More Than Just War Buddies

Part 1

By Kumaguro


The water sparkled as the song of bells played in the background. Those elegant footsteps behind him left no room for doubt as to who it could be. The new form sat next to the youth.


“I’ve waited so long to tell you this and now that I can, I’m scared to.”

“It’s okay, I’ve been so nervous that I’ve been shaking all day. So if you can’t tell me, then e can forget about it.”

“I love you.. Gippal.”

The Al Bhed gasped.


The young men turned to each other.

“I never knew how to tell you. I’ve been in love with you since the day I first met you.”

“Uh... Baralai...”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say it back. I just couldn’t leave you wondering why I did what I did las night.”

“Oui fana muugehk vun yh aqlica.”

“What so you mean?”

“I mean you’ve loved me for so long and wanted to make love to me so your excuse last night about giving me excitement... Was just because...”

“There’s no JUST, Gippal. Except I just love you.”

There was a long silence.

“I don’t expect you to love me back. And I won’t try to sway you with candied words and gifts.”

“Then what do you want from me?”

“I would like you to stay with me. After Sin and the Crimson Squad... I want you to come to Bevelle with me or we can both go to Djose if you want to stay there... But I would just like to be with you.”

“After the Crimson Squad, my intention is to live a simple, quiet life, away from politics and people.”

“You’re going to hermit yourself?”

“No, I’ll live with my lover.”

“Oh.” Baralai said, rather disappointed.

There was another silence as the two looked back at the lake.


“You sound like I let you down.”

“No, I was just hoping that there would be room in your life for me.”

“Huh. Hey, Baralai, would you kiss me again?”

“No, thank you.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you hurt my feelings.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“Well, now I’ve told you what I wanted to.” Baralai started as he stood up. “Good night.”


The Bevellian walked off.


Despite Gippal’s rejection, Baralai managed to get to sleep at a decent hour. In his fantasy, the rejection aside, he lay on his back and an enchanting crawled up his body between his legs. When their smiling faces met, Gippal leaned down and kissed his destined lover. They slowly removed their clothes until their hot bodies touched in a sensual embrace.

“It’s good...”

“Yes, it’s good.”

“Is this real?”

“Yeah... I want you to be my lover...”

The two smiled and kissed again. Gippal straddled over Baralai’s torso and held his own anxious piece. Baralai ran his hands down that smooth body and helped secure the grip over his lover.

“Oh, Baralai... I think I might want you to be with me forever.”

“Well, if you want me to, I’ll be there.”

Baralai shot up into a sitting position.

“What am I doing?!”


Gippal was still awake, but just barely. A firm sense of guilt overtook him about Baralai’s inbiasd words.

“Fro tuac ra muja sa?”

“There’s never answer for that one.” Baralai interrupted as he joined Gippal back at the lake. “But don’t make yourself sick over it. I just had to express myself honestly.”



“What are you doing up?”

“I had a naughty dream. When I realized I was holding the dirt beneath me, I got up.”

“But... Um... Speaking of naughty...”


“Baralai... I liked what you did to me last night.”

Baralai chuckled as he started to walk away.

“Well, it IS supposed to feel good.”

“But I wonder...”

Baralai stopped.

“...Would you do it to me again?”


“Why not?”

“Because you hurt my feelings.”

“Heh. That’s fair.”

Baralai walked up to Gippal and pressed his body against the youth. Gippal licked his lips, unsure of Baralai’s actions. The older man started tugging at Gippal’s pants, pulling the blond’s hips into his own. Baralai licked his lips as he breathed deeply.


Gippal moaned in excitement as he fell back completely into the tree behind him. Baralai snuck Gippal’s pants off and went to his knees. He wrapped his arms around Gippal’s behind as he took Gippal’s arousal into his mouth. The young blond moaned as Baralai covered him completely.

“Cu kuut. Cu rud!”

Baralai just pushed himself on and off of Gippal. The youth sucked through his teeth as his elder bobbed hard and fast, exposing his teeth to Gippal’s sensitive flesh.

“Ouch.” Gippal whined.

Baralai ignored him and continued sucking and nibbling on him harshly.

“Baralai...” Gippal pleaded.

“Baralai... Please stop...” Gippal moaned as he felt himself beginning to lose it within the gorgeous older man’s mouth. “Look out, I’m gonna...” Gippal groaned as he erupted into Baralai’s waiting mouth.


Baralai greedily sucked Gippal’s organ clean, moaning in his endeavor. Then he stood up and swallowed Gippal’s evidence, licking his lips.

“You were really harsh...”

“...Well, I can’t do it out of love.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

Baralai began to walk away.



“I promise I won’t ask you to do it again.”


Then Baralai was gone.


This night, Gippal couldn’t sleep. He sat against the tree and felt guilty for having abused Baralai’s sincerity. And on top of that, he’d invited the man to pleasure him. Was it an act of sympathy? Or selfishness?




“Oui fana muugehk vun yh aqlica.” -

“You were looking for an excuse.”

“Fro tuac ra muja sa?” - “Why does he love me?”

“Cu kuut. Cu rud!” - “So good. So hot!”

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