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To Stop the Tears

By Owaranaimono Aite


The words and images Yuna had sung flashed through Rikku's mind as she rushed to her friend atop the airship. She had fallen to her hands and knees, from exhaustion and mental instability. She'd been so run down with everything they'd been doing. Running all over Spira, fighting dangerous fiends... and... Looking for 'Him'. But Rikku knew what else had brought the once great Summoner, turned Sphere Hunter to her knees.

The feelings that Lenne had for Shuyin and vice versa. Yuna was almost a medium for them, allowing them to meet and talk and express their feelings through her body and mind. But by doing that, she'd wore herself to the ground, defeated, emotionally unstable, mentally void, and aching inside. Rikku knew the looks, the sounds, and the touches of someone pining for a love or old flame. She herself had felt them all too often.

But Yuna's hunger... could not be quenched by a mere casual hug or chaste kiss. She needed more, and Rikku knew that once her hunger had been satisfied, she would be a little stronger, more agreeable to the terms and cards Fate had flung at her hands. Then she could grasp onto life, onto something, anyone and cling, and hopefully become reborn.

"C'mon Yunnie. Let's get you inside. You need your rest," Rikku coaxed gently.

She felt a gaze lingering on them and looked upwards at Paine, who stood slightly behind and off to the side of them. Without words, Paine and Rikku conveyed a silent message. Something had to be done to ease the hurt in their leader's mind and body. Neither of them could stand to see the pain, lust, longing, anguish and utter betrayal in her eyes.

Pain from being left by the one man she had ultimately loved, and unconsciously given her heart and soul to him, to be his forever. Even if he didn't know he'd held it, she had given it to him, only asking to be loved in return. But he was gone, and Rikku knew Yuna's heart and soul were tattered, almost beyond repair.

Lust from having been so close to him, so close, almost able to taste him, touch him, become his. Fate had cruelly snatched him from Yuna, and the lust burned, even now, surrounded by Rikku, Paine, and the man that looked like him, haunted him in her dreams, tormented her and stomped on her hopes.

Longing from being without him, unable to know if he still wanted her, or even cared for her. Longing to know if he was still alive, waiting for her. Yuna longed to hold him again, and even as much as Rikku and Paine tried to take his place, they never really could be him, be what she wanted, what she needed. They were poor substitutes for him, but loved her more than anyone else she would turn to for her comfort.

Anguish from being so close to finding him, and then being thrust into this new ordeal, without him, and not knowing. The anguish ripped at Yuna's heart, destroying everything she ever knew, or held dear, shattering her image of love. Anguish burned through her mind, tossing her values aside, killing the visions of him, making her turn to her best friends to find shelter with them, in their hearts, to replace him, should they ever truly find him.

Betrayal from being cursed. He'd cursed her the day the Fayth took him away from her and sent him wherever they sent him. She'd walked through the past 2 years of her life in a fog, feeling betrayed, almost unable to trust anyone for fear that they too would leave her. Yuna had wanted to think that he would return to her, but day by day, everything inside her, her emotions squashed that small part of her mind, made if feeble and defenseless, warping her mind with distrust and hurt.

Rikku felt herself pulled from her ponderings at Yuna's feelings when she felt Yuna sag slightly towards her, in an almost diagonal fashion. Paine stood on the other side of her, hoisting her up by her arm. Rikku stood quickly and took the other arm, and together they half carried, half walked her off the deck of the airship. As soon as the hatch door slid shut behind them, Yuna's last bit of strength gave out and she fell to her knees again, blinking rapidly, trying to stop her body from shaking.

Paine looked down at her and gave a small frown at how her comrade had been reduced to this mass of emotions, that couldn't act or think clearly. Her hurt was all that they could notice when they looked at her from the corners of their eyes. When everyone was watching, she pulled the happy, never down face. But alone, like they were now, she dropped it and was reduced to this. But no matter how perfected her facial features remained, her eyes always showed the emotions to the outside world. But no one was damned enough to care. They only cared that their former summoner would save them all again.

Together, Rikku and Paine carried Yuna to the cabin and laid her on her bed. The moment her side touched the bed, she curled reflexively into a tight ball and let the sobs rack her body. Rikku jumped off the side of the sleeping area and shooed Barkeep out, and locked the door behind them. They gave Yuna a small amount of decency and never let any of the men see her reduced to this quivering state. Yuna clutched her pillow like it too would leave her and cried into it, sobs making her thin frame shake with the effort.

Paine eased herself onto the edge of the bed and placed a loving hand on Yuna's shoulder. Yuna's sobs halted temporarily, and she turned to look at Paine, the tears slowing briefly before she brought a tentative hand away from the pillow to clutch at the one holding her shoulder. Paine allowed her to hold her hand and gave her a small, gentle smile. Yuna's cries continued, their force lessening, but no where close to diminishing.

Then Rikku sat on the other side and clutched Yuna's other hand, prying it away from her pillow. She looked at Rikku and managed a small smile. They all sat there like this, as if frozen in time, waiting for the tirade of tears to stop. When they finally did, they sat her up and handed her a glass of water. She gulped it down gratefully and managed a weak smile.

"Don't even apologize Yunnie. I bet we know what you're feeling. It's jealously mixed in with everything else, isn't there?" Rikku asked gently, then watching the timid nod come from Yuna.

Paine and Rikku looked at each other over Yuna's head and both nodded.

"Yuna, don't be jealous. Just because we haven't found him, doesn't mean he still isn't out there. We'll find him," Paine whispered gently.

Yuna froze. "That's not the point! He's never going to come back to me! It's all just a fantasy I have in my head, and it'll never come true! I'm just wasting my life away, waiting for something that's never going to come. I'm jealous of Shuyin and Lenne! At least they have each other's emotions and feelings. I never knew how he felt before he left me! Never!" With this, she broke into sobs again, yanking her hands away from her friends and covering her eyes with them.

"Yunnie, don't be jealous. Paine and I know that he's going to come back. And you do too. You just won't admit it," Rikku whispered softly.

"And until you admit it to yourself again, and until we find him, Rikku and I are here for you. We know we're not him, but don't be jealous of Lenne and Shuyin. You have the two of us, and we aren't going to leave you. Even after he comes back, we're going to love you. Just remember that," Paine replied, giving Yuna a light kiss on the forehead.

"Paine's right Yunnie. Everything she said is right. We won't leave you."

Yuna looked between the two of them and felt something inside her agree and swell with happiness. She was loved. It may not be whom she wanted, but she was loved. And until something changed it, she would love it back. Giving them an actual smile, with genuine happiness, she grabbed each of them by an arm and pulled them to her, hugging them both, letting a scant amount of tears fall down her face. When she let them go, they looked at her and became worried again when they saw the tears.

"They're happy tears. I'm happy again. Really."

Rikku gave Yuna a huge grin and lightly cupped Yuna's face in her hands and brought their lips close together. They were barely touching, but Rikku knew that she had to let Yuna initiate it, show that she wanted it. Once she did, then and only then would Rikku and Paine divulge into her lust and longing, and try to, even minusculy, fill the hole left by him.

"When we find him, I'm going to make him fucking pay for this Yuna. He'll regret leaving you, causing you all this pain. I swear to it," Paine whispered barely audible to them.

Rikku nodded timidly, her lips lightly brushing against Yuna's, a fleeting contact, not enough to satisfy. Yuna craved the contact, longed for it, desired it and wanted it. She brought her lips against Rikku's, brushing them against one another. Rikku let herself smile and lightly licked at Yuna's lips, begging for entrance. Yuna acquiesced, and parted them, letting Rikku's tongue slip inside, dueling with it. A light moan made them pull apart, and gasp for air.

Turning, they found Paine's eyes, on them, expressing almost a voyeuristic delight in watching the older and younger girl kiss. She knew that their hearts belonged to each other and to the men of their dreams, but they would comfort each other, and be there, loving each other like sisters and the best of friends until they were gone. She too leaned down and gently took her turn to taste Yuna's mouth. When they broke apart, they looked at one another and Rikku. All their faces were flushed, their lips swollen from kissing one another.

Rikku and Paine shot each other another look before they pounced. First they would make Yuna feel whole again, then they would worry about themselves. Rikku attacked Yuna's mouth again, and Paine began to work on slipping Yuna out of her Songstress dressphere. Paine yanked off the boots and dropped them to the floor and began to work on Yuna's arm bands that were a challenge in themselves. They were tied under her arms, and had to be untied in order to slip them off.

As Yuna kissed Rikku, she felt part of her soul becoming her again and knew that she had happiness here, even without him. She let Rikku dominate the kiss, sucking lightly on Rikku's tongue, pulling it into her mouth. Rikku's hands flew down to Yuna's shirt, where there were hidden clasps under the fabric that would slip open, allowing Rikku to yank the barrier from Yuna's skin.

Arm bands and shirt removed, Paine and Rikku began to work as a team. They each latched onto a side of her neck, being careful not to leave any marks that would be visible to the boys. They didn't want to embarrass her after all. Their goal was to comfort her, not hinder her more. Moving in tandem, they lightly kissed down her neck and moved to her collarbones, right above her breasts. They both bit into the skin there, and suckled, creating small love bites, which would be hidden in the morning.

"Please... don't tease me..." Yuna whimpered, arching slightly into their caresses.

Rikku and Paine smiled at one another and Rikku surged forward, locking her lips onto Paine's, kissing her for all she was worth. Paine moaned, and Rikku drank it up like a fine wine. Their hands lightly kneaded Yuna's supple breasts and lightly stroked one another's faces in an endearing gesture. They broke apart for air, panting lightly. Then turned their attention back to Yuna. Paine began to lick and bite lovingly at Yuna's breasts while Rikku attacked the belt holding up Yuna's skirt.

Rikku successfully undid the belt and sat back on her heels thoughtfully, trying to think of the best way to remove Yuna's skirt. Then, getting an idea, she leaned forward and nibbled at the other girl's belly button. Yuna gasped in shock and her hips shot up from the bed she lay on. Rikku quickly yanked off the skirt and dropped it to the side of the bed.

Paine moved to the side of Yuna again as Rikku joined her. They both kissed gently along Yuna's jaw line and nipped at her earlobes. Then they each latched their mouths onto her breasts, biting down on her nipples, kneading the rest of it with their hands. When they tired of that, they kissed along her ribcage, drawing ever closer to her center.

"R-Rikku... Paine... you guys are too good for me... You.... *gasp* really are. I love you both," Yuna managed to stammer out between gasps for breath.

Rikku and Paine smiled inwardly and continued their assault on their leader. They each bit at her slightly protruding hipbones and hooked their index fingers into her panties. With much maneuvering and displaced weight, they were both able to slide her panties off and drop them unceremoniously to the floor. Yuna groaned in protest at not being able to feel either of her lovers, seeing that they were still fully clothed. She tried in vain to disrobe them, but they avoided her questing hands and Rikku moved up to her head, pulling her wrists together, holding them above her head, immobilizing her.

Paine looked up at Yuna through the light curtain of her bangs and made a show of licking her lips as she looked down at Yuna's nether lips, which trembled slightly. With slow, deliberate moves, Paine spread Yuna's legs open more and lowered herself to the bed, lips hovering above, making Yuna writhe in earnest of what was to come.

"I think Yunnie's trying to tell you to hurry, because she's not going to last long Paine. You might want to indulge her this one time," Rikku whispered, looking down at Yuna; her own need barely in check in her voice.

Paine gave a curt nod and using her hands, gently spread Yuna open to her mouth. Her tongue caressed her lover's clitoris lightly while a single finger stroked up and down, barely grazing Yuna's entrance. She watched, entranced as Yuna bucked her hips, trying to get more friction, more anything. Paine consented, and suckled at the organ before her, while a single finger slipped slowly into the prone body before her.

"P-Paine!" Yuna cried out, thrusting her hips up, not caring if she accidentally hurt Paine. She was too far gone in her pleasure.

Paine said nothing, concentrating on her task, trying to bring Yuna to orgasm. Tenderly, she bit at Yuna's clitoris and groaned inwardly at the reaction. Her finger continued to thrust her finger in and out of Yuna's entrance, pantomiming the age old art of intercourse. When she slipped in a second finger, that was all Yuna's exasperated nerves could take, and she climaxed into Paine's mouth, screaming.

"Rikku! Paine!"

Yuna collapsed onto the bed, a boneless heap and Rikku let go of her wrists, letting the blood flow return to the slightly stiff limbs. She panted, trying to restore her breathing and heart rate. Paine slid gracefully, like a cat, onto her knees and captured Rikku's lip in a kiss, sharing the taste of Yuna's release. Rikku moaned and brought her fingers to the clasp of Paine's half shirt. She deftly undid it and it fluttered on top of Yuna, who let out a light chuckle and took that as her cue to sit up on the pillows to watch.

With Yuna now out of the way, Paine and Rikku began to explore each other in earnest. Nimble fingers flew over clothing, shoving it aside, and baring skin to the slightly cold air. Goosebumps rose on their skin and they caressed each other lovingly, just like they had Yuna. Rikku shoved Paine back onto the bed and kissed a hot trail down the older woman's chest, pausing to flick her tongue over Paine's nipples and lightly scrape them with her teeth.

Paine arched into the touch and opened her legs to accommodate Rikku between them. Rikku settled herself onto her knees and raked her nails down Paine's stomach, leaving little red welts they'd have to heal later on in the night. Without warning, Rikku plunged her tongue inside Paine's nether lips and entered her with her tongue.


Rikku smiled and suddenly bucked up, crying out when she felt fingers enter her from behind. She turned her gaze upwards, past Paine's head and noticed that Yuna was gone from where she had just been moments before. Another thrust jabbed at her inner walls, and she got an answer to her unspoken question. Yuna had moved behind her and was fingering her, bringing her towards her climax. Yuna leaned down and began to speak to them, trying to throw them over the edge with words alone.

"You two look so beautiful together. Pale skin and bronze skin. So enticing."

Paine twisted her head and arched up her hips into Rikku's mouth, feeling her climax coming, trying to starve it off. Rikku didn't want that, and doubled her efforts, bringing a hand up to bat alternating at Paine's breasts and her clitoris. Rikku could feel Yuna doing almost the same thing and arched her back at almost an impossible angle, screaming incoherently as she released her fluid over Yuna's hand.

"Yuna! Rikku!" Paine screamed as she too arched her back into Rikku's mouth, trying to suck Rikku's tongue inside her body.

Together, the three of them fell onto the bed, lapping and cleaning each other like sleepy kittens. Rikku and Paine pulled Yuna to lay in the middle of them and each put an arm over her waist. They laid their head on her shoulders, encasing her in never-ending warmth.

"I love you girls. I'm sorry about that fit I threw earlier... I just... needed to purge myself of my emotions. I'm so sorry for all the trouble I caused."

Rikku and Paine looked at each other and whapped her on the head.

"Don't be sorry. We don't mind helping you out Yunnie. And we will keep our promise. He'll pay for everything he's making you go through."

Paine nodded and pulled Yuna closer to her body. "You are always loved, if not by him, then by us. Sleep now. You've had a long day and you need your rest."

Yuna gave them both a small smile and snuggled down into the covers, and their body heat, falling asleep almost instantly. Paine and Rikku smiled. They had fed her hunger, and abated her emotions for now. But they both knew that the storm would come again. And until they found him, Rikku and Paine would have to stop the tears. They would have to keep her from crying over him, and show her she still had love. She would forget and they would remind her. They would always be around to stop her tears, and keep her happy and herself, Yuna. Even if it meant they lost some of themselves, they'd stop the tears every time.




Wah! My first Yuri.... I hope it was good. Yes, a little Tidus bashing, I know, but I figured that Yuna would be so... dead inside after Chapter 4, that Paine and Rikku would say anything. They protect her like their sister, so I think that they sort of saw Tidus as a threat to her happiness while he was gone.

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