering what the swordsman felt after basically raping him. Kuja went still with shock. Sephirothís sculpted features were tense and grim. "Are you angry? I did everything that you asked," Kuja whispered. He was too weak to fight the man, if Sephy decided to kill him now, and he hoped that he was putting the right amount of chagrin in his voice to please him.

Sephirothís bright green eyes met his, and he saw it. Remorse. "Iím going to take this goddamned collar off of you and see to the damage Iíve caused," Sephiroth said in a tight voice. Apparently, his more gentle side was shocked by what he had just done.

"You didnít hurt me," Kuja soothed, tracing his loverís frowning mouth with his fingertips. "Well, you didnít hurt me much. Iím okay, really."

"Bullshit. Your ass is bleeding."

Kuja paled. "Oh." He was hurting terribly, down there, but that wasnít so unusual after making love with Sephiroth. The manís penis was quite big, and some soreness afterwards was normal. He didnít realize it was that serious.

Sephirothís expression softened as he carried Kuja in through the archway of the foyer. "Iíll ease the pain, Kuja. I...I didnít mean...I didnít want to..." He shook his head, and for a moment, it looked like he was going to cry.

"Hey, itís all right," Kuja whispered, "Iím not gonna die from a little tearing. Just donít do it again, or Iíll have to hurt you back!"

Sephiroth smiled painfully at him. "I would deserve it."


-To be continued

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