Author's Notes: ÖIt is a miracle. Oo; After at least half a year, Iíve actually written another piece of fanfiction. Okay, so itís a rather cheap introspective, but itís certainly something, hmm? I thought Iíd never write anything againÖ Ruriko takes up all my time and inspiration; but this thing struck me all of a sudden while reading and I just *had* to write it.

But anyway! Yes! Itís an A to C introspective, from Clover. ĎCause there arenít enough A-supporters out thereÖ The poor guy needs more credit!

This piece makes no sense if you havenít read Clover 4.


By Missitar


I love you.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

ÖBut no matter how much I say it, you canít hear me, can you?

And even if you could, you wouldnít care.

Youíve forgotten about me.

You have him now.

I feelÖ hollow. Alone.

Iím empty, C. I need you. Come back.


I need you. I need you to be there; I need you to love me, I need you to need me. Donít turn away.


You donít know how it feels, C. You have someone. Someone all your own, who will watch over you and care for you and keep you safe.

The only one I had was you.

And now youíre gone.

Iím alone again. Youíre slipping away.

Before, when you first disappeared, you at least could hear me when I talked to you. But now even thatís gone. I can scream out as much as I want, and you wonít hear me. Or youíll pretend you canít, because you donít want me anymore. Youíre afraid.

Do you know how much that hurts?

I love you; Iíve loved you forever. And you hate me. You hate how possessive I am.

Didnít you know that I held you so close because I didnít want you to slip away?

Didnít you know that I killed B because I wanted to keep you safe?

Didnít you know that Iím nothing without you?

But you donít need me anymore; youíve left me. Left me for a world of strangers; left me for a short, hollow life. Why, C?


The cage is so empty with you gone.

You may not have needed meÖ

But I need you.

Please, come back.

I love you.

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