Disclaimer: Clover is copyright CLAMP and all related enterprises. While I do not hold any legal rights over the series and characters, the situations that I portray the characters in, however, belong solely to me. This piece was created for entertainment purposes only; no copyright infringement was intended.

Warnings: Angst. Sap. Lots of it. Shouen-ai, too.

Without further ado, enjoy.


a Clover piece by rara avis


At dinner, Gingetsu will lean across the table and frown speculatively and will comment that Lan should have another bowl of miso soup. The latter, expecting this, will lean back in his chair and laugh softly, reminding the older man he has already had four helpings, thank you. Then Gingetsu will stare at him, sometimes in annoyance, sometimes in sadness, sometimes in pity, and sometimes in love.

Today the routine breaks.

Lan is already making the after supper tea (Earl Grey or Darjeeling, sir?) when Gingetsu, feeling the heat of the day, remembers his line. This is the second set of clothes the boy has grown out of in three weeks.

Lan smiles and stirs the tea with the silverware. "Have some tea," he says. Gingetsu, as expected, looks at him.

He speaks. "Your shoes ---"

"Hush," the other boy murmurs. He sips his tea and closes his mouth over Gingetsu's.

- owari -



So I'm staring at a volume of Clover, and I'm not sure what I'm seeing.

It's a panel of someone's legs. They're covered in jeans, but the jeans are painfully short and tight. The shoes on the person's feet are also too small.

And then I figure it out. I think 'Oh, my God' and curse CLAMP for their bittersweet endings.

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