Author's Note: Anou... ::nervous chuckling:: This story is NC-17, and if you’ve reached this second ‘Chapter’ then you should *definately* know that by now... I won’t say ‘People under 17 get out!’ because I myself am not 17 yet... ::another nervous chuckle:: I have a year to go, almost literally... This started off as a PWP, but for some reason, it’s starting to turn into a real story... and I thought this was supposed to be a one-shot fic... 0.0 Though there is no plot established... If it didn’t start off with sex, it could have possibly turned into one of my other stories than can survive without a legitimate plot... That’s just scary since I said I wouldn’t mix copyrighted characters with long chapter stories... ::shrug:: If I get enough reviewer response, it might end up that way, but not with frequent updates... I have two others I’m working on... Gomen...

Note: I am still calling Ein by Hayate, amazingly enough... I’m still skipping the ‘I knew I loved you all along’ crap... Now it’s ‘I’ve lusted after you for years’... ::chuckles:: I even started a fight scene in here... ::laughs:: Isn’t that something? Makes you wonder how the hell I’m going to end this on a good note... Maybe I’ll make Hayate Hayabusa’s bitch until he dies! ::Naga laughter:: Ooohhh... and I’d have to do a sequel... but I think I’d enjoy that a little too much...

WARNING: Perverts mind at work here. Perverted humor. Pervetedly OOC. Cursing is a little bit worse in this one, though not as bad as I was going to make it. Anou... If you don’t like homosexual tendencies, then I suggest you leave and all of that...

Night at the Bar

Chapter Two

By Juunko


Once Hayate awoke, he reached for his neck to give it a rub. It was throbbing, and he found that his arm was bound by something. In fact, both of his hands and feet were bound. He was on a bed though. What the hell is going on? Hayate thought, then felt a sickening feeling rise in his chest as he remembered what had happened before he had been knocked unconscious.

The door opened and Hayate squinted his eyes against the assaulting light. “I see you’re awake now...” he heard Hayabusa say. There was a slight sound as he assumed Hayabusa had sat down in a chair.

“What do you think you’re doing, Ryu? Untie me right now...!”

“I don’t think you’re in a position to make demands, Hayate,” Hayabusa said cooly. He took a sip of the tea he had been carrying. “I would untie one arm so you could have something to drink, but I’m afraid that I can’t trust you not to try something.”

How long was I out for? Hayate wondered. Is it morning already? I can’t tell because it’s so dark in here... but he can’t still be drunk... He sounds sober enough, and I can feel those calculating eyes of his...

”I can’t do much with one arm untied... and it would make it a lot more comfortable.” Hayate reasoned.

“The small amount of things you can do are more than enough to free yourself. You are a shinobi, as am I, and we can work with as little as we are given...” He heard Hayabusa set the tea cup on a saucer on the table. He then heard him get up, but couldn’t hear his footsteps to tell where he had gone.

There was a squeaking sound as the bed creaked and shifted. Hayate felt the bed tip to one side as Hayabusa crawled on. He felt something else tied to both of his feet. He could sense Hayabusa as he leaned over him to do something.

He heard the rope slide into something or around something, he wasn’t sure, then Hayabusa leaned back. He felt the other ropes being untied, then Hayabusa spoke, and he seemed rather amused.

“This is the time when you should curse your flexibility, Hayate...” Then he felt his feet being pulled up and over his head. There was a quick shuffling as he struggled. Hayate couldn’t even see what was really happening to him or how. He wondered how the hell Hayabusa could see... Then again, he probably couldn’t and was doing this by memory. How many times did he practice this to get it perfect? Hayate grumbled to himself.

“What do you plan on doing with me in this position?” Hayate questioned, fearing the worst.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Hayabusa answered.

“This isn’t a time for jokes, Hayabusa!” Hayate said angrily.

“I’m going to fuck you like an animal.”


“You asked me what I was going to do... What do you think you’re tied to a bed naked for?”

“A game of jun ken po...” was Hayate’s sarcastic reply.

“It’s nice to know that you haven’t lost your sense of humor...”

“You’re fucking crazy... I’ll give you one more chance to let me go...”

“And as I’ve said, you are in no position to be making demands.”

Hayate glared in the direction the voice came from.

“I suggest you stay loose or else it might hurt.”

“Stay loose for what?” Hayate said guardedly.

“I said I was going to fuck you, didn’t I? You’re listening skills are lacking

today.”“Don’t you dare get anywhere near my ass...”

“I’m already quite close...” Hayabusa said, then blew the mentioned body part. Hayate immediately jerked. “It wouldn’t be that bad if you would stop tensing up...”

“It’s bad no matter how tense I am!”

“If you’re against it so much... I guess I could settle for a blow job...”

“You say it so seriously I’m beginning to think you *are* being serious...”

“I am.”

“... There is no way in hell you’re fucking me up the ass... and if you even think of putting your dick in my mouth, I’ll bite it off...”

“I didn’t think it would be safe to put such a sensative organ near your mouth anyway... You never were very gentle...” Hayabusa said nonchalantly. “But you’re wrong about me not fucking you... I’ve just allowed you to stall for a while... “

Hayate began to struggle, but his bindings held fast. He could barely move at all and his body was getting sore from being nearly double over from the past few minutes.

“Do you want the peppermint scented lube or the strawberry scented one?”

“You can’t be serious...”

“Maybe coconut?”


“It’s going into *your* ass, so I though you’d like to pick...” Hayabusa replied, then settled on the peppermint. It was the one with the most left, and he had a feeling he’d used nearly all of it to make sure he didn’t hurt Hayate too much, since he was so unwilling...

Hayabusa put some on his fingers and placed a hand on Hayate’s thigh to make sure he stayed still.

“Ryu...” Hayate said, his voice showing the first real sign of fear since the situation had started. “W-what are you doing?” There was silence. “S-Stop it! L-Let me go!”

Hayabusa ignored his pleas and slowly pushed his finger in. Tight... Very tight... He licked his lips... He couldn’t rush the process, but he was very eager... to feel that tightness around him... Unknowingly he had put in the second finger and was slowly moving them in and out. Hayate’s small cries of pain brought him back from subconciousness.

Frowning, Hayabusa removed his fingers and applied more of the peppermint smelling substance. “Stop tensing up. I won’t tell you again. If you want to be so damn hard-headed and keep doing that, then I hope you like pain.”

Hayate gritted his teeth. It hurt... and he just added another finger... Finally, he just gave up resisting... It felt very uncomfortable... Things weren’t supposed to go IN that hole; they were supposed to go OUT.

“Good. Stay that way,” Hayabusa’s voice said from the darkness.

“How long have you been planning this?” Hayate asked, just to keep his mind off of what was about to happen. Though if he really wanted to keep his mind off of it, that wasn’t the question he should have asked.

“A week, maybe two...” Hayabusa answered, putting in the fourth finger.

“How long have you been thinking about it?” Hayate said, wincing slightly.

“Ever since I noticed what a great ass you had...”

“I hate not knowing when you’re being serious or not...”

“A small joke...”


Hayabusa was just thinking about try to stick his entire hand up there, but decided against it. Instead, he grabbed the lube and squeezed out half of the remaining substance. He rubbed it on himself, trying to avoid moaning at the sensation.

“Stay loose...” Hayabusa reminded him, even though earlier he had said he wouldn’t. He pushed at the now enlarged opening. It slowly parted for him, then closed around his throbbing penis. Now unable to hold back, he gave a low moan. Hayate was deafly silent.

“At least... it doesn’t... hurt... too much...” Hayate hissed slightly.

“If you had stayed loose the entire time it wouldn’t hurt at all.”

“Now you listen to me you motherfucker... It isn’t often I’m tied to a bed with my feet over my head and being fucked up the ass, so excuse me for resisting!”

“It wasn’t like I was asking you to put on some knee pads and smile like a damn donut...” Hayabusa answered, most of his composure back even after the perverse joke.

Hayate stared in Hayabusa’s general direction. “I don’t even want to know where you got that from...”


Hayate went into his second fit of coughs for the day. “AYANE TOLD YOU THAT?!”

“I recall her being a little... tipsy... when she said it.”

“You better not have tried anything...” Hayate warned.

“This coming from a man being fucked up the ass.” Hayabusa said, highly amused and relatively entertained.

Sure now that he was well adjusted, Hayabusa pushed in further until he was all the way in. He leaned forward, putting his hands on either side of Hayate. His mouth fell open. It was better... much better than he had imagined... So nice... so tight...

Hayate could feel him leaning over him, his breath hot on his face. He couldn’t see Hayabusa’s face even though it was inches away from his own, but he had a feeling he knew what it looked like...

He felt Hayabusa shift backwards and begin to pull out. He let hope rise in his chest as he came close to going out completely... then back in... He pulled at the rope on his wrists. They were just as secure as before.

In. Out. In. Out. And the tempo was getting faster as he felt Hayabusa getting more desperate for release. He continued to try and free himself even while it was going on... It was getting hard to concentrate with Hayabusa’s panting and the pressure building up when he continually rubbed against Hayate’s own penis.

As he started to feel the ropes loosening, Hayabusa’s lips captured his. Hayate’s eyes widened and he turned his head. There was a pause in Hayabusa’s rhythmic thrusting when his kiss was refused. He had almost forgotten the circumstances this ‘encounter’ was under.

He gave a wry smile. “It still bothers you?”

“How could it not?!” Hayate spat, momentarily stopping his silent struggle.

“Would you have rather been on top?”

Hayate recoiled from the question. “I would rather be dead.”

“Is that so?” Hayabusa asked, seemingly unaffected. He began to thrust again, much harder than before. Pounding into him.

Hayate knew he would be sore tomorrow, but he’d worry about that after he escaped... which he was nearly done doing. A few more... seconds... and he’d be free...

Hayabusa felt a slight jerk from Hayate’s body. But he shoudldn’t have been able to move that much... He gave a gasp and frantically searched for Hayate’s arms. He felt himself fly through the air and gave a sharp shout as he hit the wall. He gave a loud curse.

There was a snapping sound as the ropes on his ankles were broken. The bed creaked as Hayate jumped off of it and the door opened, though not much light shined through. It was night out...

The door was slammed as Hayabusa jumped over the bed to the other side. He grabbed his boxers and pulled them on hastily.

“Chik’so...” Hayabusa cursed again, opening the door. He had almost finished... It had been building... Another minute and he would have been done...

He saw Hayate in the moonlight that was peeking through the curtains. His naked form turning both ways quickly, looking for his clothes.

“You won’t find them.” Hayabusa stood in the doorway to the living room.

Hayate snapped his head around and looked at him wearily with hardened eyes. “Give me my clothes.”

“I was almost finished you know...” Hayabusa said, as if he hadn’t heard, his voice wistful. “Just another minute and I would have been done...”

“I always thought of you as the most logical out of all of us...” [Us being Hayate, Hayabusa, Kasumi, and Ayane...] Hayate snarled at him, “... but I see that you’re the most twisted...”

“Then I could have let you go...” Hayabusa said, not really hearing what Hayate had said.

“God dammit! Listen to what I’m telling you!”

Hayabusa walked back into the room. He came out and threw his boxers at him. “You won’t leave without the rest of your clothes...” he said, taking a stance. “They did look somewhat expensive...”

Hayate also took a stance after pulling on his boxers. “When I beat you, you’ll give me back my clothes,” he said matter of factly.

“Of course. But when I win, I get to finish what I started... No more interruptions...”

“That’s just sick...”

“A man has to have his priorities...” Hayabusa muttered, his eyes narrowing in readyness. “Unless you want me to take Kasumi...” Hayate’s eyes flashed. “I didn’t think you’d agree to that...” He crouched as Hayate clenched his fists. “Our agreement has been made...

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