Author's Notes: This one-shot has nothing to do with ĎShadows of the Mooní because my Yue fic is based solely on the manga whereas this is from the anime. Itís a PRF. A Pointless Random Fluff. Thereís no real plot, I wrote this on impulse, and itís all Touya and Yukito feel-good sweetness. Itís based on Episode 33 of the CCS anime when Sakura goes ice-skating. The Card in that episode is the ĎFreezeí card, and itís another of those episodes where Yukito stays over at the Kinomotoís to study. Get your minds out of the bed, people, this is pure fluffy shounen ai, nothing else. And I was going on a Shakespeare thing as well when I wrote it having just done an English exam.

The Winterís Tale

By Leareth


"So what exactly do we have to do for the test tomorrow?"

Yukito smiled at his friend over his large sandwich. "Donít tell me you donít know!" he teased. "What would Sensei say if he knew his best student didnít know what was going to be in tomorrowís test?"

Touya growled and swiped a chip from the open bag that was lying on the desk. Since it was so chilly today the class was allowed to eat indoors. "Iím not that fond of History," he muttered as he chomped, potato shards muffling his voice somewhat. "Itís my worst subject."

"And Kinomoto-kunís worst counts as the best for the rest of us mortals," complained Youko. The fiery-haired drama captain sighed and took a drink out of her thermos. "Even when you donít study you still get the top."

"I donít always get top," muttered Touya. He hid his blush behind his own drink.

"Well if itís not you itís Tsukishiro-kun."

Yukito favored the girl with one of his famous shining smiles and took another bite. Usually he and Touya ate alone together Ė Youko was perhaps the only person who was sincerely welcomed as company. Despite the fact that Touya had to pretend that he was a girl and play Cinderella to Youkoís Prince they had found out that they got on well together.

Youko leaned back in her chair and stared thoughtfully out the window. The sky was ice-blue, hinting that the cold snap was still to break. "So whoís it going to be tomorrow?" she asked the pair. "Tsukishiro-kun or Kinomoto-kun?"

Touya and Yukito looked at each other. "Dunno," said Touya with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Who can tell?" replied Yukito. "Depends on who does the best studying tonight."

Suddenly Youko sat up. "I have an idea."

Touya looked at her warily. "What?" He remembered her last idea. It had involved him wearing a big pink dress with matching earrings.

The drama captain looked at him with a glint in her eye. Just because she had given up on Touya didnít mean she couldnít tease him. "My groupís doing another play soon," she said with a wink. "Itís Shakespeareís ĎTwelfth Nightí. In Shakespeareís time all the parts were played by guys."

Touya looked at her. "What about the girlsí parts?"

"Including the girlsí parts."

There was a shudder from Touya as a memory heíd rather forget ran through his head. Youko giggled. "Iím trying to aim for a more authentic Shakespeare feel this time, except I canít find any guys willing to be the girls."

The soccer captain rolled his blue eyes. "Why am I not surprised."

Youko ignored that. "None of the guys are willing to play Lady Olivia so Iíve given in and Iím going to play her," she continued. "But Iím not going to give in on Viola."

Yukito looked at Youko curiously. "So what is your idea?"

The girl giggled. "Youíd help a damsel in distress, wonít you?" she asked, giving her best Ďdamsel in distress look.í Being the fine actress she was it was very convincing.

Touya sighed and ran a hand through his dark hair. "Ok, ok, ok, Iím in. What about you, Yuki?"

Yukito smiled again. "If To-yaís in, Iím in."

Youko clapped her hands in delight. "Great! Alright, so hereís whatís going to happen." She leaned over her chair conspiratorially with a wink. "If Kinomoto-kun gets the top marks in tomorrowís test, Tsukishiro-kun will play Viola for me."

Yukito smiled. "Alright." Beside him, Touya sighed in relief.

"And if Tsukishiro-kun gets top then Kinomoto-kun plays Viola."

There was an outburst of coughing from the young man in question. Yukito turned wide eyes onto him. "Youíd be a very good Viola, To-ya."

"Shut up."

"Címon," said Youko. "Viola spends most of the play dressed up as a guy anyway. So gentlemen," she said, sitting up straight on her chair with a dignified look. It was offset by the devilish grin she was wearing. "Are we agreed?"

Touya and Yukito looked at each other. Yukito turned back to Youko. "Okay!"

His best friend groaned but nodded in resignation.


"How do I get talked into doing these things?" complained Touya to the clear sky above as he and Yukito walked home.

Yukito laughed and rubbed gloved hands against his slender arms. It was getting even colder. "Youíre just too nice, To-ya."

"Aw, shaddup."

They continued walking, taking care to avoid the slippery frozen puddles. Yukito shivered slightly and wished this cold snap would break.

"So it looks Iíll be doing some major study tonight," said Touya, stretching his arms and yawning. The sleeves of his coat fell down to his elbows. "Because I refuse to dress up as a girl again."

"You might have to," grinned Yukito. His breath turned into little puffs in the chilly air. "Because Iím going to be studying hard too."

"Heh." Touya frowned at a shiny puddle of frozen water on the ground. "Wonder why itís so cold today. Iíll have to resort to underhand measures in order to come out on top tomorrow, are you saying?"

Yukito blew on his hands to warm them then smiled innocently. "Why on earth would you think that?"

Touya stopped walking and looked at his friend with a mischievous look. "Hey, why donít you stay at my house tonight and we can study together?"

"Do I sense any underlying reason for this offer?"

"Oh nothing," replied Touya in a voice just as innocent as the look Yukito had graced him with earlier. "Except that I can spy and leech all your History off you."

The smile never wavered. "And how do you know Iím not accepting so that I can do the same to you?"

"I donít, do I. Guess Iíll just have to take that chance."

Yukito laughed. "Ok then. Letís swing by my house so I can get a change of clothes." He rubbed at his arms again.

Touya looked at his friend. "You cold?"

Yukito smiled at him. "Iím fine."

The taller boy snorted. "Baka-Yuki." Quickly he slipped off his overcoat and held it out to the other boy. "Put this on before you catch a chill."

Yukito frowned. "What about you?"

Touya shrugged. "I was getting hot anyway."

Yukito looked at the coat uncertainly. With an impatient sigh Touya draped his coat over his friendís slim shoulders then walked on ahead in his thin school shirt and blazer. "Címon, letís get to your place," he called back.

Yukito hurried after him, quickly warmed up.


Half an hour later Touya kicked his shoes off at the steps of his house. Yukito was a bit more neat about it, setting his footwear properly out beside his friendís sneakers.

"Whereís Sakura-chan?" asked Yukito, seeing no auburn-haired sprite coming to greet them in the hall as was expected. He placed his overnight bag by the stairs.

"Sheís staying back this afternoon to help with a few things apparently," Touya called back from the kitchen. "You hungry? I can get you something while I warm up dinner."

"Is that a rhetorical question?" Yukito grinned as he stood in the doorway. His best friend had a pink apron around his waist and a ladle in his hand.

Touya rolled his eyes. "Ask a dumb question and you get a dumb answer. What would you like to eat? I think we left some cake somewhere."

"Cake?" Yukitoís eyes went round. "What kind of cake?"

"Last time I checked it was strawberries and cream."

"You know me too well."

"Did I mention thereís ice-cream to go with it too?"



Touya was just about to serve Yukito more snacks when Sakura came back. He was in the kitchen when she opened the door but apart from the fact he could recognise his little sisterís footsteps anywhere there was no mistaking the enthusiastic exclamation at the sight of their guest for the night.

"Yukito-san! Hello!"

Touya sighed. He took hold of the bowl of biscuits and made his entrance into the living room before his little monster of a sister said anything that she might regret later. Then again, Sakura was always on her best behaviour whenever Touya brought Yukito over, acting so nice it was hard to believe she was the same kid who stepped on his toes every morning.

"Dinnerís nearly ready," he said shortly as he walked past Sakura.

Sakura looked at the family chore chart, jolted out of her trance or what Touya privately labeled her ĎHanyaaaaaní state. "Today was your turn to cook?" she asked.

Touya placed the biscuits on the coffee table near Yukito, who sat on the couch drinking tea, and gave his friend a narrow look. Yukito had better drink all his hot tea. Touya knew how easily his friend felt the cold and although he did want to get top marks in tomorrowís test, he wanted them fair and square. Which meant making sure slim effeminate Yukito didnít get sick beforehand. "Dad made dinner before he left today," he told his little sister. "He said heís going on another business trip."

"Mmm, the stew smells nice," said Yukito dreamily, lifting his face slightly to catch the smell of food wafting through the kitchen entrance.

"Better go eat then," said Touya. He glanced at Sakura. His sister was giving Yukito the hanyan look again. He grinned.

"Hey, kaijuu."

Sakura jumped slightly, turned, and glared up at him. Her foot twitched, but that was all. Touya grinned more. This was always fun.

"Go set the table."

"But arenít you supposed to do it?" protested the girl.

"I cooked already."

"No you didnít! Dad did!" With visible effort (to Touya anyway, he was never sure if Yukito truly was oblivious or just playing dumb) she restrained an impulse to slam her brotherís toes into the floor.

Touya smirked and thumbed at the kitchen table. "Get to it."

Her foot lifted off the ground. However it was quickly set back down as Yukito smiled at her.

"Thank you, Sakura-chan!"

Meekly Sakura went to set the table.


Clink. Pause. Clink. Pause.

Touya looked out of the corner of his eye and sighed. He should have known it was a bad idea to seat Yukito opposite his little sister. That spoonful of stew had risen up twice and twice it had been set back in the bowl uneaten.

He sipped his tea and watched. Again Sakura was about to take a bite.

Lift spoon. Look across the table. Catch eye. Smile. Shine. Hanyan.

Three, two, one, counted Touya under his breath.


Down went the spoon again.

Sigh. He turned to his friend.

"You got enough there, Yuki?"

Yukito looked at the pot. "I think Iíll have just a little more, if you donít mind." He ladled a generous helping of the stew into his well-cleaned bowl and ate some. "Mm, your dad is a very good cook." He smiled from behind his spoon.


Touya rolled his eyes. "Oi," he said without looking at Sakura. "Youíre dinnerís getting cold."


"You going to eat that or am I going to have to feed you like a baby?"

"Iím not a baby!"

"Then stop playing with your food and eat."

"Eh," Yukito looked at his third helping (already nearly finished) worriedly. "Is it because of me? Am I eating too much?"

Sakuraís foot changed direction in mid-flight towards her brotherís shin. "N-n-no, itís ok!" Quickly she bent her head down and began scooping the rapidly cooling stew into her mouth.

Abruptly Touya stood up. "Iím done," he said shortly, gathering his bowl. "Iíll get dessert out then start clearing up."

"Mm!" Touya looked back to see Yukito quickly getting up wiping his mouth with the napkin. "Iíll help," the silver-haired boy said before Touya could protest. "Itíll be quicker and then weíll get more time to study."

"Study?" Sakura stopped eating for a moment. "Onii-chan, do you have a test tomorrow?"

"Yeah," replied Touya, opening the fridge. There were three cup jellies inside. Hmm, his father mustíve known he was bringing Yuki over. "Why you ask?"

"Um," Sakura glanced at Yukito shyly. "If you and Yukito-san have to study then um . . . Iíll clean up tonight."

Touya took the jellies out and gave one to Yukito, placing the other two on the counter. He gave his little sister a suspicious look. "You feeling alright today?"

"We canít let you do that, Sakura-chan," Yukito said before the girl could deliver a retort. "Iíll help."

"N-no, really!" Sakura was turning pink. "Iíll clean up. Then you two can do well on the test tomorrow."

Touya blinked and smiled wryly. He should bring Yukito over more often. Wait, he already came over about three times a week and while having him over every night would be fun he doubted itíd be good for Sakura. Sheíd probably hanyan herself to the moon.

"Alright then," Touya said aloud. "Thanks." He looked at the dessert closely. Orange jelly with cream and a strawberry on top. His favorite. He looked at his little sister efficiently clearing the table by herself. As she came past him he held the two jellies out to her


Sakura stopped in her path and looked at the two outstretched jellies. Touya didnít look at her, looking off-side at the wall with his best ĎI donít careí expression. "Onii-chan? Arenít you having one?"

Touya held the jellies a bit more stiffly. "Iím not hungry anymore. No point wasting them."

Hesitantly Sakura took the jellies. The moment it was safe to do so, Touya snatched his hands back and walked quickly out the kitchen. "Címon, Yuki, weíve got study to do."

Yukito (having polished off his dessert in twelve seconds) scurried after him as Touya went up the stairs. He smiled at his friendís back and glanced back to the kitchen where Sakura was finishing up. Sister complex again.

"That was nice of you, To-ya," Yukito whispered so that Sakura wouldnít hear.

"Shut up."


"Date of the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War?"

"Uh . . . February ten, nineteen-oh-four."

"Correct. Name of the American President who arranged the nineteen-oh-five Treaty of Portsmouth?"

"Uh . . . damn it, I know I know this."

"Want a hint?"

"No, no, I can do it. Um, President Roosevelt."

"Very good. Name three things Japan secured in this treaty."

Glare. "You just have to ask for little details that no one wants to remember, donít you."

Innocent smile. "Of course!"

Long sigh. "Fine, fine. Uh, um, recognition of Japanís interests in Korea . . . Russian evacuation of Manchuria . . . um . . . um . . . thatís it."

"I asked for three."

"Uh . . ."

Yukito watched Touya think. They were both seated cross-legged on the floor of Touyaís bedroom. First there was a small frown that grew deeper and darker as the boy searched his memory. Then Touya began to tap his fingers on his knees. It was at this point that he would start chewing his lower lip in a most attractively pouty way as he stared at the wall.

The silver-haired boy grinned. "To-ya."


"Want a hint?"




"Really sure?"


"Really, really sure?"

"How am I supposed to come up with an answer if you keep talking, Yuki?"

"Gomen ne . . ."

Yukito obediently kept quiet as Touya grew more and more exasperated. Now he had picked up his blue fountain pen and was twirling it absently in his long fingers to help him think. Yukitoís knowing smile wasnít making things any better either. Annoyed at himself, Touya watched as Yukito began to calmly leaf through the thick History textbook.

Damn it, thought Touya as he used the end of the pen to scratch his cheek. He was so not going to play a girl again.

Yukito looked up as his friend gave another exasperated sound. "I know I can do this," muttered Touya as he continued playing with the pen. "Lemme see . . . Korea, got that, Manchuria, got that too . . . I know thereís something else to do with land ownership . . ." Suddenly he sat up straight and snapped his fingers. "Sakhalin! Thatís it, Russia also surrendered ownership of the southern half of the island of Sakhalin to Japan!" He looked at Yukito, feeling very pleased with himself. He frowned. Yukito was laughing his head off. "Whatís so funny?" Touya demanded.

Yukito paused in his mirth, took one look at Touyaís face, and immediately started giggling again.

"What? What is it? Oi, Yuki!"

Readjusting his glasses, Yukito attempted to sound coherent. "To-ya . . . your f-f-face . . ."

Touya frowned. "What about my face?"

Yukito tried his best to stop laughing at his friendís confused expression. "Your face . . . youíve got blue ink all over it."


Immediately Touya got up and looked at himself in the mirror as Yukito fell over laughing. Sure enough, his right cheek was a startling pattern of meaningless blue lines. Touya blinked and looked at the pen still in his hand. He had been scratching his face with the nib end.

"Awww, man . . ." Quickly he rubbed at the mess with the palm of his hand. He only succeeded in turning the tangle of blue lines into one big blue smudge that extended from just below his right eye to under his chin. The big blue smudge was mirrored on his palm as well. Yukito, who had just regained control of himself and was about to stand up, immediately sat back down and laughed more at the sight of his friendís blue, mournful expression. Touya glared.


Taking pity on him, Yukito slipped out of the room. He returned a minute later from the bathroom with a bowl of water and a sponge. He motioned for his blue friend to sit down on the chair, still grinning so widely Touya was surprised he didnít split his head.

"Hold still," said Yukito, kneeling in front of him. He dipped the sponge into the water and began to lightly dab at his friendís face. "And people call me an idiot," he said, shaking his head in mock-patience.

Touya forced himself not to flinch as Yukito wiped under his eye, touch gentle. "At least I managed to answer the question correctly."

"True." Yukito squeezed the water out tinting the water blue. "Your face matches your eyes, you know that? Actually, wait." Yukito stopped wiping and sat back on his heels, looking thoughtfully at Touya whose face was now back to its normal tan. "No, not quite. Your eyes are a certain shade of blue that you donít see everyday. Itís very nice." Suddenly Yukito smiled. "Maybe we should make up a new shade of blue. We could call it To-ya Blue."

Touya blinked. He looked with narrowed eyes at the snow-bunny sitting oh-so-innocently by his knee. He looked down at his hand, still covered in ink. Before Yukito could react, Touya pressed his blue hand against his pale cheek.

"Now whoís blue?"

Yukito blinked from behind his glasses. He got up and looked at himself in the mirror and blinked again at the blue palm-print on his face. Now it was Touyaís turn to laugh as he cleaned his hand off and dried it on his jumper.

"Eh, Yuki, Iím sorry, I just couldnít resist," apologised Touya. Quickly he stood up, scooping up the sponge in one hand and coming up behind his friend. Yukito turned around, blinking up at him with wide eyes. It was the perfect opportunity. Touya took hold of his friendís delicate chin, keeping Yukitoís face still as he wiped the ink off.

"All clean now," finished Touya, letting Yukito go. He smiled sheepishly down at the smaller boy who was pouting most adorably. "Yuki?" asked Touya worriedly, afraid his sensitive best friend may not have enjoyed his teasing. "You okay?"

Yukito slowly gazed up at him. Then he poked Touyaís forehead with one slim finger. Hard.


Touya blinked. He glared down at Yukito who had that innocent smile on his face again and sighed. When it came to teasing, Yukito was the master. For a moment he was tempted to retaliate by tickling his friend to death but decided that such an action would achieve nothing but distracting them even more from Japanese History.

As if they werenít distracted enough already, he thought wryly.

"I think we need a break," he said, moving away from Yukito and those wide hazel eyes. He slid his feet into his tiger house slippers. "Iíll go down and get us something to drink."

Yukito watched him leave the room. "Okay."


Touya stretched as he walked down the stairs and glanced at his watch. It was getting pretty late . . . he wondered if Sakura was in bed yet. Wait, there was a light and the sound of happy singing coming out of the kitchen of the otherwise dark downstairs.

"Whatcha doing?" yawned Touya as he entered the kitchen. Sakura was dressed in pajamas and had a teapot in her hand.

"I Ė I was thinking about bringing you guys some tea," said Sakura. Touya smiled. Ahh, the advantages of bringing Yukito over.

"Thank you," he said genuinely. The cups were filled; Touya reached over and placed them both on the tray that was ready. Sakura blinked.

"Itís getting late. Hurry up and go to sleep, kid." Touya turned to return upstairs. "Goodnight," he called over his shoulder as an afterthought.

Was it his imagination or did he hear a long sigh of disappointment?

He smirked. Hey, what were big brothers for anyway?


"That was fast," commented Yukito when Touya returned to the room. He was sitting cross-legged on Touyaís bed with the textbook open on his lap. The expression of studiousness disappeared the moment his hazel eyes caught sight of the tray Touya was carrying.

"Sakura was already making it when I went down," explained Touya. He sat down beside his friend and handed him one of the steaming cups. "All I had to do was carry it up."

Yukito took a sip. "Itís good. I was beginning to get cold. How did she know we wanted something to drink?"

Touya placed his cup on the nearest History book. "Dunno. I think she just wanted an excuse to come see you."

"Eh. I should go thank her." Yukito unfolded his long legs and got off the bed. Putting the book aside, he went to the door.

"I sent her to sleep already," said Touya. He sighed and forced himself to turn his attention back to the subject at hand. It didnít work as behind him the door was opened and Yukito stuck his head out.


There was a ĎHo-e?í from just outside the room. Touya rolled his eyes.

"Thanks for the tea," said Yukito. Although his back was to the door Touya could sense that dangerously soft smile, the one that always sent Sakura into stuttering ĎHanyaní mode.

ĎN-n-no, it was no problem!"

Yup. There she went again.

"Donít catch a cold." With that, Yukito shut the door. If Touya strained his ears slightly, he was sure he caught the trademark Sakura ĎHanyaaaaaaní.

"Jeez, Sakura is so hooked on you," he complained as Yukito returned to his seat on the bed. "What does she see in you?"

"I donít know," returned Yukito. "Why donít you tell me?"

Touya propped his chin in his hand and looked at his friend. "I see a snow-bunny. A cute snow-bunny at that."

"Iím cute?" Yuki gave his best wide-eyed expression of innocence. "Ne, To-ya . . ."

"Cute enough to eat," added Touya with a wicked smile. "Anyway, letís get back to study. Iím going to watch and laugh as you dance around the stage in a dress."

Yukito smiled slyly. "You looked good in pink."

Touya turned red. Then he frowned and glared at the wall. From the other side could be heard muffled sounds. Sounds that sounded suspiciously like giggles and Hanyans. Intermingled with that, however, were various cries of ĎSakura! Hey, Sakura!í

"Yíknow, I swear sheís talking to someone in there," said Touya darkly. As if Yukito wasnít distraction enough Ė now his little kaijuu of a sister was making too much noise. And shouldnít she be in bed?

"Oh?" Yukito frowned and listened as the noise subsided. "I donít hear anything."

There was a pause as Touya strained his ears. Now there was just light snoring. "Youíre right. Maybe Iím just hearing things." He sighed and forced himself to open the book again. "Letís get a bit more study done before we go to sleep."

To their credit, they did try. Try being the operative word. Ten minutes later Touya slammed his book shut with a declaration of, "I canít do this anymore. When I start hearing things I know I need sleep."

Yukito glanced at him from behind his hand, surreptitiously hiding a yawn. "I agree. Letís call it a night and go to bed."

Touya sighed with relief.


"You take it."

"No. You take it."

"I took it last time I slept over."

"That was then. This is now."

"But itís your bed!"

"Youíre the guest."

"Youíre the host."

Touya glared at his friend. Yukito just smiled innocently. Touya could never stand up to that smile. Especially when it came with a pair of pale blue pajamas with white moons decorated over it.

Damn it, Yuki could be just too cute sometimes.

"Fine then," Touya growled, standing in the usual loose shorts and shirt he wore to sleep. "Weíll flip. Whoever calls it gets the bed." He reached for his school pants hanging on its hook and fished a one-hundred yen piece out of the left pocket. Turning back to Yukito, he flipped it into the air with a flick of his thumb. It spun madly just under the bedroom ceiling, then fell neatly down into Touyaís outstretched hand. Quickly he closed his fingers over it before any of them could see what it was.

"Heads or tails?"

Yukito chewed his lip adorably as he thought. "Um, heads."

Touya revealed the coin. It showed tails.

"Aw . . ."

"Ne, To-ya, better luck next time," said Yukito with another smile. Without another word he padded back to the mattress lying on the floor beside the bed and lay down. Muttering under his breath the entire time, Touya stepped over his friend to get to his bed and climbed under the covers.

"Iím telling you, youíre going to get cold, Yuki," he warned, watching his smaller friend settle himself under the blanket, placing his glasses beside him.

"Iíll be fine, To-ya. You worry too much."

Touya grumbled under his breath, but flicked the light off anyway. In the darkness he found his bed, settled himself under the sheets and closed his eyes. "Good night, Yuki."

"Good night, To-ya."


He wasnít sure how long he had slept for before he woke up. The curtains were thick and drawn tightly shut so he couldnít see the moon to determine what time it was either. He lay there in the dark for some moments, listening and trying to figure out what had woken him. There was the sighing of wind in the trees outside and the sound of snoring (was it one voice or two?) from the room next door. If he listened carefully enough he could even pick out the ticking of the clock.

But it wasnít that which had woken him.

Touya sat up in bed, letting his eyes adjust themselves to the lack of light. He turned to his right Ė that was where the sound was coming from. It sounded like someone shivering.

Touya frowned worriedly. He shifted so that he was leaning over the edge of his bed. "Yuki," he whispered.

The shivering stopped. There wasnít any breathing either, as if the person on the mattress was trying to hide. Touya sighed. "Yuki, I know youíre awake."

Rustle of skin against cloth. "Hmm?" asked the other boy.

Touya adjusted his weight on one elbow. He could just make out the silvery sheen of his friendís hair, the only patch of moonlight in the darkened bedroom. "Youíre cold, arenít you." It wasnít a question.

"Eh." The boyís embarrassment was clear even in his voice. "M-maybe just a little."

"I could say, ĎI told you so,í but I wonít."

Soft laugh. "I appreciate that. Sorry I woke you. You can go back to sleep Ė Iíll be fine."

Touya rolled his eyes even though the Yukito couldnít see. "Baka-Yuki," he whispered affectionately.

Before Yukito could react, a hand reached out in the darkness and fumbled on his shoulder. He turned towards that touch with a question on his lips but didnít get the opportunity to voice it as the hand found his wrist, grasped it firmly, and pulled him up.

"Ne, To-ya, what are you-"

"Donít argue this time, ok?"

An arm wrapped itself around Yukitoís waist and brought him onto the bed. Yukito tried to protest at being even more of an inconvenience to his friend when the covers were drawn over the two of them and the other arm settled itself around his chest in a close embrace. He sighed and allowed Touya to bring his head down onto the one pillow, relaxing into the warmth and the cheek pressed against his shoulder.

"Your feet are like ice, Yuki," Touya muttered into his ear.

Yukito laughed softly and snuggled closer. "Gomen ne To-ya . . ."

He could feel his friendís smile as he closed his eyes contentedly.




Touya tried his best to look apologetic as Youko came up to him and Yukito after History with a pout on her pretty face.

"Sorry, Youko-san."

The drama captain pouted even more. "Now who am I going to get in my play?" she moaned. "I donít have anyone for Viola. And my Duke just dropped out as well. Damn it, you two." She glared Ė or tried to at the pair. "I didnít expect both of you to get a hundred percent!"

Yukito laughed, embarrassed. "I guess we study well together."

"Humph." Youko sighed, running a hand through her short hair. "Guess itís back to the drawing board for me. I suppose I can rearrange a few of the minor roles, get people to double up or something. Itís messy and time-consuming, but Iíll manage. Ja ne you two." She turned to go.

"Youko-san, wait!"

The girl did so. She turned around to look questioningly at Touya, who was looking uncomfortable. Yukito on the other hand, looked perfectly at ease.

"Uh, Youko," said Touya hesitantly shuffling his feet. "Whenís the performance?"

Youko blinked. "About three or four weeks. Why?"

Touya glanced at Yukito who was smiling him on. That did it for him. He capitulated with a sigh. "Uh, Youko, you said that you have two empty roles, right? Well, uh, me and Yuki could fill them in for you."

The expression of delight on the girlís face was priceless and worth every bit of will Touya had had to use to offer himself up for another possible humiliation. Plus Yukitoís unspoken approval of his actions was good too. "Really?!" Youko squeaked.

Touya smiled a bit. "Yeah."

"Thank you guys sooooo much!" Without warning the girl leapt forward and gave the two boys a friendly hug much to Touyaís surprise. She let them go just as quickly and reverted back to business. "Okay then. I need a Viola and a Duke. Who wants to play who?"

Touyaís eyes narrowed. "Violaís the girl, right?"

"Uh huh."

"Ok, then Iíll play this Duke guy."

"But To-ya." Yukito turned and gazed up at him with those gorgeously hazel eyes of his. "You did well as Cinderella."

"Yeah!" chipped in Youko with an impish grin. "Yíknow, the pictures of you in the pink dress sold the best last year."

Touya blanched. "I am not going to play a girl this time," he said, crossing his arms with determination.

Yukito turned to Youko. "I donít mind which part I play," he said to her. "Itís just the fun of seeing To-ya in a dress again."

The girl giggled along with Yukito, much to Touyaís annoyance. "Ok then, tell you what," she said. "Flip for it. Anyone got a coin?"

Touya dug into his school pants pocket and found a one-hundred yen piece. He looked at it. "I donít know if we should flip," he said with a sideways look at Yukito. "You never know what happens with these things . . ."

"Aw, come on," Youko cajoled. "Hand it over, Iíll flip."

Touya obeyed. Skillfully Youko flipped it high into the air. It shone in the warm sunlight, sparkling as it spun Ė then fell neatly right into the center of Youkoís outstretched palm. She covered it up. "Heads or tails, Kinomoto-kun? If you call it right, you play the girl."

Touya gulped. "Uh . . . tails."

Youko took her fingers away. It showed heads. Touya breathed a long sigh of relief.

"Sorry, Tsukishiro-kun," said Youko as she handed the coin back. "Looks like you play Viola."

"Thatís ok," Yukito assured her. "To-ya will be a good Duke."

Feeling mischievous having just won, Touya bowed with impeccable grace.

Suddenly Youko started giggling. The two boys looked at her in askance.

"What is it, Youko-san?" asked Yukito.

The giggling turned into a grin as the girl took control of herself. "Oh, something I just forgot to tell you guys."

Touyaís blue eyes narrowed. He had a bad feeling. "What."

"Viola and the Duke get married in the end. Did you know that?"

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