Author's Note: This one-shot is in response to a challenge from an unnamed source to do a PWP in which Edgar Figaro says "What a great smut story, the handsome king of Figaro being raped by his own brother..." That didn't come out as an actual statement, just as a thought, but I hope it fits the bill. It was quite the writing exercise. This is the first of its kind that I have written, and may quite possibly be the last, unless I get more requests. This is a bad, bad, naughty fic.

Merry Christmas, Edgar

By RyRy


It was Christmas Eve, and all of Figaro was celebrating. Lights had been strung up, families were celebrating together, carolers were singing and everything was quite festive.

Edgar stood on the roof of the castle, looking out over the desert, seeing the lights shining from South Figaro. He smiled, bitterly, taking another sip of his wine. He was horribly jealous.

Edgar was very, very alone. He had sent his advisors and servants home to their families, being the sweet, benevolent man he was. His parents were both dead, his distant family celebrating on its own, without even a thought of what the young King of Figaro would be doing on this night.

And his only close family member, the only person on the planet that he really had any true feelings for, was probably out in Mobliz, thousands of miles away, celebrating with Terra and her family.

But Edgar couldn't be there. He couldn't leave the castle unattended -- someone had to stay, to make sure nothing happened in the dead of night. Even with the world supposedly at peace, nothing was safe uninhabited. He sighed, not wanting to play the part of the martyr, but doing it well, apparently.

He sighed and looked down at the sand, wondering if he'd ever leave the castle again. Even on Christmas. He supposed that one day, he would take a wife, produce an heir, and then he'd have someone to celebrate with on this day. But his mind was far from that. Women didn't interest him anymore. Nothing really interested him.

He leaned on his elbows, staring up now at the stars. He figured it was probably almost midnight, almost Christmas Day, but he wasn't keeping track of the time. What use was it to know how long he had spent alone?


Edgar whirled at the voice, ready to pull the dagger he had slung around his waist. It was too easy to be surprised in the middle of the night in an uninhabited castle. He sighed with relief at the familiar figure standing in the doorway. "Sabin," he said softly, resheathing his dagger quickly. "What are you doing here?"

Sabin smiled at him. "I knew you were planning on being alone tonight."

Edgar blinked. "I thought you'd be with Terra and the children still, I had no idea you were coming back."

"Niether did I," Sabin replied, stepping out into the full light of the moon on the roof. The light cast strange shadows across his body, shrouding most of him in darkness. "Until Terra told me I was moping, and that I should come and see you."

Edgar bit back a bitter laugh. Even his brother didn't care enough to come on his own.

"Now don't give me that look," Sabin continued. "I didn't want you to be alone... not tonight."

Edgar still couldn't find anything to say. He still felt quite bitter about the whole situation. As Sabin strided over to him, he said "Well, thank you for visiting, now you can go back to whatever it was that's more important."

Sabin suddenly grabbed his shoulders, jerking Edgar's entire body forcefully. Edgar wondered what, exactly, he had done to deserve this. "More important?" Sabin said low in his throat. "Nothing in the world, and I mean nothing, is more important to me than you."

"Could've fooled me." Edgar really was feeling bitter.

Sabin gave him a wicked stare, a long, probing look that made Edgar feel uncomfortable. He said nothing, which prompted Edgar to try to stammer a response. "Not... I was just--" He didn't finished his sentence before Sabin had grabbed him by the shoulders again, in an oddly gentle manner. "Sabin, what are you--?"

Sabin pulled him forward and kissed him.

It sent Edgar's adrenaline skyrocketing. He had a little wine in his system, that was true, but it didn't soften the reality that his brother was kissing him in That Way.

Edgar had no idea how to react. He knew that his entire body had stiffened as an initial reaction, but past that, he was completely clueless. Sabin's kiss was empassioned, completely not held back, and felt very strange on Edgar's mouth. Somewhere in the process, he had dropped his wine glass, shattering it on the stone rooftop.

The best Edgar could do was open his mouth in response to the feeling of Sabin's tongue on his lips. Normally, Edgar took kisses in stride, handing them out freely whenever a woman would accept one... this, obviously, was very different. If he didn't think about the fact that it was his twin brother, he rather liked how it felt to be at the mercy of another's lips.

His brain tried very hard to tell him to forget that this was Sabin kissing him, and for a few moments he actually was able to, and kissed back, their tongues meeting.

Then, to Edgar's disappointment, Sabin pulled away from the kiss, breaking the connection. Edgar opened his eyes slowly, and the rational part of his brain found it very odd indeed that he wasn't retching at his lustful reaction to his own brother. Sabin's eyes held a thousand questions, but Edgar could find no answers.

There was a moment of trepidation between them, as each carefully analyzed the reaction of the other. Edgar found Sabin's reaction to be very odd, as if he hadn't expected Edgar to respond in quite the way he did.

Edgar decided to surprise his brother, and pulled him back in, unleashing a hungry kiss on his mouth. Sabin responded quickly, gripping Edgar's shoulders strongly, possessively. The kiss left them both gasping for air, staring hungrily into each other's eyes, finding it almost amazing to discover the exact same shade of blue...

Suddenly, a rational thought jarred Edgar's brain. Twin brothers. "Sabin... we can't..." he said, his voice breathy and husky, moreso than it had been in years.

"You want to."

Sabin's statement warranted a response, although Edgar had no idea really what to say to that. "I... yes. Now, anyway," he said, mentally sorting through his own current feelings.

"Then why can't we?"

Sabin was ever the irrational one. "Because..." Edgar felt a little bit of that bitter anger rising in him. "Because we're brothers, Sabin, twin brothers."


So? So what? Edgar was confused. "It's... it's not right," he said, desperately trying to keep hold on rational thought as Sabin moved closer to him.

"Who says?"

Who did say? Edgar had no idea. "It... it just isn't."

Sabin kissed him again, backing Edgar up to the high wall next to the stairway. He leaned his body in teasingly close, giving Edgar open-mouthed kisses. "But I know..." His toungue traced Edgar's lower lip. "...exactly..." He left a kiss on Edgar's chin. "...what you like." His mouth found the spot, the most sensitive place on Edgar's entire upper body, on the soft skin underneath his chin, above his adam's apple. It caused Edgar to inhale sharply, amazed at the way Sabin sent electricity through his veins, and the way he was suddenly filled with desire.

"Sabin..." he whispered, barely audibly. He didn't let up his kissing on Edgar's neck, and moved to the side, just below his ear, which was another irresistable spot. Edgar couldn't take it, especially not with the way Sabin had suddenly pushed flush against him, their bodies meeting tantalizingly. "I... know yours... too," he barely managed to say, snaking his arms around his brother's back, and raking his fingers along his butt. Sabin made a noise that only sent Edgar's brain into a flurry of passion, pushing his own body back against his brother's, finding his mouth again for a long, incredible kiss.

Sabin somehow had gotten the door to the stairs open, and they stumbled down the stairwell and through the doorway to Edgar's private chamber before collapsing in a tangled mess on the bed.

Edgar's hands wandered across his brother's body, finding all the secret spots that he only knew about through his own experiences. Sabin was on top of him, straddling his body, his roaming hands pulling off Edgar's shirt, carelessly tossing it aside. Edgar tried to do the same, but his movement was hampered by Sabin's body, and eventually Sabin just yanked his shirt off over his head while running his tongue all over Edgar's chest.

Edgar was very interested in the situation he was in. He had never been so... dominated before, but Sabin sure wasn't the kind to submit to anyone. Edgar found himself make stange, pathetic-sounding noises in his throat as his brother's tongue found a sensitive nipple, sucking and nipping at it. He gasped for air, trying to move but being wholly unable to, feeling Sabin's erection throb maddeningly at his own.

Before Edgar really knew what was going on, he was naked. Somehow, while he was being distracted by Sabin's mouth and cock and everything else, he had lost his pants. He felt very exposed, very cold, but it didn't matter. Sabin's mouth closed around his member, warm and wet around him, tongue probing the sensitive underside. Edgar could hardly lay still for this... Sabin knew exactly where he was most sensitive, and how to drive him to the edge very quickly. As his teeth raked gently across his skin, Edgar bucked, pushing himself farther into Sabin's mouth, nearly gagging him. Sabin held him well, not letting up on his sucking and probing, moving Edgar in and out of his mouth excruciatingly slowly.

Then, the warmth disappeared, and was replaced by Sabin's hand. Sabin climbed over Edgar's body, laying a crazed kiss on Edgar's mouth that tasted only of himself. The fact that Edgar couldn't escape from his brother's grasp made the kiss even more erotic as Sabin's fist pumped up and down.

Edgar strained to keep his eyes open, being completely at the mercy of his brother, unable to move his arms or legs, to do anything to fight him off or entice him more. It didn't matter. Sabin seemed to be enjoying the domination, and Edgar didn't mind that at all.

Sabin stopped moving his hand, settling his finger over the tip, playing in the fluid that had gathered there. It drove Edgar crazy, the feel of his fingertip moving around, sliding against his skin. Sabin trailed that wet finger along Edgar's length and over his balls, massaging them gently with his other fingers. Edgar held his breath with that wave of pleasure, trying to keep himself from coming too soon.

Then, Sabin's finger moved lower, into an area which no one had been before. Edgar gasped as he felt pressure at his opening, the slickness of Sabin's finger allowing him entrance which Edgar couldn't stop even if he wanted to. He felt the mixture of precum and saliva coat the inside of him, Sabin's finger seeming at first intrusive, then erotic and teasing. He didn't know what to do or how to act. He was well aware that one of his arms was free now, but he didn't want to do anything to stop Sabin from... from... whatever he was about to do.

Suddenly, the pressure ceased, and Edgar managed to open his eyes and tilt his head up to see what was going on.

Sabin was naked above him.

His brother was naked, in his bed, and was touching himself. Edgar couldn't figure out when Sabin had completely disrobed, but could do nothing but stare at the sight before him, the magnificence of his brother's body, until he saw that Sabin was watching him as he watched. Edgar felt like he was probably blushing, although he wasn't too sure.

Then, Sabin moved his hand from himself to Edgar, his slick hand gliding up and down Edgar's length, sending a shudder all through Edgar's body. Sabin's fingers lingered on the head, mixing their fluids together. Edgar watched, mouth open, before Sabin mumured "What're you staring at?"

Edgar shook his head, meeting his brother's eyes as Sabin's hand slid down him again. "I just... don't know what you're going to do..." Edgar somehow managed to say.

Sabin grinned wickedly again. His hand was once again pressing at Edgar's opening, making Edgar gasp for air. Sabin arched himself over Edgar, moving his fingers teasingly, positioning his face directly in front of Edgar's, their eyes meeting. Edgar was sure his eyes quivered timidly. "Don't be silly," Sabin said, one finger making its way into Edgar, "brother," he said, spitting it as if it was a dirty name. It made Edgar's adrenaline rush to hear that, somehow, even though in the back of his mind he knew it was so wrong. "I am going..." Sabin's finger slid out quickly, but the pressure still remained on the opening, "to rape you." The tone of Sabin's voice caused Edgar to arch his back, but three of Sabin's fingers suddenly entering his body caused him to scream with both pain and pleasure. They were slick with various fluids, but their sudden presence caused a stab of pain, only to be followed by the pleasure of sliding in and out...

Edgar was almost scared for a moment that someone was going to hear him shout. Then he remembered: it was Christmas Eve, and the castle was completely empty, save for him and Sabin. He could scream as loud as he wanted, and no one would ever hear.

This newfound revelation scarcely distracted him from the feeling of Sabin's fingers inside of him, but he now knew what he could do to provoke his brother. Even though it was far from 'rape', the mere use of the word made Edgar's blood boil for more. He was so used to chasing, being the dominating one, that now that he was at the mercy of Sabin, it was quite possibly the most erotic thing he could have imagined.

As Sabin's fingers pushed hard into him again, Edgar let out a low moan, deep in his throat, accompanied by breathy gasping for air. The look on Sabin's face was priceless. Edgar knew how much the noises of sex turned him on, so he could only imagine what it did for his brother.

Suddenly, the invasion was gone. Sabin removed his hand from the area, wiping it clean on the sheets. He positioned his knees between Edgar's legs, forcing them apart. With a quick move, his left hand was under Edgar's back, lifting him off the bed slightly. "Now," Sabin said into his ear, holding his shoulders up with his other arm, "comes the rape."

Edgar felt the tension rise in his body. The mere mention of that word was enough to make him almost come, but he struggled a little against Sabin's hold just for effect. If he was turned on by the thought of rape, his brother probably was as well (it was a good indication since he was the one who brought it up, after all), so Edgar felt like playing the part. He tried to slide back on the bed, out of Sabin's grasp, but Sabin held him back, tangling his hand in Edgar's hair. Edgar felt the pressure again, and tried to squirm away from it, but Sabin was holding him tight and pressing ferocious kisses into his neck.

The pressure grew stronger. Edgar could feel himself parting to let Sabin in, and he tried to relax himself down there while still flailing desperately with his arms. He was starting to sort of believe it himself. What a great smut story, he thought, the handsome king of Figaro being raped by his own brother...

The thought didn't prepare him for the invasive feeling of Sabin's cock sliding into him. He clenched with the pain, almost unbearable, and really did try to get away. Tears welled in his eyes as he felt himself stretching and splitting, but Sabin held him close to his body, kissing his neck and ear, whispering "It's okay, it's okay, it will only hurt a moment, shhh."

Edgar submitted to the powerful sound in Sabin's voice, convincing himself that it didn't hurt. He swallowed, but the tears still ran down his cheeks. Sabin kissed them away. "Shh, just relax, stay with me."

Edgar took a deep breath, deciding to, instead of feeling the pain of his own body, feel the pleasure that his brother's body was giving to him. The pain subsided, and the desire returned again. He whispered into Sabin's ear. "Rape me, brother."

All pretense of sweetness and lovingness was gone as Sabin pushed himself inside fast. The lubrication he had put in spread around, allowing him to slide freely through Edgar's body with very little pain. Edgar coughed as he tried to gasp for air, and pulled his legs up, changing the angle of Sabin's entrance. Sabin pulled back and slammed in several times in a row, each time hitting some spot within Edgar that sent shivers through both of their bodies. Every shiver brought Sabin closer to the edge, and in a hasty attempt to do the same to his brother, he reached his hand down and grabbed Edgar's cock again, his hand fumbling for a good grip, causing Edgar to let out low wails and breathy moans.

"Ready?" Sabin growled in his brother's ear. Edgar nodded his response, his hands grabbing at Sabin's back for balance, for any sort of hold on the world as Sabin growled low in his throat, a breathy sound like a loud moan escaping as well, then a final near-scream as he grabbed desperately at Edgar, pushing himself all the way inside. Edgar felt him release, felt the cum spurting inside of him, and as Sabin breathed heavily in his ear and grabbed at him, Edgar too went over the edge, shooting all over Sabin's stomach.

Sabin stared at him for a long moment, Edgar had to practically screw his eyes open to hold the gaze, and then Sabin collapsed on top of him. They were a sticky, sweaty tangle of limbs and hair, and Edgar had never felt more wonderful in his life.

Finally, Sabin rolled off him, and ended up with his head on Edgar's shoulder, curled up on his side, burying his nose into Edgar's collarbone. Edgar smiled, not caring that they were both naked, or at the various body fluids that were on his stomach, or about the dull pain he felt from his private area, and put his arm around Sabin, holding him close, turning to face him. Edgar kissed him, sweetly, but Sabin was very clearly tired. Edgar didn't mind. He closed his eyes as Sabin put his arms around him, and they moved closer into each other's embrace.

Edgar felt sleep pulling at him, and he gave in to it with a smile. He didn't care whether it was acceptable or not, but here in his brother's arms, he was the happiest he had been in a long time. As he drifted into unconsciousness, he heard a familiar voice whisper to him.

"Merry Christmas, Edgar."

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