Author's Notes: I wrote this when I got bored...I tend to do that a lot n.n; Hope you like it.

Warnings: Some angsty stuff with A, Gingetsu, Lan, and some violence.

No Leaf Clover

By Lissa


"I'm leaving."

Two raven haired boys sat next to each other in the vast, open area that was their prison. The other boy made no movement.

"...You're leaving?"


"What will you do?"

"What do you think I will do?"

"Why are you leaving?"

"You know why."

"So you're still going to do it? No matter how much I beg you to stay?"

"No matter what."


It was raining, and his clothes clung rather heavily to his skin. But he didn't care. He was free. Everyone stared at the child walking alone in the rain, with nowhere to go and nothing to protect him, but none stopped to help. So the boy made his way through the streets......alone.

They didn't think he could hear them. They didn't know. And he wasn't going to bother to explain to them, either.

"Where's his parents?"

"Is he lost?"

"Why doesn't he have any shoes or umbrella?"

He walked until his feet ached and his stomach tightened, for he hadn't eaten anything before he left. Someone stopped him. "Are you C?"

The boy stopped short and whirled around to face his attackers. Eight men. Eight men all dressed in black. He paused. "I'm not going back to that place. You can't make me go."

The men started to surround him. "We're not taking you 'back'." C was getting quite annoyed by now. How much longer was it going to take for them to realize that he wasn't going anywhere?

He summoned his magic, and the electrical wire dangling in front of him was ripped off its' post, and tied itself around the men, electrocuting them.

C took a long, shaky breath. He was getting dizzy. Another man showed up, but he was... he wasn't like them. Trying hard to breathe, C clutched at his stomach. Everything was getting blurred together....he couldn't see...

That man was going to take him back. He knew it. He tried desperatly to get his legs to move, but they wouldn't work. So before he collasped, the boy whispered faintly, "I won't go back."

That was two years ago, and the same boy, now much older, or at least older looking, lay on one of the white twin sofas, looking over a paper from the Secret Colors. A strong hand rested on his shoulder, and Lan looked up, slightly startled.

"It's late,"

Gingetsu said, watching him.

"I know. But just this one more paper, and I promise this time,"

The boy replied, wide gray eyes scanning the tiny text. The tiny dots of light from the damp streets outside cast their silhouttes on the tiled floor.

Gingetsu nodded slightly and paused at the doorframe which led to the hallway. He continued to watch Lan a moment longer before he became satisfied and went into his bed room.

As soon as Lan heard Gingetsu's heavy wooden door close, he sighed and held his palm to his forehead. The headache still wasn't going away.

Just a little longer, he told himself as his gaze returned to the stark white of the paper. The black lines danced, and he could no longer make out what they said.


It just didn't make since.


He crumpled the paper in his hand, making a fist and letting it hang off the couch as he sighed. Gingetsu had told him that Bols wasn't worth keeping himself up, but hey, if he was only going to exist for a short time, he might as well make it somewhat worthwhile.

Gingetsu had given him so much, and he hadn't a thing to give in return. Of course, he had volunteered to make dinner, but his first attempts hadn't come out too well. Not mentioning the first time when Lan had made tea, accidently using salt instead of sugar,but

Gingetsu drank it, all of it, without a word of wether it was good or bad. Not that he ever did, anyway.

A few hours later, Lan, now only half conscious, felt himself being lifted from the couch and brought to his bed.

Gingetsu didn't like this. He didn't like this at all. The researchers from the clover leaf project figured that if Lan was able to live outside of the cage, then he was going to have to work for it.

When the man had handed him the papers, Gingetsu had to fight back the urge to wring his neck, and instead wrapped his hand tightly around the handle to his sword.


The Leiutenant Colonel looked down at the fragile body in his arms. Lan tugged on Gingetsu's uniform to pull himself up.

"I feel asleep, didn't I?"

Gingetsu noticed how much Lan was sweating. It wasn't hot.....a bad dream, maybe? He helped the boy to his feet and Lan murmured something of apology. He saw Gingetsu looking at the paper in his hand.


Lan held up the wrinkled paper and smoothed it out.

"It was a code I was working on."

He frowned and stared at the ceiling, as if lost in thought.

"Somethings about Bols, I think..."

Code-breaking? Just yesterday Lan had been helping to direct escape routes, and tonight he was breaking codes?

Gingetsu shook his head as he took the paper from Lan. Halfway to his bedroom door, Gingetsu mumbled,

"I won't have this."

Lan shrugged and went to his room.

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