Author's Notes: You donít get much about the relationship between Kerberos and Yue in the manga. From what little evidence there is, I take it that itís something along the lines of Sakura and Touyaís sibling relationship Ė theyíll fight and bicker and insult each other, but they really do care for each other.

Shadows of the Moon

Chapter Three

By Leareth


Touya has a sister complex. Itís something Yukito has commented on quite frequently. It means that while Touya gives the Card Captor a hard time, it is only he who is allowed to do so. In fact, Yukito is the only one who is not a girlfriend of Sakuraís Touya allows near his little sister without sending the death glares he aims at Clow Reedís nephew. He says itís because Iím special.

There is a strange feeling that comes when he says that. It is not unpleasant.


It was still raining, and the subject of conversation that was on every tongue was the fact that it was only falling over Tomoeda. Yukito did not participate in the debates and theories that were put forward to explain such a strange occurrence, neither did Touya, though he would continually glance up at the sky and frown.

The two friends were running an errand for the teacher, chatting as they leisurely made their way down the corridor with stacks of paper in their hands. Suddenly Touya stopped and stared out the window. He frowned and squinted. "Sakuraís out there."

"Eh?" asked Yukito, coming around to look. "Where?" He followed his friendís gaze and just managed to pick out two small figures sheltering under a balcony in the elementary school across the fence. It was hard to see them with the distance and heavy rain, but there was no mistaking Touyaís little sister.

"It is Sakura!" exclaimed Yukito.

"Whatís she doing with that brat?" Touya muttered under his breath. His glare was enough to strip paint. Yukito looked more closely and realised that the other person with Sakura was Li Syaoran.

"Youíve got good eyes, To-ya," he said, drawing away from the window and smiling.

Touya sighed then turned away with one last glare at the boy, probably realising that there was nothing he could do about the situation.


I smile at this latest display of Ďsister complexí, as Yukito likes to term it. Whatís even more amusing is how he constantly denies anything of the sort. I suppose it is his way of displaying affection for his sister, the way he never openly says anything about what he feels for Yukito.


Yukito watched Sakura through the rain with a smile on his face. The Kinomoto siblings were high point to this otherwise grey day.



Yukito turned around to face his friend.

Touya was looking at him with a strangely somber expression.


He looks like heís about to dive off a high cliff . . . or maybe say something that he realises once said, can never be taken back. Yukito seems barely aware of it but I . . . I wait. Wait in hope that he would continue what he saying on the phone last night.

"I . . ." He seems to be getting the words out by sheer will alone. "I . . . you . . ."


I jump, or would have if I had been able to. Touya jumps Ė or tries to with Akizuki hanging off his neck.

"The teacherís calling!" the girl babbles, pinkish hair in two sweeping pig-tails flying everywhere. "Youíd better hurry up with those papers!"

I know Iím not supposed to use my powers for harm, however in Akizukiís case I could make an exception. I keep a tight grip on my self-control. A very tight grip. Even so . . .


Yukitoís eyes narrowed ever so slightly as an unfamiliar feeling came over him. They quickly returned to normal as Touya closed his eyes and sighed.

"Iím coming," he said almost reluctantly. Still with Akizuki clinging to him, Touya gestured as best as he could with both his arms full. "Give me the rest of the papers, Yuki, Iíll carry them."

Yukito looked at his friend worriedly. "But theyíre heavy!" he protested, but knowing how stubborn his friend could be, acquiesced and carefully added his load on top of Touyaís. Somehow, Touya managed to stay upright even with Akizukiís weight dragging down.

"Akizuki . . ." said Touya.

"You can call me Nakuru!" chirped the girl.

"A. Ki. Zu. Ki," repeated Touya through gritted teeth. "I canít move. Get off."

With a very loud burst of laughter, the limpet finally let her grip loosen, putting a hand behind her head and smiling at Touya. Yukito she completely ignored. He stared at the two, feeling strangely disappointed. Why did Akizuki have to call now of all times, when he was alone with his best friend?

He stopped at that.

Why do I feel disappointed?

Akizuki was still giggling like a maniac. Deliberately, Touya turned his back on her and proceeded down the hallway, leaving his best friend and the transfer student alone.

Suddenly Akizuki stopped laughing and turned to face Yukito.


I do not like this girl. This . . . person. Without warning it turns and gives me a sly, almost challenging look. Yukito merely smiles Ė I am on my guard.

"So," it says softly. "Nothingís happened yet."

It is not just Yukito who is confused. "Huh?"

"Since thatís the case," the being continues cryptically, "I wonít hesitate."

Akizuki grins and winks. Before I Ė Yukito, can say anything the person turns and runs back to the classroom. Yukito stares after her, not understanding.

I donít understand either. What did Akizuki mean? What wonít she hesitate to do?

It is something to do with To-ya, I am sure.



Yukito smiled at the hostess. "Youíre a very good cook, Sakura-chan. The hamburger au gratin was delicious."

Sakura blushed prettily at the compliment. "Th-th-thank you very much!" she managed to stammer out.

Abruptly, Touya rose from the table, grabbing his bag as he did so. "Iíve got to go to work," he announced.

Yukito also rose to follow him. "Iíll help clean up," he told Sakura as the girl began to clear the table.

"Oh no, you donít have to!" exclaimed Sakura as she haphazardly piled dishes onto her tray. The pale boy smiled over his shoulder as Touya fetched an umbrella.

"Really, itís ok. In return for dinner."

He missed Sakuraís glow as Yukito went with Touya to the door.


Of course Yukito just has to see Touya off first. It is an unspoken connection between the two. One is hardly seen without the other. If someone is looking for Touya, all he or she has to do is seek out Yukito and ask. And vice versa.

Yukito doesnít think there is anything strange about this. He sees all people the same and is incapable of dislike.

With Touya, however, it is different. I think Yukito is only just beginning to realise just how different Touya is to him from others. He doesnít understand it yet.

I want to ask what Touya wanted to say to me this afternoon, but I canít. Yukito dismisses the incident out of hand. How can he be so easy-going?

Touya opens the front door and stares stonily at the dark rain still falling outside. A cold breeze blows in. I am at best peripherally aware of the temperature. Yukito shivers slightly in his school uniform.

"Itís still raining," comments my false form.

There is still that aura in the rain, a presence behind it. I wonder who or what is causing it. It cannot be a Clow Card Ė the Card Captor has them all. And an odd sense of déjà vu comes with the aura. It is . . . it is . . .

Touya seems to also sense that the rain is not natural. He murmurs something to himself that I cannot hear.

"Hm? Did you say something?" asks Yukito.

The taller boy looks back with an unreadable glance, before turning away and snapping open the umbrella. "Nothing," he mutters. In a louder voice, he says, "See you later." Then he deliberately walks off into the drizzle.

Yukito waves and smiles. "Take care!" he calls.

How can Yukito let such an opportunity pass? What if To-ya was trying to say something important? Isnít he just the least bit curious? I do not know how I managed to create a self so good tempered.

I realise where my thoughts are going. Now I am angry with myself. Why am I fixated over one little incident, over a snippet of conversation that made no sense? ĎI . . . you . . .í it could mean anything. And I shouldnít concerned with my problems. There is the matter of this rain to take care of.

"Return to thy true form, Yue."

Yukito freezes and fades as I take over our mind. A pair of sweeping white wings appears out of thing air and enfolds us. There is the comforting shock of transformation. I stretch my wings, more at ease in my true form.

But still, I donít like being so rudely awaked. I need my sleep Ė not that slumber is particularly peaceful nowadays with the twists and tangles I have to deal with being Yukito. I turn and glare at the little stuffed toy of a Guardian.

"What do you want?" I snap irritably. I am not at all pleased with what my false self is doing and having to transform reminds me just how different Yukito and I am. I like to sleep. It means I donít have to worry about Clow, or the Cards, or duty, but merely live a life I have always dreamt of.

Kerberos flutters annoyingly in front of my face. "Arenít you in a bad mood," he says, words with that interesting little accent heís picked up somewhere. It is rather amusing when you hear Kansai dialect coming from a majestic, winged golden lion. "Why are you always in a bad mood whenever you wake up?"

I began to slowly make my way to the kitchen, ensuring my wings didnít knock anything. "Yukito is . . ." I begin carefully.

"What? What?" the Seal Beast prompts.

I try to think of a response. "It is problematic that my false form and I are so different." I say finally. I am not going to tell the fast-talking Guardian the real problem I have being two people who arenít really two people. Besides, Kerberos wouldnít understand Ė his false form doesnít include a whole separate personality.

He blinks. "Wha-? I donít get it."

I sigh, just audibly.

We come to the neat kitchen. Sakura has completed clearing up and Yukito feels guilty. Or he would if he were awake. Still, I feel slightly regretful. Sakura pours tea into a third cup when my winged shadow appears over her.

"Huh?" She turns and sees me.


I stare at her as she regains control of herself and the kettle. Whatís wrong? She doesnít seem to be completely at ease in my presence.

That hurts.

I decide to fold my wings into non-existence. It makes me a less of an imposing Ė and non-human, character. Sakura seems to relax Ė only slightly.

We move to her room Ė the kitchen is too public a place and her father could come back unexpectedly. At Kerberosí insistence, she brings the tea up as well.

"Would you like some tea, Yue-san?" she asks, politely offering me a cup.

"He doesnít eat," says Kerberos before I can decline. I glare at him. I can speak for myself.

Sakura looks at the winged stuffed-toy in confusion. "But Kero-chan, youíre always eating," she protests. Kerberos is sitting on Sakuraís bed with tea and cake. I might talk to him about this later. Guardians are not meant to indulge themselves. I canít.

"I donít have to eat," says the Sun Guardian, waving a fork with a bit of cake on it, "but I think one should take advantage of lifeís pleasures. And Yue isnít satisfied by the same food as me. His life isnít so fun and he takes it too seriously."

"You mean he doesnít eat like Yukito-san?" asks Sakura.

Kerberos holds out his empty cup "Seconds."

I keep my face expressionless. Yukito eats so much food because he needs to support my existence. I suppose I could, if I wanted, eat myself, but I wonít. It does nothing for me. I need the power of my Master, not human food.

Sakura runs out of the room to fulfil Kerberosí wish. She is still a child and not quite up to maintaining me unlike Clow, and so I must rely more heavily on the moon at present. That is not a problem, except when the silver orb is in its waning period.

"So what do you think of this rain?" asks Kerberos, suddenly serious.

I turn my attention back to the problem at hand. The rain, and its strange aura . . . "Itís being caused by someone," I say slowly.

Kerberos nods and closes his eyes. "I agree." A bright light begins to shine from him and sweeping wings appear. Between one breath and the next the little toy changes into the powerful lion that was my only companion for so long. "The question is: who?"

It is now that Sakura chooses to run back into the room, carrying a tray with a kettle on it. "Sorry I took so long!" She keeps running then abruptly stops as she realises that the Sun Guardian has changed.

The tray nearly goes flying with another cry of surprise. I shake my head.

My new mistress is very different from Clow.

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