By Linkin Fantasy


"I'm burning up." Edgar said to himself as he walked out of the thrown room with a huff. 'There has to be somewhere I can cool off in here, it would take way to long to-....' He cut himself off and saw the wall to the far right in his bed room. It led straight to a secret passage way that he and his lover used every chance their friends turned their backs the other way. It was also under ground where it would be very cool on a day like today when the heat would rather be known than secret.

Just thinking about the things they did down there made his hands itch and his dick harden. He took his shirt off first thing and walked to the corner of the room pushing the wall slightly causing it to turn in and leave a space wide enough for him to walk through, once he was inside he grabbed a torch from the wall beside him and then pushed the passage closed- he had no intention of accidentally letting anyone find out about the place not even his twin brother, Sabin, who had moved back in with him.

When he got down the twisting stairs there was a single wooden door that stood in his way to the paradise of shade and cool air.

"Too bad Locke isn't here though, I'd gladly give up the comfort of cool air to get into him again." He crossed the room lighting ten of the many candles that filled the room so he wouldn't have to hold the torch anymore, when that was done a dim lighting filled the room he put the flame out and sat on the big plush bed he placed down there and relaxed feeling his nipples harden from the cool air. He let out a sigh and glanced around the room to all the usual places he'd been with his lover. "Ha, Gods wait until you see the new feature my love." He said to himself.

The room itself was beautifully done in gold and a deep wine like burgundy, with a full fur carpet and table and chairs for eating- not that they ever used it, except maybe for chess eating was for the bed and so much more. The king suddenly felt himself sliding a hand towards his chest as he brushed his fingers and hands across his hardened nipples feeling the warm touch of them and he sighed. Not nearly as good alone but a good substitute when the right person is in mind.

He closed his eyes and let the feeling take over his body as he touched himself. He let out a loud moan as someone bit down on the other nipple that was exposed without a hand on it; his eyes snapped opened and he was greeting with a pair of lips kissing over his eye lids then his lips swallowing them almost.

When the kiss was broken he grinned handsomely at the site of the very definition of sex- Locke Cole. He made grown straight men shudder in a corner to cry thinking they shouldn't look at guys that way, but Locke did that to you- hells he'd done it to him since the first day they'd met as children when he saved him from a shop merchant for stealing something to eat- that was when the thief got the scar on his palm from the shop owner in Nikeah who grabbed his wrist and cut him.

"You look lonely...want some help?" He commented, not waiting for a response and started sucking on his chest making little nipping bites on them every now and then. Edgar's breath quickened feeling the moisture of the their tongue against him. As his back arched he felt him climb on his well muscled abdomen and start kissing him deeply on his lips. His hands swept up his sides and up his arms putting them over his head indicating for him to hold on to the bars on the bed. Locke slid off his bandana and tied his hands to the bars with it then lowered himself on his lovers body whispering little things as he went. "Mm. I'm glad you were already down here........" He licked his belly button going lower and continuing with his seductive talking. "saved me the trouble of finding you......" he opened his pants with one quick motion, and finished his words with, "to fuck your brains out."

He dove down on Edgar's flesh with fierceness, biting down lightly ever so often on his balls making his king cry out in pleasured pain. His lips brushed up Edgar's shaft to the tip where he licked the delicate hole where the semen would come out. The king's body shuddered and a hard breath left his lungs. "Please don't tease me." He breathed out almost soundless as he continued to lick the hole and suck down on the head. "Ah!" He was so near to Cumming it almost hurt but Locke moved himself away and came back up to his lips cupping his balls squeezing them in his hands; the feeling of those gloves on his hot skin made him push his hips into Locke's and against his pants moistening the front with his pre cum.

Locke slid his pants off and dropped them to the floor lifting the king's legs and hips sliding himself in roughly until he hit the spot that made he himself moan loudly. Edgar wrapped his legs around Locke's back to add more pressure of their closeness. He could feel the veins in Edgar's erection pulsing against their stomachs and it drove his mind crazy with lust and he pushed in harder sliding in and out with quick but heavy thrust and moaning loudly in his ear.

Edgar gave him a quick kiss on the lips when they passed by his face as Locke slid out of him to roll Edgar on top of his own body. He struggled against the bandana- that was expertly tied- to move his hands but then gave up when he felt Locke pushing his hips against his own. The thief slid his hands down between their bodies and helped Edgar slide into his opening using his own pre cum to lubricate his penis, even though he'd always feel the slight twinge of pain from his friends large dick when ever they found each other to be unnoticed.

Once he was inside of him, Locke put his arms around him to give him thrust support as he did what he does best. He moaned loudly and slid his hands down his back to his ass and stuck his fingers in easily moving them in and out against Edgar's thrust into him. The sudden feel of it was leaving them both numb and the heat of Edgar's breath in Locke's ear froze him from his actions for a moment as he arched his back feeling Edgar go further in. He bit back a loud moan and started panting as he worked his fingers in and out of his friend again feeling his lovers arms come down around him.

"You can never keep a wild animal in chains." He hissed in the thief's ear and Locke's eyes snapped open and a tiny laugh escaped his lips followed by, "Mercy?" He smiled pleadingly. "I don't think so." He tore Locke from the bed by his shirt and plastered their lips together as he backed up into a wall- the wall. He opened his eyes to glance above them a second and he turned them so that Locke was pressed against the cool stone wall. "Take off your shirt." He whispered in Locke's ear while sucking on it.

He stripped himself of the one thing he had left on then wrapped his arms around the king's shoulders again; Edgar's hands found their way down the thiefís body to his hips and he slid his arms between his legs cupping his buttocks taking a slight kneel down then elevated Locke into the air. The thiefís legs were draped around the kings shoulders as his thighs caressed his lovers cheeks and his sex was greeting with a burning pair of lips as they opened over his length taking the whole shaft into his mouth. Edgar held onto Locke's hips to make him comfortable on his shoulders, then he moved them to his chest and started rubbing Locke's nipples to an almost bruising point.

Locke held tightly to a bar above his head at arms length and arched his back from the cold wall when Edgar started his suction- something that could only be accomplished by the king himself, Locke's penis slid further into the king's mouth letting part of his balls brush across the king's lips; when his tongue came out to play with them the thiefís back slammed against the wall for a second from the sudden sensation- 'When the hells did he get this idea?' Locke had a brief wonder as he felt the whole thing get taken in. "AH!" He moaned out, Edgar smashed the thiefís ass against the wall so none of him would slide out of his mouths grasp.

His throat was sucking tightly- hungrily, on the thief and he could feel the sweat building up on his friends thighs and he could hear it in his heavy breathing; his own breathing was getting harder as well as he felt his length hardening more and more against the cool stone wall rubbing harshly against it with it's own need but he had to ignore the feeling over the pleasure he was receiving from the taste and sound of his little lover.

Locke wanted to touch that long golden hair but he couldn't let go of the bar his mind was turning into mush and he didnít wanna loose his balance and fall over. His hips twinge back a little, he could feel the build up inside him so far it was in his own throat and with one final push against the wall he came into the king's mouth. He never stopped his rhythm of sucking and swallowed it all down easily with out gagging once when he felt Locke's arms fall to his sides touching his own hands that were there he pulled back from him and lowered him to the floor kissing him deeply.

Locke could taste himself and the king on his lips as Edgarís tongue wrapped around his own to suck on it. He stood their wanting to participate but he was so spent that he actually felt himself unconsciously rubbing his hips against Edgar's again he wanted more! Edgar spun him around so his back was against his chest and he rammed his erection into Locke's ass grabbing onto the thiefís dick giving it a squeeze feeling the veins pulse as they filled with new passion and hardened up.

Locke pushed his butt against the king's hips feeling him push back letting the tip of his penis hit the wall sending a chill up his spine as his lovers burning hands caressed the shaft. He could feel Edgar's heart pounding on his shoulder blades and the sweat on his chest moisten his back that was already wet from his own. He felt his lover lowering them both to the ground and he followed his lead getting on his hand and knees feeling him ram into him like a cannon ball; Locke dug his fingers into the carpet baring his teeth breathing heavily.

Edgar ran his hand over Locke's nipples and harder and harder with every ounce of pleasure he was getting from him. They both let out a moan at the same time and with one final thrust Edgar came inside Locke but he continued thrusting into him pinching the thief's nipples until he let out a cry and came again dropping them both to the floor. He wrapped his little lover in his arms and kissed his cheek then shoulder and sighed.

"Tomorrow, we try vertical 69." He said hoarsely and laughed. Locke laughed too and turned in his grip to kiss him. "If I can move a little more by then." He felt his lovers low laugh vibrate in his throat, and he kissed him on the neck feeling the vibration in his own.

"Okay, so we'll go again later this afternoon," Edgar was saying. "But for now, lets just sleep." He kissed Locke on the forehead and they closed there eyes.

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