Alrighty then. This piece came from me thinking, boy, Jecht and Auron would make a cute couple. So I wrote it. Each chapter, beneath it's number, has the name of the character whose view it is mostly from. [sentences in these brackets are the thoughts of said character.]


**Freya Sacksen does not own Auron, Braska, Jecht or the Macalanian Forest. All are property of Squaresoft, Freya Sacksen takes no responsibility in the creation of any of the above, except perhaps the feelings between Auron and Jecht. ^-^. Don't sue, man!

Always So Cold

Chapter One

By Freya Sacksen



The Macalanian Forest was beautiful. Flowers and trees edged with frost, each blade of grass a twinkle of diamonds at their feet. Small, frosty-blue butterflies dancing around their heads, large, blood-red butterflies lazily swooping through the trees. All this, Jecht took in at a glance.

He stole a look at Auron. The tall warrior's face was set, his eyes, frosty as the forest, taking in the beauty of the place. But, like always, Auron was set on their mission.

"Lord Braska," Auron said, courteous as ever. Jecht realised he was staring, and quickly looked away, pretending to be examining an orb hanging in one of the trees, "Lord Braska, where are you going?"

Braska was moving towards what seemed to be a huge icy trunk.

"Do you feel it, Auron?"

"Feel what?" asked Auron, still courteous, but sounding a tad impatient.

"There is a lake behind this tree,"

"And?" prompted Auron.

"It has a tree, wreathed with what spheres are made of,"

"What are spheres made of?" asked Jecht.

"A substance which recalls memories,"

"You mean, like this?" asked Jecht, holding out his sphere, the one he had been using to take pictures of.

"Yes," sighed Braska, "The very same,"

"Well," said Jecht, "Let's take a look,"

"And how do you propose we get through?" asked Auron, his voice annoyed.

"We use our swords. That's what they're for, right?" Jecht enquired. He was delighted to see Auron's face tinged, not only with annoyance, but also with just a hint of shame.

"So that they lose their edges and then we aren't prepared for any fiends that may attack us!?" demanded Auron, "What are you, an idiot?!"

"I thought that sword of yours never lost it's edge," commented Jecht quietly. Auron stiffened, and Jecht was rewarded with a flush of colour on Auron's face, making his eyes seem almost unearthly. "Who's the idiot now, Auron?"

"Shut up!" snapped Auron. Jecht loved winding Auron up. It was so easy.

[Or maybe I just love Auron]

"Both of you be quiet," said Braska. "Auron, use your sword to smash this trunk away. Jecht, you help him,"

"Yes, mummy," drawled Jecht. Auron went redder, this time with rage.

"Jecht, you-,"

"Auron!" snapped Braska, "Both of you be quiet, or we won't get anywhere on our pilgrimage!"

"Technically, it's yours," said Jecht. "I'm still not part of this happy company,"

The silence that followed this statement was a roar in the ears of Jecht, Auron and Braska.

"What are you saying," said Auron, deliberately keeping his voice quiet and controlled. He was furious, Jecht could tell that immediately-red seemed to glow around him, and his eyes glittered.

"I'm saying that I could very well leave this company if you push me too far, Auron,"

"But you won't," said Auron quietly.

[No, never. I could never leave this pilgrimage...least of all you]

"What makes you so sure?" drawled Jecht.

"Perhaps the fact that you know nothing of Spira," Auron's eyes flashed, "Or perhaps the fact that we're you're only ticket home, you worthless son of a bitch,"

Something in that sentence struck a chord in Jecht.

[No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no...]

For several minutes, the two warriors faced each other. Auron's hand was at his side, deceptively far away from his sword, whilst Jecht's hand was on his hilt, his eyes flaming.

"You wanna say that again, pretty-boy?" sneered Jecht.

"Whatever, you money-grubbing useless-,"

"Shut up, both of you!" snapped Braska, "Fighting will solve nothing. Now help me hack this tree away,"

Quietly, Jecht drew his sword and stood by Braska, hacking at the ice.

Auron edged closer, his eyes drilling into Jecht's back.

[..."Fighting will solve nothing," Yeah. Right]

But as Auron stood beside Jecht, radiating heat...

[At least it would be an excuse to touch him...]


Jecht leaned back in his bedroll. The sigh he heaved was heavy, soft and filled with repressed emotion.

[By-by Yevon, he's too goddamn handsome for his own good. And what about-Tidus and his ma. I can't just leave them back in-back in Zanarkand. Can I? For Auron?]

He rolled onto his side, trying to forget the way Auron had glared at him.

[Those eyes...those dark, dark eyes...]

Jecht shuddered. Why? Why was he cursed with loving Auron?

[It's not fair goddamn it, it's not fucking fair. Why couldn't he have been a goddamn woman?!]

"Jecht?" called a voice.

[Oh God. Oh Yevon, God, Jesus Christ, whoever the hell is listening! It's him! DAMMIT!]

"Yah?" Jecht called back.

"It's Auron,"

[Well DUH!]

"Whaddya want?" called Jecht. There was a pause, as if Auron was hesitating.

"To talk. May I come in?"

[Polite as ever, Ronnie-baby]

"Yeah, sure,"

Auron climbed into the tent while Jecht made room, and studied him beneath lowered lashes.

[I have a bad feeling about the way this is going to end...]

"Are you...mad at me? For what I said?"

Jecht blinked. This was new.

"Nah. I get insulted all the time. It's not like once more is gonna hurt,"

[Oh yes it hurt. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes-]

"It's just I-felt bad," the words came from Auron's mouth quickly, as if he wanted it over and done with.

[Shit-if he doesn't leave soon-]

"And I wanted to make sure that you knew that," these words came in a rush too, and Auron blushed.

Jecht stared.

[Auron? BLUSHING?!?!?!]

"I-um-I should-" Auron's blush deepened.

[Damn he's cute when he blushes...!]

"I-I should go now," despite his words, he was staring at Jecht, every muscle in his body frozen in place.

[I'm not doing this. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not-]

"Jecht...?" whispered Auron. I realised how close together we were, our lips barely an inch apart.

"Ssh," I found myself whispering back, as I reached behind him and closed the door to the tent. "We don't want Braska walking in, do we?"

"Jecht I-"

Their lips met.

It was impossible. Impossible to believe that Auron and Jecht, the two arch-rivals, were kissing.

[oh god-oh sweet Yevon-]

Auron was frozen in place for several minutes before giving in and half-falling into the kiss. Jecht found Auron's warm crimson cloak and pulled Auron closer, deeper into the kiss with it.

Finally, almost resentfully, Auron and Jecht ended the kiss.

"Jecht?" whispered Auron.

"Shush Auron," whispered Jecht fiercely, "Do we really need words?"

The next kiss was warm, sweet and possibly the hungriest kiss Jecht had ever given or received.

[I love you, Auron]

"I love you, Jecht,"

"I love you too, Auron,"


The next day, Braska stared at Auron. The slightest of half-smiles was on his face, and as they walked onwards, Auron glanced at Jecht, who grinned.

[Always so cold, Auron...

Maybe not]

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