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//Unspoken thoughts//

Summer Solace

By Mikomi


He lay his cheek against the wood paneling beside the window, and sighed. Although the wood was still warm, retaining the last of the sun's blessing rays, the glass to which he pressed his fingertips had become cold with the advent of night. From his vantage point high on the third floor he was able to gaze down upon the surrounding forests, fields and farms, and he could see the gemstone flickering of the bonfires lit to celebrate the holiday.

Summer Solstice - the longest day and shortest night of the year.

He knew his master was about the huge old manor house in which they lived, intent on some business to which he was not privy. He sensed the waft of majic on the night air as surely as he felt the strength of the moon, just beginning to peek above the far horizon.

A gentle nudge was enough to push open the window, and it swung back on soundless hinges. Closing his eyes, he could almost feel the warmth of the fires upon his face, could almost hear the chants of the people as they circled their offerings, handfast in the ancient traditions of the English countryside. He could have been beside them in but a moment, in the blink of the eye that it took to turn wish into deed, but he knew that he would remain where he was… forever separated from all others, alone in the midsummer night.

It was only when in the presence of his master that he felt truly alive, truly happy. But because this night called upon forces he was able to sense but not understand, he knew that his master would be working, creating perhaps. A sudden wave of anxiety swept over him. Was he even now being replaced? He knew that he had been brought into being only by the force of his master's will, and who was to say that such a thing could not happen again? His body drooping in sadness, as if the thing were already done, he let the smallest of sounds escape him.

"Here now!! What 'er ya angstin' over this time Yue?"

He stiffened against the invading voice, again cursing the connection between he and Kerberos that sometimes hid the being from his sight. It allowed the lion to come closer than anyone else could, save Clow, just as it would have allowed them all to find each other from a great distance. One tends to tune out such a sympathetic vibration when so constantly exposed to it, but separate them and it would have sang a siren song to any of them. Focused now, and realizing that Kerberos was crossing to stand beside him, Yue finally turned with a cold glare to confront the intruder.

"Oi! They're having a festival, are they?" Kerberos needlessly observed, planting his forefeet on the open windowsill and leaning forward to watch. "What 're they celebratin' then?"

If it had been in Yue's nature to roll his eyes, he would have done so. Instead he merely rustled his wings in irritation and used the voice Kerberos recognized as his most uninviting to answer the question.

"Summer Solstice."

Kerberos merely stood for a moment, watching the humans far below them continue in their revelry. His keen eyes even picked out some of them, deciding not to waste the short summer night, slipping away hand and hand for their own private celebrations. Although not as rowdy as Beltane, it looked as if the lovers weren't going to pass up the opportunity to share the time together. Kerberos couldn't help but smile at them, his jaws stretching into a wide grin .

"And what's got ya so tied up in knots?" he asked Yue, more to needle his companion than to get an answer he suspected Yue would never give.

"Go. Away."

Kerberos snorted in amusement at Yue's response, ruffling his huge wings and then resettling them so that they lay smooth against his back. Making the jump of intuition, he watched from the corner of his eye as he asked the next question.

"Where's Clow?"

That question produced about the reaction Kerberos had suspected it would, as Yue stiffened in indignation, and then obviously forced his body to relax.

"How should I know? It's not as though he actually reveals anything of importance to me."

Yue's words stopped suddenly, as if realizing how much he was revealing of himself to the ever-perceptive Kerberos. Somewhat to his surprise, his companion held his silence, both of them watching the mortals below ringing the bonfires in patterns of ever increasing complexity.

Kerberos' answer, when it came after long moments of a silence that was almost companionable, was sighed out in something close to exasperation.

"He's just spell-castin' Yue. He is a majician, ya know. It's what they do."

Yue just shook his head, feeling the tears welling in his eyes as he fastened them upon the revelers, refusing to even so much as glance in Kerberos' direction. Kerberos shook his head, keeping his own gaze fastened on the mesmerizing bonfires as he continued. It didn't take a genius to see what Yue was thinking, and while he wasn't one of those, neither was he as dumb as Yue sometimes seemed to think he was.

"Ya don't think he's cooking up another one of us, do you?" he nearly growled, his never extensive patience with Yue's moods growing even thinner. He was prepared for some reaction to his half-teasing taunt, but what he got far exceeded what he had expected. Yue spun toward him with a gasp, his great, long fan of hair swinging out behind him and the feathers of his wings rippling with the motion.

"Has he told you that?!?" Yue questioned almost frantically. "Has he said he's going to create someone else?" A pale, trembling hand gripped Kerberos' shoulder, almost shaking him in his demand to know more. "Tell me what he said!"

"Go on, get off," the big cat groused, brushing aside Yue's hand with a gentle paw. "What's got ya thinkin' that? It doesn't matter anyway, ya know. Clow's gonna do what he's gonna do. No use in getting' upset about it, after all."

Yue stared at him a moment longer before turning away, resuming his place at the window. His voice was low, but Kerberos' keen ears heard him clearly, none the less.

"You don't understand."

Kerberos relinquished his view at the window, settling into a comfortable perch beside Yue. His tail flicked in annoyance as he surveyed the proud, rigid back of his companion. Yue was worked up enough that his wings were absolutely quivering with the emotion that he tried so desperately to repress. Kerberos' head tilted to one side as he considered the situation.

"Oh? And what wouldn't I understand, Yue?" he asked dangerously, his eyes narrowing at the slight shrug of Yue's shoulders. "You're thinkin' I wouldn't understand that you've been sleepin' in his bed ev'ry night, and if makes a new toy you might just lose your spot?"

He watched as Yue's hands tightened on the window sill, heard the catch of the boy's breathing even as he refused to respond to the accusation. Kerberos sighed, letting his normally rough voice soften, as he continued.

"Well, I think you're crazy. You know he loves ya the best."

The words were delivered in a flat, emotionless tone of voice, and again he heard Yue's breath catch at the pronouncement, before being released in a trembling sigh. Kerberos wondered if Yue really didn't realize how much their master cared for him. He shook his head. It Yue was unaware of his hold on Clow's heart, it definitely wasn't his place to bring about that epiphany.

"Ya know those cards he's been workin' on will never take your place. Hell, he makes 'em just to keep you company, anyway. And I'm thinkin' that after makin' us, he gotta know he can't improve on perfection," Kerberos continued expansively, nodding as Yue slowly turned from the window. Yue shook his head in denial.

"I don't know why you think this is any of your business," Yue said. Kerberos looked up into eyes as cold as the frost of a February morning, and shrugged.

"Just keepin' ya company. You looked lonely."

Again, his words had a profound effect on Yue, pain and anger turning that chill blue gaze into something much warmer.

"I am never lonely."

"You can lie to yourself as much as ya want to Yue. Don't think you can lie to me as well, and expect me to believe it."

Yue's eyes narrowed at Kerberos, trying to both hide and deny the discomfort the big cat's words caused him. He was too perceptive by half!

"And what can you possibly know about it?" he asked, surprising them both with his argument. It was so much more like him to simply turn and walk away from any confrontation that Kerberos initiated. He told himself that tonight, he was simply in the mood to argue. Not giving Kerberos time to answer, Yue continued.

"Even knowing what you do … about us … how can you ever realize how he makes me feel, how he brings me to life again and again.." Without him willing it, his voice sank to a whisper as he remembered, and he gave a small shiver. He looked down at Kerberos and shook his head again, his eyes filled with a mixture of exasperation and pity. "How can it be possible that you would ever know what that's like?"

Instead of the heated denial Yue expected, Kerberos merely tilted his head to one side, tail curling around to lie across his paws as he watched Yue consideringly.

"Ya think so, do ya? Well, maybe I've got a little surprise for ya."

And with those cryptic words, Yue watched as Kerberos' power lifted him from the floor. His great, rustling wings closed around him, for all the world like a cocoon. And when the chrysalis opened to reveal the newly born Kerberos, Yue could only gape in wonder.

"Just because I don't trot this form out that often doesn't mean I don't have it," advised the young man now standing before Yue. He laughed and lifted a hand to push aside the waist-length amber locks that flowed over one shoulder. Arching one slender eyebrow, a golden eye winked at Yue, who stood, for once in his existence, completely dumbfounded.

"How did you get another form?" he asked, stepping closer and raising a hand to touch Kerberos' cheek. The young man grinned down at him, amused as Yue began to trace the lines of his new face, not accepting the evidence of sight and needing a stronger proof that this was not some grand illusion. Kerberos shrugged in answer to his question, swinging an easy arm around Yue's waist as his comrade stared at him in wonder. It was a measure of Yue's amazement that he didn't even think to protest the casual touch.

"I've always had it. I bet you've got another form or two hidden inside you, too."

Yue paused to consider that amazing possibility before shaking his head ruefully.

"I don't think so. I'm sure this is the only form that I have. But you…" Yue's voice trailed away as he took in the amazing sight of Kerberos in human form.

His hair flowed loose and silken, streaming to swing in a smooth curtain at his waist. His skin was a golden-brown tan, with high cheekbones and a rather pointed chin. His eyes were nearly the same as they had been before, but Yue didn't see the unusual aspect of that, since his own eyes were very similar in shape, if not in color. His wings were much the same, a spreading fan of sunlight in the darkness, and it was only as Yue had to tilt his head upward that he realized that Kerberos stood almost a hand's width taller than him.

Silken garments of pale gold and deep copper fluttered around a form that was most pleasing to the eye! The arm draped so comfortably around his waist spoke of a quiet strength, and as a breeze from the window molded both simple shirt and pants against Kerberos' body, Yue realized just how lovely he truly was. Yue swallowed thickly, unprepared for the desire that rose him at the very sight of this amazing new form.

As he realized how aroused he was coming, Yue would have turned away again, withdrawing into himself and adding guilt to his list of things to angst over. How could he feel this way when his heart, his entire being was give over to worshiping his master and creator? Kerberos was having none of Yue's perpetual angst. The arm already around Yue's waist tightened, even as Kerberos' hand rose to cup the pale cheek that was slowing coloring with a blush. Looking down at the figure in his arms, Kerberos did what seemed absolutely right and natural.

As soft lips found his own, Yue gasped in amazement. Kerberos was so warm! The slight opening of his mouth wasn't missed, and Kerberos was never one to waste an opportunity. As his tongue slid smoothly into Yue's mouth, he felt the smaller boy tremble against him, hands that had risen to push him away curling instead over his shoulders as Yue surrendered to the heat of the kiss.

After long moments of utter bliss, Kerberos slowly drew the kiss to a close. He all but laughed at the dazed expression in Yue's face. So responsive! He did smile as Yue blinked himself back to awareness, the blush Kerberos had seen before once again heating his face. After one frozen moment, Yue again tried to twist out of the arms that held him. He was amazed to find that they were as strong as his own, only just realizing that Kerberos was most likely his equal in many ways. But all thought of protest was momentarily forgotten, frozen by Kerberos' words.

"I understand what ya feel about him, Yue," he said gently, one hand lifting to push back the bangs that Yue tried to hide behind. "And I understand that I'm not Clow. I can never be him for ya. But maybe I can help ya get through tonight," Kerberos offered softly. "I know you're missin' him."

"Clow…" Yue began, and then stopped, not sure what he was trying to say.

"Clow," agreed Kerberos. "And I'm not him," he laughed. Yue shook his head, a frown creasing his brow.

"If he knew…"

Again, his sentence was left unfinished as Kerberos laughed. Yue watched in wonder as the young man threw back his head, his peals of amusement ringing through the room.

"There is no way he can not know what we're doin'. He always knows, ya know. Hell, knowin' him, he's watching right now, the big hentai! I bet he's the kind that likes to watch!"

"He is not!" protested Yue hotly, but the sudden doubt that filled his eyes only set Kerberos off again. When he finally regained his composure, he lifted a slender eyebrow at the now fuming young man who filled his arms so delightfully.

"You sure about that?" he teased. He lifted a forefinger to brush against the moist fullness of Yue's lower lip, not missing the small gasp the action induced. "You mean he never watches ya?"

"What … what do you mean?"

Kerberos could have laughed again at the confusion in Yue's voice, but the time for teasing of that kind was fast passing them by.

"Are ya gonna to tell me he's never laid you back on that big bed of his as just watched you?" Kerberos whispered. Yue's breath caught, his attention torn between Kerberos' words and his touch. The hand at his waist began to stroke soothingly against his back, drifting from his waist to his shoulderblades, caressing the sensitive place where his wings joined his body. Meanwhile, the other hand seemed intent on driving the breath completely from his lungs. Kerberos' thumb stroked again against his lip as long, slender fingers slid back across his jaw on their path to curl in the luxuriant softness of his hair.

"Are ya actually goin' to claim that he's never watched your eyes close when he touches you? Or watched ya shiver when he puts his mouth on ya? Or watched your hips rise from the bed when he takes ya into his hand…"

Kerberos smiled at the gasp of breath his words produced, watching as Yue struggled to fight against what Kerberos was calling to life inside the smaller boy.

"I know he has to have watched ya when you moaned his name, not knowin' anything but how he made ya feel… when he made ya…:


Kerberos did chuckle at the frantically gasped plea, and pretending that he didn't understand, he leaned forward to press his lips against Yue's throat.

"But I like touching ya. You look like you'd be cold, but you're not, are ya Yue? You're not cold at all when the blood's rushing through your body, making you shake and throb and want," Kerberos breathed into Yue's ear, his lips brushing against the sensitive tissue before slightly sharp teeth closed to nibble suggestively on an earlobe.

"Stop it! Kerberos, let me go immediately!"

Somehow his carefully formal words didn't carry the usual ring of authority they had when he dealt with his companion. Yue heard it, inwardly cursing his body for betraying him, for doing exactly what Kerberos said it was doing - shaking, throbbing and above all, wanting.

"No! I don't want this! Clow wouldn't want this to happen!"

Giving up the delicious exploration his mouth was making of Yue's neck, Kerberos drew back to give an odd little look. He studied Yue long enough that, though he'd die before admitting it, Yue was beginning to get a little anxious.

"Do ya really believe that?" Kerberos finally asked, tucking the strands of hair he'd loosened back behind Yue's ear. Yue nodded, trying to decide if he was relieved or disappointed to have found the argument that seemed to have stopped Kerberos' advances.

"I do," he said. struggling for the return of the cool, calm façade he should be wearing in such a situation.

"Well, I think you're wrong," drawled Kerberos, amused anew at the look of consternation on Yue's face. "Oh, don't get me wrong, Yue. I think he cares. I just don't think this is somethin' he wouldn't want us to do. Hell, I think if he minded it, he'd be here right now, tellin' us that it wasn't gonna happen."

Yue shook his head almost desperately, torn between the longings of his heart and the demands of his body.

"I really don't think…"

"Well, why don't we just ask him, then?" laughed Kerberos, leaning forward to rub his nose against Yue's before tilting back his head to let out an amazing bellow of sound.

"Clow!! Can ya hear me, Clow? I'm going to take Yue here to my bed and have my wild and wicked way with him! Ya got a problem with that?"

"Kerberos!!" Yue all but screeched, turning all of three shades of red. "Are you out of…."

His voice faded away as the echo of Clow's indulgent laughter caressed both their minds. Yue froze at the touch, his eyes falling closed and his face taking on such an aura of sensuality that Kerberos was hard pressed to maintain his control. Although in his heart he was not truly the animal whose form he usually wore, it was very tempting to pretend that he was, and suffer the consequences later! He sighed as the soothing comfort of Clow's mental presence wove around his sudden, insane lust and muted it into gentle passion.

//Only if you both wish it, my children. If it is what you wish, may you find joy in it.//

They both heard his thoughts, which widened Yue's eyes even as they caused Kerberos' lips to curl once again. Kerberos gave a snort at the parting words Clow left in his mind alone. As if he hadn't known already…

//Be careful with him Kerberos. He won't admit it, but he's fragile. Don't hurt him.//

Although he had no conception of the amount of sadness that time would heap onto Yue's shoulders, Kerberos was quick to give Clow the assurance he required. He felt the last bit of presence fade from his thoughts with a gentle caress and raised an eyebrow at the suddenly quiescent figure in his arms.

"Well Yue? You heard him," Kerberos invited, the hand that had been stroking Yue's back moving further up to massage at the tense muscles of his shoulders where they supported the weight of his wings. Yue sighed in appreciation before he answered.

"You… you really think he meant it?" Yue whispered, feeling a blush deepening on his cheeks. "You don't think he was just saying that… do you?"

Kerberos laughed at the uncertain frown that grew on Yue's face. He dropped a quick kiss on the end of Yue's nose, laughing more at the utterly shocked expression he received in response. Trust Yue to accept desire but be amazed by affection!

"Well, it's somethin' I might have bribed him into, if I'd thought of it sooner," he conceded, grinning at Yue's sputter of indignation and holding on tighter as Yue started to squirm. "But ya don't really think I'd do something that Clow would be angry over, do ya? I'm not that stupid, no matter what ya think."

"I don't think you're stupid at all."

The words seemed to catch them both by surprise, Yue staring at Kerberos as if he'd just realized the truth of his own words. .

"I think you're brash and coarse, spoiled and lazy," he said slowly, thoughtfully. "And I think you'd do just about anything to get your own way, or the last bit of pudding out of the bowl. But I don't think you're stupid. I never did, " he admitted with a somewhat wry little smile.

Kerberos' smile grew from the cocky grin he'd been wearing into something more genuine. He told himself that he could care less what Yue thought of him anyway, but then… just maybe he did, after all. But only just a little, he told himself. It was always nice to be appreciated.

"If … if you … are you sure you …

Kerberos took pity on the shy stumbling of Yue's voice and did the only sensible thing. When Yue came up for air again, he found that all his fears and hesitation seemed to have been kissed away. And when Kerberos led him out into the hall and down it to his room, Yue had not a word of protest.


Inside his bedroom, Kerberos paused to throw back the covers of the big four-poster bed he slept in, whether in feline form or human. Then he turned his attention to Yue. It seemed that before Yue could do more than blink, the floor was littered with white garments trimmed in gold and purple. It left him dazed and reeling. Never before had that been accomplished so quickly!! Clow always took his time, drawing each moment out in almost exquisite agony. Kerberos drew back, his eyes widening at the sight he'd never before beheld.

"Yue! You're… you're beautiful!" Kerberos whispered, awe evident in his voice. Even knowing that what Kerberos said was true - Clow would never create anything that did not match his own standards of excellence, after all - Yue still looked away, uncomfortable with the compliment. Finally he looked back with what Kerberos knew passed for a smile on his face.

"So are you," Yue said, wondering if Kerberos expected him to return the favor and remove his clothing. He'd never done such a thing, but that didn't mean he wouldn't Yue mused, blinking as Kerberos closed his arms around him once again.

Before he could say a thing, Yue found himself swept up in strong arms and then tossed gently onto the soft mattress. His wings fanned out behind him, pillowing them as surely as did Kerberos' soft bed. He watched as Kerberos' clothing seemed to melt away, falling in a silken puddle at his feet. Shy but wondering eyes traveled over Kerberos, marveling at the grace and beauty of what Clow had created.

Although he'd never admit it, Yue found Kerberos a beautiful animal in his lion's form, but this was something else entirely! Slightly uncomfortable at the strength of what Kerberos was arousing inside him, Yue again looked away.

He felt the mattress dip as Kerberos sat down beside him, only to flinch in surprise at the warm hand that was laid upon his thigh. Startled eyes of cool crystal blue met those of warmly reassuring amber as Kerberos smiled at him once again. For a long moment the simply looked at each other, Yue supremely aware of Kerberos' touch against his skin. Although Kerberos' hand didn't move at all, Yue could feel the warmth soaking into his thigh, melting away the tenseness of muscles and then rising to pool at the apex of his thighs. Yue's lips parted with a quiet sigh, and the smile slipped away from Kerberos' face.

"Yue.. ya don't have to do this, if ya don't want to."

Unable to reply, lacking the words to express the complex tangle of emotions filling him at that moment, Yue stared down at Kerberos' hand on his thigh. Silence reigned, and then with a sigh Kerberos began to withdraw his touch. And then it was Kerberos' turn to raise startled eyes to Yue, as he found his retreating hand caught and pressed swiftly to a softly blushing cheek. The words he could not say clear in his eyes, Yue rubbed his face against the back of Kerberos' hand, and Kerberos' smile once again seemed to light the room.

It had taken Kerberos that long to figure it out, but it only stood to reason that other than to assure himself of the boy's consent, Clow would not be prone to waiting for Yue to take the lead in such encounters. And that was all Yue had ever known, Kerberos reminded himself. For a long moment he wondered about the more intimate aspects of Yue and Clow's relationship, before deciding that it didn't particular matter. This was his time with Yue, and since it was unlikely that this strange mood of Yue's would manifest to bring them together again, Kerberos was determined to make the most of it.

Rising on his knees even as Yue relaxed back into the pillows, Kerberos set out to seduce his willing victim with kisses. Now that Yue was willing to fully accept what was happening, he gave himself up to the enjoyment, concentrating on Kerberos' attention to his mouth.

The kiss was simply wonderful.

Almost as nice as Clow's came the traitorous thought, quickly put aside as Yue sternly directed his mind back to the young man above him. Not that it was all that difficult, he mused as Kerberos kissed him. It was everything that a kiss can be… lips strong yet somehow gentle, experienced and coaxing a response that would have made him blush, had he been willing to stop and thing about it. Instead, he thought about the taste of Kerberos' mouth - sweet from the cake he'd had with his dinner. Yue's tongue flickered out boldly and touched the lips pressing against his. He heard Kerberos' swift intake of breath at the touch, and allowed himself a small mental smile.

Then the smile was forgotten as Kerberos' mouth moved over his with breathtaking passion. Yue shivered and his arms lifted, curling tightly around Kerberos' shoulders, hoping he would find there an anchor in the storm of sensation that filled him. Without conscious will Yue's leg shifted, his knee bending and his thigh skimming along the outside of Kerberos' as he shifted more fully into the embrace.

Kerberos moaned softly into Yue's mouth as the evidence of his desire pressed into Kerberos' stomach. Hitching his hips up slightly, he brought their erections into alignment, hearing the answering groan of encouragement that Yue gave at the sensation. Slowly Kerberos began to move against Yue, letting their skin slide together like silk on velvet. Again, Yue surprised him with his passionate response, thrusting up into Kerberos' weight as his arms twined even more tightly around Kerberos' neck.

With a small, breathless chuckle Kerberos' managed to loosen Yue's frantic grip, pausing to look down into the passion-flushed face of his companion. Suddenly tender, he placed lingering kisses upon Yue's forehead, his cheeks, and finally the line of his jaw before beginning to work his way further down Yue's body. Kerberos first licked, and then bit softly into the flesh of Yue's throat, delighting in the way Yue arched up into him and the wordless sounds of pleasure the caresses produced.

Letting his mouth wander down to Yue's collarbone, Kerberos thought that he'd seldom had a more passionate partner. Holding himself above Yue, Kerberos paused as he simply watched Yue as he struggled to calm his breathing. Kerberos waited until Yue opened his eyes, and just as he was beginning to regain control, Kerberos pounced.

Yue gasped as Kerberos' head swooped down, only to stop tantalizingly close to skin that yearned to be touched. Firm hands kept Yue from bridging the gap between them, even as he strained upward. Finally, after he thought he might absolutely die from the strain, Kerberos' tongue extended to delicately lick just across the hardened tip of Yue's nipple.

Yue's reaction was all he could have hoped for, as the boy positively melted into a boneless mass of pleasure beneath that teasing tongue. Hands lifted to twine into the silken softness of Kerberos' hair, pulling the strands down to tickle against moon-pale skin. Kerberos growled low in his throat as his mouth lowered to give what his teasing had promised, latching with firm suction onto Yue's chest. The helpless cry that Yue gave in response only added fuel to the fire, and initiated a determined advanced on the neglected side of Yue's body. Torment was interspersed with pleasure as Kerberos alternately licked and nibbled his way across Yue's torso, and downward.

They both stilled, indrawn breaths caught and held as Kerberos moved lower still. Once again looking up and holding Yue's eyes, Kerberos' head dipped as he pressed a long, open-mouthed kiss at the very base of Yue's penis. He watched with hooded eyes as Yue's hands clenched into the sheets below him, still seeming not to breathe as he waited. A slow, sensuous lick up the length of the hardened shaft brought a quiver and a quick gasp. Denying Yue what he knew was needed, Kerberos returned his attention downward, nuzzling his face in the vee of Yue's legs.

For a moment thighs tensed, then relaxed against Kerberos' shoulders, allowing him to press his face against Yue's body. Again using in tongue to great effect, Kerberos laved the tightly swollen bulge of Yue's scrotum. Hips seemed to give an almost involuntary lunge before Yue forced himself into stillness. Kerberos grinned, his mouth hidden against Yue's flesh. If ever a challenge had been offered, that was surely one. And he did so love the challenge of turning Yue into a writhing mass of uncontrollable need.

Licking upward slowly, Kerberos watched as Yue's fists first clenched upon themselves, and then shaking hands rose to twine into his hair. Kerberos rewarded such open passion, letting Yue guide his head, opening his mouth and taking the passion-wet head of Yue's penis inside. The moan that broke free from Yue was like a heated caress across Kerberos' skin, and he once again took control, engulfing Yue's need in tight suction.

The sounds his actions produced were little short of sobs, and Kerberos shuddered at how they affected him. Who had known that such a cold, proud creature would turn so fiery and wanton in the depths of passion? Kerberos suppressed the sense of humor that refused to leave him alone even in the middle of something so intense as he answered his own question. Clow had known, of course. That had been the reason for that final caution of control. He'd known how such a thing would affect Kerberos.

His head moving slowly and smoothly, Kerberos raised his eyes up the pale of expanse of flesh before him to Yue's face. He watched carefully as he let one hand dip downward, a finger gently circling, teasing against that most private of places. Yue's breath caught and eyes that had fallen shut flew open in surprise. Even when you were expecting it, such a touch was always startling.

Kerberos teased him there, pressing just slightly without entering, watching as Yue's eyes fell shut once again. Kerberos felt his own neglected erection pulsing with need. It was telling him that it was more than time to move forward, and as he usually did, he had to agree with what his body was saying. After long moments of pleasure great enough that it left Yue hovering on the brink of release, Kerberos stopped. Yue couldn't help his small sound of protest, even as Kerberos rolled to his side, propped up on an elbow and chuckled up at him.

Licking at the tiny droplet of sweat that had formed in the center of Yue's chest, Kerberos paused to do a mental inventory of the contents of the room. Grinning as he located what he was looking for, Kerberos wasted no time in hopping from the bed to retrieve it. Yue shivered as his warmth was removed, but hardly had time to feel it before his enthusiastic lover was beside him again.

Yue accepted the crystal bottle that Kerberos pressed into his hand purely out of instinct. As he tilted it to the side, trying to see what was inside, Kerberos watched him wonderingly.

"Ya wanna help me with that?" Kerberos invited softly, holding out one hand, palm cupped to receive the contents. As Yue blinked at him, slightly confused, it was something Kerberos shared with him entirely. "Ya do know what that is, don't ya?" he asked, watching as Yue removed the stopper and sniffed at the contents. Kerberos snorted in amusement as Yue's face flamed with embarrassed recognition. Obviously Clow kept his oil in a different type of container, or used something else entirely. Whatever it was, he did notice that Yue's hand was completely steady as he poured the oil into Kerberos' extended palm before replacing the stopper and setting the bottle on the chest beside the bed.

The oil puddled in his hand, and Kerberos smiled as contact with his skin activated the simple charm inside it. Clow hadn't made him beg for this, but he'd done so anyway. The magician had laughed when he'd made a gift of it, warning Kerberos to use it wisely. He thought back, lost for a moment in the memory. Yue had not yet been born, Clow still in the midst of creating the complex soul that would make this being beneath him the most unique magical creation mankind had ever seen.

Shaking himself back to the present, Kerberos watched Yue's face as he resettled himself between outspread legs. Dipping two fingers into the oil, Kerberos began to gently rub the lubricant in where he'd already teased nerve endings awake. He smiled anew at Yue's reaction. He knew just how pleasurable that tingling heat was - not burning but traveling through flesh with a jolt of power like magic well used. Which of course, it was.

Soon the combination of Kerberos' touch and the bespelled oil had Yue once again gripping tightly at the sheets beneath him.

"Yue," Kerberos whispered, waiting until Yue met his gaze with heavy lidded eyes before penetrating him for the first time. His finger slipped in smoothly, the oil and his preparations having done their job. Yue's eyes widened, and then fluttered closed, and for once, Kerberos wasn't tempted in the least bit to smile. In fact, he found himself hard pressed to keep up the slow, sensual pace he'd set from the beginning. Giving in to at least part of that desire, Kerberos judged the time right and slipped a second finger inside the writhing body displayed on his bed.

Controlling himself until Yue had relaxed at least a small amount, the tight clench of muscle around his fingers loosing just the slightest bit, Kerberos watched as the incredible being that was Yue surrendered to his passion. As the body on the bed arched, driving itself more fully onto that penetrating torment, Kerberos wondered if Yue's passion was learned or ingrained. Either way, Clow had certainly surpassed himself!

Finally allowing the movement that his body had been demanding for quite some time, Kerberos surged into position. Yue held his gaze as Kerberos gently kneed his legs further apart, settling between thighs of moonkissed alabaster. He shivered at the tiny moan Yue gave at the removal of fingers that had been pressing so sweetly into that perfect spot, making Yue shudder and gasp with need.

Quickly lifting thighs that were pliable with acceptance, and carefully positioning himself at Yue's entrance, Kerberos began, slowly and firmly, to push forward. Azure eyes held golden as Yue's body opened beneath the pressure, and as Kerberos watched, Yue's face flushed, his mouth rounding open even as his body accepted Kerberos. With a single, smooth stroke Kerberos filled him, clenching his own jaw as fought for control. He wanted nothing more than to surge into motion, to thrust into that tightly clenching heat until he could push no further, no faster. Instead he did what was more than difficult - he paused and gave Yue time to adjust.

That single, silent outcry was ended as Yue's mouth finally closed, and he turned his face to the side, breathing heavily. Holding his weight on one hand, Kerberos captured Yue's chin with the other. As he turned Yue's face for a kiss, he was both startled and aroused to see the glitter of tears on Yue's eyelashes. As he froze with indecision, it was Yue who completed the gesture, trembling hands raising to frame Kerberos' face. For a long moment they simply looked at each other, and then Yue pulled Kerberos' face down to meet his.

"Please," Yue breathed against Kerberos' lips, even as his hips surged upward, impossibly deepening the penetration. Kerberos groaned into the following kiss, even as his body was only too happy to comply with Yue's plea. It had been too long, he mused almost incoherently, since he'd felt the slick friction and heat such as surrounded him now. He gave in to his body's demands even as he watched Yue for the slightest sign of discomfort. To his delight, he found none, Yue's body rising enthusiastically to meet every smooth roll of Kerberos' hips.

They fell into a rhythm of perfect harmony, moving to the music they created with their bodies. The tingle of the majical oil was lost in the pure sensation they produced between them. Reaching between their bodies, Kerberos wrapped his hand around Yue's hardness, delighting in the immediate clench of muscles that the action produced. Almost growling in pleasure, Kerberos began to stroke without, as well as within. Soon, his earlier wish came true, as Yue writhed beneath him, composure completely surrendered before the pleasure that Kerberos was lavishing upon him.

Kerberos could feel the approach of Yue's release, in both the tightening muscles around his shaft and the wildly arching motion of Yue's hips. Biting his lip to help with his own control, Kerberos slowed his hips even while increasing the tempo of his caressing hand. In only moments he was rewarded, the strength of Yue's release enough to arch them both from the bed. For a moment Yue froze, and then collapsed with something very near a scream. Kerberos breathed out in satisfaction as the wet heat of Yue's orgasm poured out over his hand, coating both their stomachs.

The rhythmic clenching of the muscles that held him captive was so exquisite that Kerberos stilled to better experience them. Then with another low growl he resumed thrusting, as hard and fast as before. Lost in the aftermath of a pleasure nearly as great as any he had ever known, Yue simply accepted it, hands once again twining through Kerberos' hair and pulling his face down for a kiss. In only moments it was Yue's turn to soothe, smoothing the hair back from Kerberos' face as he collapsed following the most intense orgasm he ever remembered having.

For long moments the two of them simply lay there, floating in the peaceful aftermath of release. Yue's expression, though Kerberos couldn't observe it from his comfortable position of resting his cheek on Yue's chest, was one of blissful relaxation. All the strange tension he'd felt that day had been washed away by this time.

Finally, Kerberos stirred, and still without a word between them, climbed off the bed. Crossing the room to the washbasin, he dipped a cloth into the tepid water and wrung it out. Returning to Yue, he ignored the slightly red-faced protests and wiped away the evidence of their mutually spent passions. Returning to the basin, he performed the same ablutions upon himself, shivering at the cool touch of the water. Almost asleep on his feet, Kerberos padded back to the bed.

The continuing silence between them was unlike anything they'd ever known. It was a companionable thing, and both soaked up the comfort of it. Taunts and sneers might return with the sun's rising, but for the few remaining hours of darkness, they would be something approaching friends. After Kerberos pulled the blankets over them both, Yue didn't protest as he was taken into a warm embrace, his cheek finding a comfortable pillow on Kerberos' arm.

Just as they would have both drifted into dreams, the door of Kerberos' chambers swung open. Both of them tensed, wondering what it was that had come to intrude on their few moments of peace. Kerberos relaxed back into the pillows as he recognized the figure at his door, but Yue remained sitting upright, eyes wide as he gazed upon his master.

"Good evening, my children."

Clow's voice seemed to fill the room, and Yue shivered at its touch, even as Kerberos simply waved a casual hand in greeting. Clow smiled at them both, crossing the distance between them to lay a loving kiss on Yue's cheek. As Yue blushed, Clow chuckled.

"I see the two of you have worked things out between you, if only for an evening."

Giving up sleep as a lost cause, Kerberos sighed gustily, propping himself up in the bed as he answered Clow.

"Things worked out just fine, Clow," he answered, a pout in his voice over his lost rest.

"And it is good to see you in this form after so many years, Kerberos," Clow continued, completely ignoring the ill-humor Kerberos was displaying. He laughed again as Kerberos merely grunted in reply. Yue blinked back and forth between them. He'd never understood the disrespect Kerberos seemed to show to Clow, but it had been that way since he could remember. And Clow certainly didn't seem to mind.

"Come to bed, Clow. I'm sleepy" groused Kerberos, yawning widely to punctuate his demand. Clow was as amused by the order as he was by the absolutely scandalized look on Yue's face.

"That's a lovely idea, Kerberos. Make a place for me, my dears," he instructed as he stood to slip off the robes he always wore at home. He noticed that Yue might be blushing as he did it, but the drawn back covers certainly revealed the boy's interest. Clow merely smiled as he settled between them. Time enough for that tomorrow, and he was quite exhausted from his night's work. He'd cast a powerful foreseeing, and even as strong as he was, that was always terribly tiring work. After passing his glasses to Kerberos, who laid them carefully on the chest beside the bed, Clow made himself comfortable in the nest of pillows and warm bodies.

"Go to sleep," he told them, and whether it was simply their own fatigue or whether there was some geas in the words he spoke, both Yue and Kerberos found their eyes closing as Clow gathered them both close.

Clow gazed at them fondly, his children, fire and ice on either side of him. Blissfully content and sated, they snuggled against him, their world as perfect as ever it had been.

"I think we'll go traveling soon," he whispered, smiling at the sleepily murmured replies. They had no idea of the importance of this decision, he mused, stroking hair of silver and gold. And that, of course, was just how it was supposed to be.

Japan called to him, as it had in the past, and it was time once again to answer its siren song. There would be times there both good and bad, with happiness and tears yet to come. There would be endings, to which he looked forward with both anticipation and regret, and beginnings of such magnitude that he could only barely comprehend the fullness of them, even as powerful as he was.

But for tonight, this most brief collection of hours between sunset and sunrise, he held his precious children close and let dreams take them all.







Eh, maybe this one needs some explaining. /LOL/ This is, as the title states, a story written especially for Jaana, in honor of her birthday. In conversation one day, she mentioned that she was quite positive that Kero-chan had a human form, and that he would be ravishing!! That just stuck in my mind, for some reason, and when the birtday rolled around, out it popped! ^_^ I certainly hope I've done my inner vision of him justice!

I do make a couple of assumptions here. I suppose the most important one is that, based on Jaana's "Return to the Beginning" I have decided that Kerberos came into being while Yue was in the process of being created. Since RttB states that it took Clow 500 years to create Yue's soul and 3 days to create his body, I decided that Clow got lonely and Kerberos was 'born' during that time. We both know that this version of Yue's creation is not particularly cannon, but that's how Jaana saw it, and I have to agree. ^_^

But to be absolutely honest, Jaana did say that Kero was created after Yue. /sigh/ OK, so not in my world. /lol/ Oh, it's FUN to be an author!! /rofl/

For more mundane matters... this story is set on Summer Solstice, which was long celebrated around the world. (And still is, for that matter.) This is, obviously, during the time Clow was still in England, so I'm thinking somewhere around the mid-1800's. If you're interested in Solstice celebrations it's very easy to do a search for the topic. I didn't really use any one page for info, or I'd link you here.

Why did I choose the Solstice celebration as the setting here? /shrugs/ I'm not really sure, to be honest. I think something about it being the shortest night of the year made me feel that Yue, as a take on a moon deity, might feel more vulnerable then. Hmmm... you know... it might be a lot of fun to see how /all/ those old celebrations would effect Yue and Kerberos. They are, after all, creatures of power, and those were times when a lot of power was invoked... Down, PlotBunny!! Down, I say!! Sorry... got a little carried away. /lol/

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