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By Gein


Lan whipped his head around as he heard a creak. "Gingetsu?" he asked, but there was no answer. Lan walked down the hall quietly, afraid to make a noise. The empty hall seemed to close in on the Three Leaf and the door at the end was getting more and more distant with each step he took. It all vanished suddenly, leaving Lan in a white, sterile room.

A part of the Three Leaf knew something wasn't right when he didn't hear a sound anywhere. The empty room had no windows or doors. Lan spun around as a soft thump echoed behind him. He gasped as he saw Kazuhiko lying on the ground, a thin line running from his chest to his abdomen. "Kazuhiko!" Lan cried, kneeling beside him. Tears filled his eyes as blood rushed steadily from the line, pooling on the white floor. "Kazuhiko..." he whispered, reaching for his hand.

As soon as he touched Kazuhiko, the scene changed. He was facing a door, the door that led to Gingetsu's room. Lan quickly opened the door and was face-to-face with Gingetsu. "Run," Gingetsu said through clenched teeth. Lan looked over the Two Leaf's shoulder and saw onlt the familiar surroundings of Gigetsu's bedroom. But the sight of blood droplets on the floor made his heart speed up.

Lan placed a hand gently on Gingetsu's back, and it came back blood-covered. A long silence passed between them before Gingetsu placed his hands on Lan's shoulders. "Just run," he said quietly, but firmly.

Lan shook is head, trying to make out the Two Leaf's face in the darkness. "Dammit, Lan. Run," Gingetsu said, trying to keep the urgency out of his voice. "Ginge-" the Three Leaf stopped short as a blade impaled the older man through the chest, blood gushing as the blade was yanked back out.

Gingetsu fell against Lan, clearly dead. "Ginge...tsu...Gingetsu!" Lan screamed and held on to the Two Leaf desperately. "Gingetsu...Gingetsu..." Lan managed, and shook him, but Gingetsu just fell back against him. A sillhouette slowly waked toward them. Lan noticed as Gingetsu was suddenly pried from his arms and thrown with brutal force into the nearest wall. Lan could only stare, his body feeling like lead.

The sillhouette bent down in front of him, and two familiar eyes glared at him. "He's dead because you loved him. You loved him more than me. I told you I'd kill anyone who you loved more than me, and it's your fault that they're dead...that he's dead."

Lan's eyes widened as the reflection of his former self smiled, raising the bloody sword again to stab Gingetsu's abdomen. "You love only me, C," A whispered, and the knife plunged with a sickening tear.

Lan bolted up in bed, breathing hard. He buried his face in his hands, small shivers overcoming him. Lan wiped the beading sweat from his forehead, tears forming in his eyes. 'Kazuhiko...Gingetsu...' Gingetsu. Lan shakily tossed the covers aside, casting a wary glance around the room. After a long moment he got up, igonoring the dizziness. a nauseated feeling swept over him as he remembered the blood, kazuhiko and Gingetsu...A. And What A had said.

Lan blinked back tears, shivering again for no apparent reason. 'My fault...' the words taunted relentlessly in his head. The room seemed to get hotter, and Lan felt as though he couldn't breathe. He felt so scared...'Gingetsu...' Lan bit his lip, and without thinking opened his door and stepped into the hall.

Taking careful, quiet steps, Lan finally made it to Gingetsu's door. He leaned against it, wrapping his arms around himself. His heart was still racing and bits of the dream were still lingering. It felt so real: Gingetsu against him, Kazuhiko's blood, and A...the same dangerous gleam in his eyes.

Lan held himelf tighter, staring down the hall. Whispers coming from every where at once, creaks, and the feeling of a presence standing right beside him. Lan slumped to the floor, bringing his knees to his chest. His eyes darted around the hall, and somewhere in the house, something slammed.

Berating himself for being so childish, Lan shakily opened the door to Gingetsu's room. A feeling of reief washed over him as he saw Gingetsu shift position in sleep, but the anxious feeling was still there. 'Gingetsu...' he pleaded in his mind. Lan slowly shut the door, staring helplessy at the sleeping figure.

'What are you going to do? Wake him up and say you had a dream about him dying and you wanna sleep with him to make sure he stays alive?' Lan giggled, but it came out more like a quiet sob. Lan ran a hand through his hair, exhaling slowly. He carefully walked to the side of Gingetsu's bed, looking uncomfortably at the sleeping form. "Gingetsu..." Lan whispered, and when the lieutenant colonel didn't respond, he sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall.

More noises and creaks came from around the room, and Lan found himself scooting closer to the warm bed. The sound of falling rain met Lan's ears and calmed him somewhat. He sat still for a while and closed his eyes, listening to the soft sound of the rain and Gingetsu's slight breathing, something that sounded more or less like snoring. 'Gingetsu...' A nervous shiver come over him. What if the dream was prophesizing something?

Lan stood up, walking toward the window. Dim lights glittered in the city below, but the rain on the glass made it hazy. It was suddenly cold, like an unseen wind blowing from all directions at once. Lan closed his eyes, trying to forget the nightmare.

A strong hand rested on Lan's shoulder and the Three Leaf spun around. He immediately blushed as he realized it was Gingetsu, standing in a long-sleeved shirt and jeans. "What is it?" he asked quietly, a look of slight concern on his features. Lan felt tears well up in his eyes as he opened his mouth to speak and quickly closed it, forcing a small smile.

It suddenly occured to Lan that Gingetsu's visor was off. In the dark he could see grey-green looking down at him. "I-I...I'm really sorry that I came in here...and woke you up. Sorry..." Lan managed, and tore his gaze away. Gingetsu placed both of his hands on the Three Leaf's sloping shoulders, staring hard at him. "Can't sleep? Do you not feel well?" he asked, a hint of urgency in his voice. Lan had to bit back more tears as he managed to look at Gingetsu, shaking his head slightly.

"No...I...I just..." Lan stammered. "I...I'm don't have to worry..." he said, bowing quickly. Gingetsu still looked down hard, a small frown on his face. 'He does notice I'm upset...' the Three Leaf realized, and more tears filled his eyes as he continued looking at the Two Leaf. 'It's all my fault...that he's in danger, and yet...he's still worried. It's my fault that he's having to take care of me...and he's in danger because I love...'

"Gingetsu..." Lan whimpered, and his tears fell. "I-I..." Lan choked back sobs, and turned away. "I'm so sorry. I'll go..." Lan started to leave, but was pulled back into the Two Leaf's chest. Lan quickly brushed away tears, looking back at Gingetsu. "Don't go." Lan gasped as the older man softly held him close, comforting him with his warmth.

It felt so perfect, so safe. Lan clutched the cloth of Gingetsu's shirt, trying to hold back tears. The Two Leaf held Lan tighter, stroking his hair gently. "Lan...What's wrong?" he asked, almost whispered. The Thee Leaf sighed shakily, trying to block out the memories. "No-nothing...I'm was just...a bad dream. I got scared and...sorry."

Gingetsu shook his head, trying to his best to show Lan that it was okay. "Stop saying you're sorry. I understand why you're scared. There's no reason to be sorry." Lan nodded shakily, knowing that if he tried to speak it would only be sobbing.

"It was A, wasn't it?" Gingetsu asked softly. Lan was surprised for amoment, then nodded slightly again. Gingetsu knew Lan didn't want to say exactly what it was about, so just held him silently. Lan leaned his head against the lieutenant colonel's hard chest, listening to the steady, reassuring heartbeat. He felt guilty for making Gingetsu have to comfort him in the middle of the night. he sighed shakily and reluctantly pulled away. "Thank you," he laughed quietly, wiping away the remainder of his tears. "You'd think I'd be more mature at this age. I shouldn't be afraid of my dreams, I know..."

Gingetsu looked down indifferently for a moment. Lan might have looked around 20-22, but in his mind he was still young-only about 10-13. "You won't be able to sleep again," he stated. Lan looked down. "I guess not," he murmured. Without a word, Gingetsu pulled the silk sheet off the bed and wrapped it around the Three Leaf. Lan looked confusedly at Gigetsu who ignored the expression and pulled him into his lap and embrace.

Lan blushed, squirming uncomfortably against Gingetsu. "Relax," Gingetsu said flatly, and leaned against the headboard, holding Lan against him securely. The slightly younger man hesitantly rested his head against the lieutenant colonel's broad shoulder. "I'm sorry you have to trouble yourself like this," Lan whispered, feeling useless and annoying to Gingetsu. "I don't mind," the Two Leaf said quietly. "You don't ?" Lan asked with a note of surprise. "I promised I'd take care of you. Isn't this also considered 'caring for'?" he asked softly.

Hopeful, bubbling joy filled Lan and all he could do was manage a weak "thank you". Before he knew what he was doing, Lan wrapped his arms around the lieutenant colonel's neck and leaned into his warmth. Gingetsu, a few moments later, wrapped his arms firmly around the slim waist and pressed the small body securely against his. Lan blushed, ignoring the nervous urge to giggle.

Gingetsu remained indefferent, however, and closed his eyes. The silk sheet fell off Lan's shoulders and pooled around them, but there was no need for it. Lan shifted slightly and blushed as their fingers brushed softly. There was a pang in his heart suddenly, and Lan couldn't help but feel a little frightened by the continuing stabbing in his chest. Lonliness? Longing? He didn't know. "I-I think...I can sleep now..." Lan stammered, smiling embarrassedly.

"Do you want to go back?" Gingetsu asked. "Well, you...have work tomorrow and-and I don't want to keep you up, and this is your bed, and you're probably tired...and I'm okay now..." Lan stammered, blushing. "I-I've troubled you too much, and I should let you have your bed to yourself..." Gingetsu said nothing, but nodded. Lan smiled weakly and got up. It was like suddenly a wall was put up between them, keeping them away from each other. "Thank you so much. I'll see you tomorrow sometime." "Hn," Gingetsu replied and Lan closed the door.

Again, the Three Leaf leaned against the door, an inaudible sigh escaping him. 'I didn't want to leave...' he admitted silently. The coldness washed over him again, and he sat down against the door, staring down the dark hallway. No more warmth inside of him. The pangs in his heart made him wince. There wasn't anything wrong with him; Lan knew that. It was love, hope, sincere need for the older man. But the small hope that maybe the Two Leaf felt the same was gone. "Does he care for me...because it's his duty?" he asked himself, but then buried his face in his hands. 'Don't think about it. Just try to got to sleep.' Lan berated himself, and shakily stood up. Again, memories of the dream came back to him.

The Three Leaf wrapped his arms around himself as he slowly walked down the hall. It was so quiet, uncomfortably dark, and Lan couldn't help but shiver. He entered his room again, and reluctantly pulled the covers over himself. They were the same type as Gingetsu's: silky, slightly cool, and comfortable, but there was an emptiness there. There was no real warmth, no comfort and protection he got from Gingetsu. Lan pulled the covers higher on himself, hoping to fill some of the emptiness, but there was nothing that felt even vaguely how it felt in Gigetsu's arms. Lan closed his eyes as tears began to fill them. 'I do cry too easily,' he said to himself.

Gingetsu didn't love him. Of course. But still...there was something about the way their fingers brushed that made him consider. The stabbing pain was leaving. The hope was gone. 'Leave it alone. It wouldn't work out.' Lan reluctantly said silently. He opened his eyes again, only to find they were hazy with tears. But he could still see the rain, now just dripping steadily; small globes of water suspened on the frame momentarily.

'I don't have much time left, either,' Lan admitted quietly. He buried his face in the pillow, as if in wait, expecting his heart to stop at any moment. 'But I'll be happy for you...' the Three Leaf promised. 'While I wait.' He closed his eyes and drifted off. The pangs were gone...all hope gone. But Lan forced a small smile, hoping that somehow, Gingetsu would see it and know. 'I can be happy...if you're here.'


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