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  Name: Musouka
E-mail: eternal_musouka @
Website: sweet 'n sour
Final Fantasy VIII

Deja Vu

[Summary] Squall's having an unusually bad day, and it all started when he woke up and found an unexpected visitor sleeping next to him.
[Pairing] Squall x Zell, Seifer x Rinoa
[Warning] PG-13 Angst
[Added] 10 September 2001
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 9 January 2002

Deja Vu - Part 1

Deja Vu - Part 2

Deja Vu - Part 3

Deja Vu - Part 4



[Summary] "It's easier to let the current carry you along somtimes, isn't it, Squall?"
[Pairing] Squall x Zell
[Warning] PG-13 Angst
[Added] 10 September 2001