An Angels Pain

Chapter 14: Trust

By Sycorax


Vincent sat on the beach, every once in a while picking up a shell and throwing it into the ocean where it would make a small splash then quietly settle to the ocean floor. The moon was full and its lunar light gave the ocean a mysterious and foreboding glow. Most would be scared to look out into the ocean tonight, but Vincent felt comfortable, the dark ocean seemingly reflecting his sorrow as the tide pulled in and out of the shadowy depths that seemed to stretch on forever.

//Yes, I'll leave tomorrow and everything will be forgotten. After all, Tifa's back and that means Cloud will be happy, and that's all that matters, right? Right?// Vincent sighed. It seemed no matter how many times he told himself that this was better, it all sounded so...wrong. Everything he had gained in the past two months had been shattered when he made the decision to bring Tifa back to the mortal realm.

"It was the right decision! I just need to keep telling myself that. Damn it, I should have never..."

"Never what?" A voice interrupted from behind Vincent. Startled, the former angel spun himself around to see Cloud standing above him. The blonde smiled and took a seat next to Vincent. Vincent stared into those marvelous pale blue eyes, the moonlight reflecting off its sapphire hue. //I should have never fallen in love with you.// Vincent silently replied, reluctantly withdrawing his gaze from Cloud.

"Vincent, what is it? You should have never what?"

"It's nothing. Forget it."

Cloud sighed. He knew even before he tried that he couldn't get this answer out of Vincent, at least, not without a bit of help. His eyes narrowed as he took Vincent's head in his hand and pulled him in, forcing a vicious kiss on the gunslinger. Vincent almost pulled back, but then remembered how much he enjoyed having Cloud kiss him. Realizing Vincent was falling for it, Cloud pushed him down into the sand, his fingers caressing Vincent's fine ebony hair. Vincent felt his lips be sucked on, Cloud's tongue begging for entryway. The feeling enthralled him until a single thought echoed furiously in his mind.


Vincent quickly stopped the kiss, gasping for air. "Cloud!" he scolded. "What about Tifa?"

Cloud paused. "It's alright, Vincent. Tifa...she's found someone else. It's all okay."

"What...? But...don't you still love her?"

The swordsman smiled, his blue eyes lighting up. "Interesting. We've had this little conversation before, and I'll say it again. Yes, I do still love her, but I am -in- love with you and nothing is holding me back now. As I said, everything is ok."

"No, you belong with Tifa..." Vincent scowled, turning his head away and trying to get up.

Cloud sat up and roughly shoved Vincent back to the ground. Before Vincent could react any further, Cloud straddled him so he wouldn't have to worry about his crimson-eyed lover leaving anytime soon.

"I and I alone decided who I -belong- with and I say that this is where I want to be. Now, whether or not you agree, well, that's your problem. Vincent, I love you more than life itself and I'm not letting you leave tomorrow!"

"I have to. You only belong to Tifa an-" Vincent was abruptly cut off by a swift backhand to the cheek. He winced as he brought up a hand to his red cheek.

"Enough of that! I love you. Are you not listening to me? I said I -love- you..."

"But Tifa..."

"I said enough. It's you and me, you hear? You and me. Tifa has nothing to do with this anymore."

Vincent looked into Cloud's sapphire eyes, realizing the sincerity behind his words. "You mean it, Strife?"

"Every word, Val." Cloud looked over his lover once, seeing Vincent's lips red and swollen from their previous kiss. Other than that, the creature lying below him was, in his eyes, a perfect angel sent to him from heaven. "God, you are so beautiful." Cloud whispered, stroking Vincent's flawless cheek before he leaned to kiss his lover's fine lips, gently at first, teasing him over and over until Vincent wrapped his arms around Cloud's neck to bring him closer and sealing the kiss.

The sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the beach muted the sound of their lovemaking, and yet allowed it to enter the primal beat of two lovers who love so wholeheartedly that it seemed nature itself envied it.

When it was all over and the sun shyly peeked over the horizon, the two men walked off the beach, hand in hand, two lovers bonded forever in love and trust.


"So, how'd it go?"

"It all worked out fine."

Arios watched and listened intently to the figure pictured in the scrying mirror.

"I see. Vincent, how is Lady Aeris? Is she enjoying her mortal life?"

"As far as I can tell, she is. Though a big part of it has to do with Tifa's return. You know they're together now, right?"

"Ah, -so that's- why Aeris wanted to become mortal." Arios chuckled lightly. Vincent laughed.

"Perhaps so." Vincent replied after the laughter died down. Arios smiled gently at his fledgling.

"It's good to see you so happy. Vincent, even though you are no longer an angel, I still consider you my greatest masterpiece."

"It's good to know." Vincent replied reverently. "I suppose this is it until you come here out of your own accord. Until next time, my friend."

"Until then."

The scrying device misted over with a silver fog until all the remained was a simple looking mirror. Arios sat back and stretched. Finally, he could get some rest...


Arios jumped at the sound of his name being screamed in his head.

"Gabriel..." he hissed vehemently. "What is it!?"

"What is this I hear of -another- mortal escaping heaven alongside Vincent's soul!?"

Arios' face blanched as his lavender eyes widened in terror. Tifa's spirit was never cleared to leave heaven. As his mind flooded with the prospects of several different punishments he'd endure for this treachery, kindly supplied by Gabriel's thoughts, the distressed archangel mumbled one last thing to no one in particular.

"Oh shit..."



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